May 31st, 2012

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How closely do you keep up with current events?

Where do you get your news?

Would you ever want to get involved with politics or activism? (And if you are, what are you involved with?)

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Hey guize. I just hurt my foot badly and I'm on bedrest until Sunday. I've already finished all of the TV shows I was watching (Spaced, Sherlock and Dr Who). Any suggestions of interesting TV shows to watch in this egregious amount of free time?

EDIT: Thanks you guize I <3 you!
mr schadenfreude

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Do you like any shows that are obviously for kids? Which one/s?
I love Horrible Histories (seriously, such a great show- the William Wallace song, the Charles II; King of Bling song will rock your socks!)
I also enjoy Ben 10 and some of the Batman and Justice League cartoons. Oh, and Pinky and The Brain, obviously. I'm sure my kid wonders about me when I get excited that a show aimed at her age bracket is on but IDGAF.
Share your favourite "supposedly for kids but you don't care" shows?
sad falcon eyes

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anon request: i've never been clubbing before but my friends want to go this weekend and i want to too. but is it a bad idea to go with glasses or something? i never see pictures of people partying with glasses on.
I have to wear them because my eye sight is really bad but i can't wear contacts (my eye doctor says i need special ones). will i look nerdy and lame? my frames aren't trendy and cool or anything like that.

non-anon request: for ladies that shave your pubes, do you just go it in the bathtub or do you do it like on a towel?
she blinded me with science!

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When was the last time you lost electricity to your home? Was it due to the weather, some kind of accident, or what?

I'm asking because I can't remember the last time it happened to me. It seems like it happened a lot when I was a kid. The weather was much more violent where I grew up.
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When you renew your license in your state/country, do you have to take an exam of any sort? What state/country do you live in? What is the renewal length?

Brought to you by me having to take a 36 question written exam in switching my license from Michigan to Cali.
francois lick it

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so you know, "i would do anything for love, but i won't do that"

what won't you do for love, TQC (i mean besides obvious things like pillage and plunder)?

what would be the most extreme thing you WOULD do?

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1) What are you reading now?

--I'm reading The Greenlanders by Jane Smiley and so far it's awesome. You can probably guess what it's about.

2) What's your favorite part of the Olympics (summer or winter?)

--I like the parade of nations best. As for sports, I especially like watching women's gymnastics and figure skating, but I try my best to watch each sport at least once. This is generally doable with the winter games, not so much with the summer since there are so many sports.
tralfamadore ampersand

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Inspired by today's episode of Anderson, have you heard of the eugenics movement? Where are you from? When did you first learn about it?

I'm amazed that so many people (including Anderson Cooper himself, evidently) had never heard of eugenics in America. Maybe it's just because my hometown has such strong ties to Harry Laughlin, but I can't really fathom people not knowing about it.

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you're offered a better job in a town 3-4 hours away. your SO has local commitments , job etc. and can't pick up and move just right yet. Which option would you take?

daily commute
rent a room and come home on the weekends
refuse the job
other in comments
dammit...SO is coming and thats final

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I need new menu ideas for lunch and dinner ....

right now we eat the same thing on a regular basis:

Sunday: Pasta and sauce
Monday: something with ground beef
Tuesday: pork chops
Wednesday: Chicken
Thursday: a casserole or something in the crock pot
Friday: take out
Saturday: left overs

Steve Away
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High School*

What time did you/do you wake for high school?
How did you/do you get to high school?
What time did/does high school start?
What time did/does it end?

* or your country's equivalent