June 1st, 2012

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Poll #1843880 Song for You

If I wrote a song for you, what would it be called?

'For You'
'[yourname here]'
'About a Girl'
'Hard-Headed Woman
'She Burned Me Down'
'About [radio edit]'
'Sweet Transvestite'
'I Wrote This Song for You'
'Can't Touch This'
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Even though my health is unpredictable, I took a chance, went ahead and put together an outing with over a dozen friends for Friday night.  The last three days, my back has been unbearably painful.  As in, I can't even stand up straight.  If it weren't for those dozen+ people, I would be canceling out and laying on my couch until this shit goes away.  I'm so annoyed.

What are YOUR plans for the weekend?
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My cat has been really itchy lately. I've checked her for fleas of course, but there are none. I thought it was maybe the heat, but even on cool days she's scratching like crazy. She's starting to get scabs. :( What should I do?

More VZW stuff...

How long is Verizon Wireless going to let me keep my current plan in place before they force me to change to another, supported plan? I currently have unlimited data and since I'm a heavy user (~8GB/mo), changing plans will be a huge price increase for me. What if I just never re-sign my contract, what happens?

This is my last VZW question, TQC. Promise.
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Has anyone else here had sleeping issues for most of their life (particularly, during your childhood)? Does anyone know what the reason for this could be?

Right now I'm talking to a therapist, and I deal with my share of anxiety & depression, and I know that insomnia/bad sleep can be a "symptom" of that. But what really puzzles me is that, literally, for as long as I can remember, even in kindergarten I would always wake up in the morning feeling sleepy/unrested. My parents always had a hell of a time getting me out of bed and to school, most every single day. I was usually just on time or late to class, because I couldn't get out of bed when I needed. I have had a handful of nights that I can remember where I actually woke up feeling rested. I'm not really thinkin' I dealt with depression when I was 5, so does anyone have any idea what the reason for this may be?
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Are you getting your free Krispy Kreme doughnut today?

My friend texted me this morning saying that in two unrelated incidents, a person's brain was devoured by someone else. This is a sign of the zombie apocalypse, y/y?
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How often do you burp?

I really seldom burp, idk why. I'm not suppressing an urge, I just rarely have one. I burp maybe once every couple of months or so.

Have you got any historical fiction recs set during the French Revolution? I just finished The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner and enjoyed it.

What is/are your background image/s on your phone, if you have one?

I have 3 home screens. They used to have pictures of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Benedict Cumberbatch but I just changed them to Emma Watson, Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America.

If you could have one food constantly available whenever you wanted it, what would it be? Available as in, you don't have to prepare it yourself, but you would still have to pay for the cost of the ingredients.

My first thought was nachos but I think I'd change that to chicken and mushroom pasta in a creamy sauce.
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Uni work

Have you ever asked for an extension on an essay/report/assessment and received it?

Ever asked and been denied?

If you need an extension, do you follow your uni's protocol when asking for one?

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What do you think about people having hedgehogs as a pet?
Have you ever had a pet hedgehog? How was it?

edit: inspired by the fact that my friend told me today that she plans to adopt a pet hedgehog soon, and I think that is a horrible idea. especially since she probably hasnt researched it in the slightest bit.

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You're eating a delicious cookie, when you accidentally drop it. Which surface, if the 5 second rule were followed, would you pick up the cookie and continue eating it? Anything you don't check it's assumed that you find the surface unappealing and would leave the cookie where it fell

Parking lot outside a 7-11
Your own bathroom floor
The floor of a public restroom
Your own toilet seat. It didn't fall into the bowl
On top of freshly-mown grass. There's still little pieces of cut grass stuck to it
On top of your pet. Your pet is asleep
In the sink, right near the garbage disposal
Freshly scooped kitty litter. No cat's been near it yet. You can just brush off the sand
Floor of a movie theater
Floor of a strip club
Beach (sand)
Floor of a Wal-Mart
A plate of gravy, left over from a Thanksgiving dinner
The cookie fell inside your gym shoe

freaked out!

Usually in the mornings I have a bagel, coffee, and a glass of juice at 9 am.  I work a hectic job, and sometimes I don't get a normal lunch break.  Around 2-2:30, if I haven't had lunch yet, I start feeling really weak and shaky.

I know this is either low blood sugar or blood pressure, but I am worried that this is a sign of diabetes.  My blood work a few months ago indicated my glucose levels were in the 90's, which the Dr. said was somewhat normal, but in the gray zone.  I am horrified.

Does this ever happen to any one else?

How long can you go without eating and still feel fine?

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What TV shows should I watch this season? All the shows I watch have had their season finales now, and I need something new to fill the void. I'm willing to try most shows (no reality TV though!)

What shows do you follow loyally?
What have you started watching recently that is just SO good?
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On Tumblr, is there a way for followers to hide the fact that they follow you? It says I have 6 followers for one of my blogs, but only shows three. And then for my personal blog, it says I have 41 followers, but I only count 36.

DK/DC- Any fun plans for the weekend? I may be going to the Boston Museum of Science tomorrow. I haven't been in so long!

Dude, where's my company?

WITHOUT ANY RESEARCH - off the top of your head, where are each of these well-known U.S. companies headquartered? State is good. City or metro area is even better.

And now that I've posted the answers, how many surprised you? Zappos and Bank of America surprised me.

Apple - Cupertino, California (Silicon Valley)
Bank of America - Charlotte, North Carolina
Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett's company) - Omaha, Nebraska
Boeing - Chicago, Illinois
Dell - Round Rock, Texas (near Austin)
Google - Mountain View, California (Silicon Valley)
Home Depot - Atlanta, Georgia
IBM - Armonk, New York (not far outside of NYC)
Intel - Santa Clara, California (Silicon Valley)
Mattel - El Segundo, California (greater Los Angeles)
Microsoft - Redmond, Washington (Seattle area)
Nike - Beaverton, Oregon (near Portland)
WalMart - Bentonville, Arkansas
Whole Foods - Austin, Texas
Zappos - Henderson, Nevada (Las Vegas)
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What's the last really stupid, really preventable way you messed up?

Would you use a online servie (like Kijiji, or Craigslist, I guess)  to replace an electronic? Or would you buy a used one from a store? A new model entirely?

I didn't check the pockets of my jeans before I put them in the wash, and thus, I found my iPod in the dryer this morning.  It's dead, Jim.  Really, really dead. I feel like I failed it.


question for the tech savvy

I'm trying to install a plugin for Final Cut Pro. I've downloaded it and the instructions say to drag the plugin to either:

Your Startup HD/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Plugins
Your Startup HD/Users/your name/Library/Preferences/Final Cut Pro User Data/Plugins/

I have no idea how to find this folder on my Mac. What do I click to get there? Sorry, I'm sure this is super simple. I tried to google the answer but couldn't even figure out how to search this. Any help is appreciated. Edit: Solved! Thanks eqo :)
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Hey TQC, how you doin'?

I'm thinking of making fudge and/or cupcakes tomorrow. My daughter will probably want cupcakes because that means we have to make icing, and she would probably eat a bowl of icing if I let her (which I won't). What would you prefer to have? As in, fudge vs cupcakes, not cupcakes vs icing, though you can answer that too, if you want.

I like the "traditional" fudge, the hard and crumbly stuff, not the soft and chewy. What's your preference?

And for those who remember me from the olden days, my daughter is five. Does that make you feel old?
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In the context of a debate on same-sex marriage, can anyone explain this bolded statement to me? I legit do not understand what this person is trying to say. Previous commenters had drawn attention to the fact that marriage has changed in the past, as far as interracial marriages, interreligious marriages and divorce all becoming accepted by society, and suggested that equal marriage rights is the next step.

By the way, saying skin colour differences is the same as gender differences is racist.

Who is your favourite Avenger?

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A while back I'd made tentative plans with some dude for tonight.
This afternoon he messaged me if we were still on. Sure, I tell him. He asks me what I want to do. I suggest we go out to one of the several artwalks in town and eat dinner and walk around looking at art. He says this will be a good idea and asks me when the artwalk starts and when I'd be available. I tell him the artwalk is 6p-9p and that I'm available at 7p.

It's now 6:40p and I haven't heard from him in about 2 hours.

I already mostly blew off this dude once before, but he cajoled me into giving things another try. I was iffy at the beginning of the day but now I really just want to cancel things and never see him again. God I can't stand folks who plan things 10 minutes before they do them.

And fuck! In writing this post he finally emailed me asking me where he was meeting me. BUT he also just asked again when the artwalk starts. And ugh, now he's calling :(

What's the least shitty way I can cancel tonight's plans with this guy?

What's the last thing you canceled last-minute?

EDIT: I didn't want to wait too long, because that just made my response even more assy.
"I'm sorry, but some things about how this email conversation went has made me realize I'm just wasting your time. I wish you the best and sincerely apologize that this is so late notice."
So new question -- how do you judge my response and what would you have said that would have been better?

EDIT #2: He replied, "Confused. But ok." You know, just in case you're curious.
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If you  could only make your next purchase from Amazon, what would you buy?
Pictures are encouraged!

Ever tried PB2? What did you use it in?
Drink smoothies, what kind?
Do you have an Iphone/any phone? What's your cover?

Pictures are encouraged for all questions. 
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I applied to two jobs via the internet.
One sent a robo reply,the other didn't.
Should I follow up with an e-mail to the company that didn't robo reply (to see if they got my application)...or not??

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my summer classes are done the first week of august and then i'll have a month until school. i want to spend at least part of that time in the netherlands or belgium (to work on my dutch, i'm starting intermediate class in september but it's been two or three years since my last classes). i don't think i can afford to stay at a hostel (say 30/40 euros a night) for that amount of time; how can i pull this off? it's hard to find people looking for an au pair for such a short amount of time, and if i'm doing WWOOF i'm not sure that i'd have access to language classes. ideasthoughtsanything?

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A friend is driving to North Carolina in a week to get her grandsons.  I was supposed to go back to work that day (I'm out with an injury) but now I will be out a little longer.  She had mentioned she was gonna ask me to go, this is when we were talking about it and she found out I would be going back to work on the same day she would be leaving.  Should I ask if she still wants a riding partner? or how to mention it because I would like to go along.