June 2nd, 2012


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1. Validate me (or not), TQC: I drive a 2004 Hyundai Elantra GT. I don't do much highway driving so it generally gets about 22.5 mpg. (I also live in Florida where it's fucking hot and so my a/c is on quite a bit.) I got a job at the end of April where I have a short commute (4 miles) but much of that is on a main road where the traffic can be rather stop-and-go at times. There's still no discernable reason my gas mileage should have dropped all the way to 17.5 mpg, right? (I am bringing my car in today because it is acting up in general and I'm sure this is all related somehow, so I'll _update on what was wrong with it.)

2. People who go to ren fairs: Do you dress up for it or do you just go in normal clothes? If you do get all gussied up, what do you wear and where do you buy it from? The cheaper the better, of course. Pics of you in ren faire garb are encouraged! I'm going to the NYRF in August and I haven't figured out if I am dressing up for it yet or not, will need to talk to my friend who I'm going with.

3. Anything else you want to leave in this post? I'm gonna be at the car fixer upper place all day so leave me some awesome shit to come back to. Thanks! :D
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Need some advice really

My best friend is really upset right now, basically she was seeing this guy for a while, everything was going great for a while and then he asked her plans one weekend and she said I'm going out with the girls (as you do) anyway he stopped talking to her for about two weeks, and she asked him what is going on and basically he said I can't do anything right now (and he's not married or anything)

But what is his problem?
And she should just move on right?
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So, I just graduated high school last night and I'm pretty happy. The speeches by all the class presidents and stuff were great too. Especially the valedictorian's. Then I found out that the valedictorian ripped her speech from an inspirational video from youtube. Which I find hilarious. However, she's got a full ride to college and if they find out I'm sure she's screwed. Anyway, what are your thoughts on her plagiarizing her speech?

PS, sorry if my cut didn't work. I've never used one before.
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Is there any one small thing in your daily routine that gives you a nice feeling of satisfaction?

For some reason, watering my windowsill basil plant does this for me. Especially if it's looking a little sad, and about half an hour after being watered it's perked up and back to looking and feeling robust.

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All this bunting for the Queen's jubilee...all those Union Jack flags flying around...I'm an expat living in Herefordshire and basically, I'm living in an absurdly patriotic British bubble right now.

Is it bad that I kind of want to troll them all by decking out MY house in something completely different?

(I've suppressed the urge so far, but it's a tempting one and I'm only human at the best of times!)

Husband would back me, I know. The man's a die-hard republican (for the Americans, this is not the same thing as your Republican Party!). It's annoyed him for quite some time that every time he re-enlists he has to swear an oath to

...well and truly serve Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Successors according to law, as a member of the Australian Army...and that I will resist her enemies and faithfully discharge my duty according to law.

He'd definitely be down with a little trolling.

Suggestions for suitably trollish/lulzy decorations?
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Are your parents weird? What do they do that amuses/embarrasses/perpexes you?

My mom has long dredlocks and thinks I care, so she'll make even shorter work of butchering "Whip My Hair" while doing a strange dance that makes me think of mummies. D: I'm not embarrassed cause she'll only do it at home, but I lol every time.

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Have you had to work full time and be a full time student? Any tips for staying sane/managing my time/advice in general?

I'm working full-time and will be going to school full time in the fall. I live about an hour from NYC and will be commuting there daily. So far my plan is to drink lots and lots of Redbull/mentally prepping for no social life. 


  1. What’s your favorite kind of music?
  2. Who’s your favorite singer or band?
  3. What’s your favorite album?
  4. What’s your favorite song?
  5. Do you like to sing karaoke?
  6. Are you a good dancer?
  7. Do you like musicals? (movies or theater)
  8. Has a song ever made you cry?
  9. If your life was a song, what would the title be?
  10. If you could be a particular singer or musician, who would you be?
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For those of you who have worked in an environment where fashionable attire was required, what did you do about shoes?

I mean, most fashionable shoes are not made to be comfortable at a job where you're on your feet all day. If I bought flats or other fashionable shoes and put like Dr. Scholl's inserts in them, would that keep me out of pain when I'm at my new retail job?

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1. How many border collie puppies would you need to be tempted with to accept receiving a golden shower?

1.414. Which animal penis is the most awesome? How about the most scary (assuming they're not one in the same)?

1.732. Do you generally have a favorite brand of ice cream, or does it depend on the flavor?

2. Have you ever injected yourself with a needle?

2.236. What are you most allergic to? Do you ever have spontaneous allergic reactions of unknown origin?

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1. I am playing Wordfeud with a friend who is currently winning. She accidentally clicked the pass button so now is a golden opportunity to bridge the points gap. Should I be mean and take advantage or be nice and pass back to her?

2. If you could go back exactly 10 years and tell yourself something knowing what you know now, what would it be? (it can only be one thing)

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TQC, my parents are coming to visit on Monday, and my place is a bit of a mess! I mean, there's no rotting food and there isn't trash lying about and I vaccuumed today, but I'm hopelessly disorganized so I've got papers and clothing all over the place.

How messy do you consider yourself? How messy would a friend or relative's place have to be for you to take them aside and say "Dude, you have to clean t his up or get help or something?"

Continuing with this line of thought, have you ever known a hoarder? If so, what were they hoarding? Did they get help?

Do you think you'd be a good candidate for Hoarders?
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I've been getting this burning feeling in my tongue on and off for the past few weeks and I'm all out of ideas of what it could be. I was on antibiotics weeks ago when it began and it stopped shortly after I stopped taking them so I attributed it to the antibiotics. I had to start another regimen of antibiotics 2 weeks later and the burning began 2 or 3 days before I was finished with the prescription. I began taking probiotics incase it was thrush (idk idk) and it went away but it's starting back up..

Have y'all ever had any health ailments that could not be explained?

Do you feel comfortable dating/having sex with somebody who is younger than you?
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1) What brand of laundry detergent do you use?

2) For those of you who are married.... how long was your engagement?
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I currently work around 50-60 hours a week, helping run the family business.  Driving around 150 miles a week.  My Blackberry is on 24/7 in case of emergencies, and I take calls at all hours.


Someone who is a stay at home mom with two kids (ages 6 months & 3).

Who works more?  I say even, but stay at home mom claims she works more.

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I just had abdominal surgery last week to remove a 20 pound ovarian cyst. Now I'm going stir crazy because I can't drive or go anywhere. I'm usually a pretty active person.

What should I do to pass my time? There's only so much TV a person can watch before they feel like throwing it out of the window.
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Empathy and Validation within your personal support sytem

Do any of you have at least one person close to you who rarely, or maybe never, empathizes, validates, or at the very least sympathizes with your thoughts/feelings when you are upset, distressed, or just need to vent? During these situations, your attempts are often met with disagreeance and rationalization rather than support of any kind.

One of my best friends is like this and it's sooooo annoying. Particularly because it's actually what I do at my job a lot of the time, and cannot find it within her. I've pretty much stopped even really considering her a support in this manner.

I find it's also even MORE annoying when the person has nothing of value in terms of "food for thought" for me to consider, and essentially says things I already know/are not relevant.
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So, a bit of background:

There were a couple of CDs I bought 10 years ago, while I was wallowing in the self-pity that was absorbing me after being dumped. A couple of songs on them (for those keeping score, The Monkees' I Wanna Be Free and Weird Al Yankovic's You Don't Love Me Anymore) managed to strike the melancholy chord, and for some time after, they were always very difficult songs to listen to. In the last half hour, I decided to test myself all this time later and see if I could play them without the whiny emo-kid response. I discovered that I was indeed able to, but for some bizarre reason, there was still that slight trace of... some feeling I can't identify.

By the same token, there are songs that my year five teacher (in 1989) often used when we did dancing as part of daily fitness. I still can't hear Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go without hearing his voice chanting "Heel, toe, knee. Heel, toe, knee. Kick, kick, jump, clap"

So, the question for you, are there any songs that will, no matter what, always be associated with certain events or times in your life? Which songs/events are they?
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What do you like to do when you're home alone?

My dad and my sister went to two different concerts tonight and left me by myself. I've been watching basketball and made apple crisp. 

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First date etiquette -- at the end of the date, your date says "I had a good time. I'd like to see you again. When are you free next?" Is that a fair question to ask, or is it putting you on the spot. And if you don't think this is someone you want to date another time, do you answer honestly right then and there, or make some sort of plan that you can cancel later?