May 30th, 2012

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ok tqc, I'm in a bit of a pickle. My roommate is talking about kicking me out to one of my friends, so I'm trying to get the drop on her and not end up homeless. My person isn't too much of a problem(said friend, plus I can sleep in my car), by my two year old cat is a whole 'nother story.

have you ever heard of cat fostering? What I really need is someone who is willing to hold onto him until I move into a new place in a month or so, and then let me repay them when I get on my feet. Losing him isn't really an option for my mental health right now, and I'd be livid losing him over one fucking month time period :|.
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Halp, Dr. TQC

So, I drove for about 2.5 hours this morning. For the entirety of my journey, I listened to death metal (lol) at a very loud volume. Now, it's about 8:45 PM and my eardrums are still throbbing. I've gone to concerts and heard ringing sounds afterwards, but this is worse. I have a sensitivity to many sounds and hear a ringing sound. Is it possible that I'm going to suffer long-term hearing damage??
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for people who have family/friends living in other countries:

when you visit them, do you bring food for them? what do you bring?
do you normally eat the stuff you buy for them? (not with them i mean, just when you're home)

is there some national/local food where you live that is sort of the traditional thing to buy for people from elsewhere?

(inspired by the huge amount cheese, cookies, tea and sambal i bought for people, even though i never eat these things, or at least not these specific types)

Book and Music Recommendations


I'm heading off to England tomorrow, which means lots of time in airports and on runways and on planes. What books have you read lately that really grabbed your attention and held it?

I'm also looking for some instrumental music I can listen to while trying to stay calm on the plane, any suggestions?
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Would you buy and allow your child to read a young adult novel with the word "Hell" in the title?

It would be something like "Hell on Wheels" and the main character's nickname would include the word "Hell", but there would be no actual Hell, demons, or religion involved. 

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I really want a pet. My husband is kind of anti-pet right now. But I think I have a way around it...I am a teacher and could probably swing a class pet!

What kind of animal should I get as a class pet? (Probably not a hamster/gerbil because it will have to come home for summers and hubs is allergic to one of them, we can't remember which)

Bonus points if the name Albus would suit it.

Relevant info: It's for a 7th grade classroom, so students can take part in much of the animal's care. I will probably assign weekly classroom veterinarians or zoologists or whatever terms suits my fancy.
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What kind of veggies do you like in your pastas? I'm making spaghetti bolognese today but trying to load up on the veggies, so apart from mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, what else should I have in them?
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Is there any way that I can attract bats to my yard? We have a bat house but I've never seen one in it. We have an absurd amount of bugs so I think bats will be happy there (and I will be happy when the bugs are gone!)

What is your backyard like?
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Uncomfortable questions

Poll #1843700 Uncomfortable questions

Which would you rather do?

Shave your head, get 12" eyebrow extensions and comb them back over your bald head
Shave your head except the very back (from the back of the ears down), get 12" extensions and comb them forward over your bald head

Which would you rather do?

Get plastic surgery so one boob is twice as big as the other one
Get plastic surgery so both your boobs are connected into one giant mono-boob

Which would you rather do?

Eat 10 live crickets
Eat 10 toes. They've been cooked, with the toenails removed

Which would you rather do?

Watch a 10 minute hardcore porno with your entire family (all in the same room)
Watch 2 girls 1 cup...and every copycat scat video made, all by yourself

Which would you rather do?

Give the world's oldest man a full-contact lap dance
Make out with a clown for 10 minutes

Which would you rather do?

Have a threesome with Hulk Hogan and his daughter, Brooke Hogan
Have a threesome with conjoined twins, connected at the shoulder
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Share a good memory you have from elementary school?

Are there songs you associate with elementary school? Why?

For some reason up until grade six my class would always throw our teacher a little party at the end of the year, with different kids bringing streamers and snacks and things, and we'd always  wait in the classroom in the dark until she opened the door and we'd all be like "SURPRISE" even though she probably knew what we'd been planning.
Several of them;  one that I just remembered because someone linked me to it is "Girls Don't Like Boys" by Good Charlotte.  One time when it was raining outside so we had indoor recess and a bunch of us (thought not me) just sort of randomly gathered in a corner of the room, started singing the chorus and jumping up and down to it. About ten seconds later a monitor came into our class and was like "What's going on here?" because of course we sounded like a herd of elephants from downstairs but we were like, "Going on? Nothing, nothing going, nothing at all, nope. Just standing here. Not jumping."


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The mother of an 8-year-old Arizona girl who was presented with a "Catastrophe Award" for apparently having the most excuses for not having homework believes her child was humiliated by her teacher.

Christina Valdez said her daughter, Cassandra Garcia, came home one day from class at Desert Springs Academy in Tucson, Ariz., with the paper award.

The document, which looks like a colorful card, contained the following message: "You're Tops! Catastrophe Award. Awarded to Cassandra Garcia. For Most Excuses for Not Having Homework."

The teacher signed the card "Ms. Plowman," added the date - May 18, 2012 - and even included a smiley face.

The teacher announced the award in front of the entire class, and the other students laughed at her daughter, Valdez said in a Thursday interview with ABC TV affiliate KGUN-TV in Tucson.


"I think it's cruel and no child should be given an award like this. It's disturbing," she said, adding that she was not aware her daughter had a problem with homework, and that the girl had been enrolled in an after-school homework assistance program.


Any thoughts on this story? Do you think it was okay for the teacher to give out such an award? What about the mother's reaction?

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First, an update. I'm the person who asked for advice about my suicidal friend. I contacted her parents and roommate, and she's set up with a DBT therapist on Friday. (DBT is basically a series of coping mechanisms for people who self-harm or have suicidal ideations.) I did have a suicide hotline contact her, as suggested, and did not have to call the police. I'd just like to thank you for all the support; it may have saved everything from my sanity to her life.

Now, for a lighter question: do you shop for groceries daily? Weekly? Do you take a list or just wing it? I seem to find myself at the grocery store buying a few items every other day, but I'd like to make it just once a week.

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Has LJ been giving you problems today? Whenever I click the "collapse" link next to a comment, it doesn't work. Instead, it takes me to the link to the comment. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Anyone here addicted to facebook games and want more neighbours? I love Gardens Of Time, but desperately need more neighbours.

Can we have a facebook games friending post? Post a link to your profile and what games you like?

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Let's get a pizza. The restaurant allows for 3 toppings. What will you pick?

Black olives
Green pepper
Red pepper
Extra cheese

What kind of crust?

Stuffed crust (cheese)
Thin crust
Deep dish


Tomato sauce
No sauce
Alfredo sauce
Buffalo sauce
BBQ sauce
Hot sauce

What would you like to wash it down with?

Wine (red or white)
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My hair is about two inches past my shoulders and it's annoying me. I don't have any learned hairdresser-type skills.  Would it be a bad idea to cut it myself?
Who's the last person you saw (either IRL or on a picture in the internet) who had awesome hair?

ETA:  Is anyone else's Hotmail being super moody today?  I can log into my account but I can't open any of the emails or even naviggate off the main page; it does this in both Chrome and Firefox.... >:|

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What are your favorite communities on LJ and why?

[alt if the above cuts to close to rule #7]
Have you ever thought about starting a community / what would you like to see an LJ community for?

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I'm thinking of a movie. If I remember correctly, it is a French film starring a young girl, maybe between the ages of 10-14. Throughout the course of the movie, I believe she is molested by someone that I can't quite remember. She also befriends a young boy around her age in the movie. It's a film that I think is less than 90 minutes long, but the name escapes me right now. It took place on the countryside in France, sort of a rural area and not urban at all. It was released in the 2000s.

Anyone know what movie this is or does it sound like a movie you've seen before?

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Poll #1843738 Stanley Cup

Who You Got?

What's Hockey?

(There are five posts between this and my last one! And I promise this is my last update of the day, really. I just wanted to get it up before the game starts!)
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Have you ever had a flu shot? Do you believe it was beneficial?

What are your favourite pizza toppings?
Would you eat food from an establishment that had previously made local news because of salmonella poisoning resulting in death? What if it were under new management?
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So I went to the docs today to get some very overdue booster shots. I thought I was only going to get the tetenus/polio/forget the other one but it turns out I missed an MMR one as well. I got both injections done. How terrible am I going to feel and do you have any suggestions for comforting things to help me feel better?

When did you get your last booster injections?
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Charleston, SC

My husband and I are trying to plan a vacation, so I thought of Charleston, SC since it's so rich in history and on/near the coast. Is this a worthwhile visit/vacation? We will probably be there for a week. If we go, what should we do/see?

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so i'd like to make my husband a playboy/maxim type mini mag for our anniversary. i have photoshop knowledge and photography/journalism background, so i think it'll be funtimes to make, too. i suppose my question is, what types of things, other than pictures, should i put into it? got any awesome ideas for me, tqc?

Bank of America

I have a Visa card through Bank of America. I signed up to get email notices of payment due, etc. It emails me when I have a new bill, a couple of weeks before the bill is due, five days before the bill is due, and if I get a credit on the account (like if I returned something, etc.). I usually pay the bill in advance--well in advance. BoA almost never tells me they received that payment, and I have to go into the account to check that the payment posted. I also have a Discover card, and it emails me immediately upon my scheduling the payment. If I have a Bank of America payment scheduled, it still continues to email me OMFG YOU HAVE A PAYMENT DUE, whereas Discover shuts up as soon as I schedule payment.

Why can BoA not just email me the one thing I'd like to know--that they received my money? Srs and non-srs answers welcome.
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Hi! I need to finish my managment progect. And I need an example of delegation of authority from any flim. All I can think of is Godfather: the Don delegates authority so brilliantly that majority of people doesn't know that it's his desitions hiding behind some crimes.
Could you please tell me which scene of the movie shows it in the clearest way? Or maybe you could name scenes from other movies that illustrate delegation of authority?

Sorry for mistakes, English is not my first language.

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My iPhone was stolen today :(

I bought it back in November when the new 4S came out, and because my 2 year contract with AT&T was ending, I bought the 4S under a new 2 year Verizon contract.

Because I'm still under contract, I would have to pay $700 to get a new iPhone. This is just absurd and not an option for me. I also hear rumors about the iPhone 5 coming out sometime this year. It would kill me to know that I paid $700 for a phone that will become outdated in the near future. But I don't like the thought of waiting around for something that's not even guaranteed.

What would you do in my situation? Suck it up and buy a new phone for $700? Use a cheap phone and wait for the 5 to come out?

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TQC, tell me about your last "so awful it just got hilarious" week/day?

Apparently there's some issue with the direct deposit at my company so I haven't gotten paid this week, I nearly passed out at work today, my boyfriend's grandpa is in the hospital and I'm waiting up to hear what the prognosis is (not hopeful), we're trying to work out relationship issues, and my dad's boyfriend has to have a sinus surgery of some kind. UGH.

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A horrible plague has decimated the population of qualified K-12 teachers. You've been drafted into service by the education department/ministry. What would you honestly be most qualified to teach?

Science - Biology
Science - Chemistry and/or Physics
History/Social Studies
English/Language Arts (or your country's equivalent)
Foreign language
Computer Science/Technology
Physical Education

Due to the extreme circumstances, you have the option of using corporal punishment on your students. Do you?

Only on the worst trouble-makers
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Ok my partner and I are having an epic disagreement. It may end in fisticuffs if you don't help me prove that he is wrong wrong wrong.

He swears that most cars before 2000 had separate keys for the door and ignition. I swear that I have driven many cars, many of which were older than 2000, and never once have I had to use a separate key.

So, who is right?

If you have ever driven a car with separate keys what kind of car was it?

DK/DC What do you drive now? Love it or hate it?