May 28th, 2012

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My schedule has been completely bizarre and...  unschedule-able for the last few months, which has given me the awesome opportunity to gain some weight that I'm not thrilled about.  I am tired of being uncomfortable in my clothes and have decided to go back to my usual workout routine, but I seem to have listened to all of my workout playlists too much because none of them are even slightly motivating/entertaining anymore.

What do YOU listen to when you work out/run/exercise/etc.?  Suggestions for music, playlists, and artists are all welcome!
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I'm stagnant in the gym,what should I do to shake things up?

add more weight
do more reps
personal trainer
sex with a workout partner
forget it Haj you are so far over the hill it won't matter
OTHER in comments
Me - I hate Christmas

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In the United States it's sort of a custom, when you meet a military person or veteran, to say something like "thank you for your service". If you have done this in the past, what kind of response are you expecting? I say something like "you're welcome", but that's kind of werid at best.

Also, if you're not in the US, are there any similar customs for your military people? How are they seen/perceived by the public?

VZW question

As a Verizon Wireless customer with unlimited 3G bandwidth (grandfathered in), will I be able to maintain unlimited bandwidth when I resign my contract? Will I be able to get the same unlimited bandwidth if/when I move to a 4G LTE capable phone?

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Do you like drinking water?
If you dislike water, what quenches your thirst on a hot summer day?

I ask because I LOVE water and I rarely drink anything else (unless it's whiskey). But I find not many others agree. Show some love for water, TQC! :)
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Best 'voice assisted turn-by-turn' app out there for the iPhone? I'd use the google maps one, but it doesn't have the voice to go along with it.

I've read reviews of:

Motion X GPS Drive
TeleNav GPS

Have any of you tried any of these? I'll really only need it for one day, so I'd rather not buy a GPS system.

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You are interning in NYC for a little over two months/about 10 weeks. Your housing is already paid for, so your main expenses will be subway transportation to and from the internship site, food, fun, and whatever other extras you'll need. About how much money do you think you'd spend in order to live comfortably?
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I'm planning on joining a gym and I have two choices - one that is public and closer to me, $88 a month; another is the gym at my university which is $69 a month. With both, I get unlimited access to group fitness classes. So the obvious choice would be the uni gym, but I have this feeling people there are all massive, fit, and toned, and I'm a skinny little Asian person so I'm sort of intimidated.. the public one I know will be just old people. Will someone please ease my worries?

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Dear TQC,

As everyone knows, you are all brilliant at home deco, so I have a word problem for you.

I have a white bathroom that has a stretch of wall broken by a single square vertical support member rising approximately 3 inches from the surface of the wall, this support member being 10 inches wide. The length of this stretch of wall is 100 inches or 8 ft 4 in. If I want to decorate this stretch of wall with pink polka dots in various sizes in a band about two feet wide down the length of the wall, how many packs of wall decals do I need if each pack contains 34 decals in sizes ranging from 5 inches to 1 inch in diameter?

Basically, I guess what I'm asking is, how dense do you guys think that the dots should be per square foot of wall area?

Also, should the dots be all the same pink, or should I do two shades of pink?

Should I repaint/otherwise finish the molding to match, or just leave it white?

You can feel free to tell me you think this wall treatment will be stupid, but I guarantee you I won't listen. :) I am pretty excited about it.

DK/DC: Are you having a good day? Tell me about it!

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Have you ever had a brazilian wax?

On a scale of 1-10 how bad did it hurt? (Ten being agony).

Do know any men or are you a man who has gotten/get brazilian waxes?

How did it feel for them/you?

Final question: Is it worth it?

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...Okay I'm officially addicted to Smash. There must be some LJ Smash mp3 communities. Anyone know of some good music comms for that show?

What are some other mildly terrible shows you watch (that aren't reality shows)?

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I've got a really really bad throat, and a bit of a cough. I have a job interview tomorrow. What's the best things I can do between now and then to stop the pain and get my voice back? 

Dk/dc: what's the worst job interview you've ever had? 

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Where did this stupid text-enhance nonsense come from (it's only been around like 2-3 weeks, I think)?  AND HOW DO I GET RID OF IT?

dk/dc/wtftextenhance: Anyone have temp-to-hire success stories? 

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When you are wearing a flowing skirt and walk against the breeze/wind, and the fabric goes between your legs so everyone can get a good look at the terrain down there, do you just let it do its thing or do you pinch the fabric and hold it while you walk?

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Anyone play the "Logos Quiz" on Android (got it from the Google Play store)?

I have ONE logo left, the Nashville Predators, but it says I'm wrong... that it starts with an "I".

Have you figured it out? Creative and non-creative answers will be fine.
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What makes you feel accomplished?
Cleaning! I feel like a superhero or something when I'm done cleaning, lol

What did you do this weekend?
Drinking, swimming, general debauchery and sunburns.

Do you prefer it when people answer their own questions within their own post or when they answer in a comment?

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People resist change. How do you react to change? What do you need to change? Have yoiu changed anything recently??

I 've changed my diet, work out, sleep habits and I've changed my hairstyle so many time i don't know what i look like

girls » barbie
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Friend from high school (10 years ago) contacts you via FB/phone about hosting a Mary Kay event for her/becoming a consultant/giving her a referral. Level of annoyance on a scale of 1-10?
I'm at a 5 or 6--we haven't spoken in at least 6 years, so to come out of the blue like this is kind of irritating, but I also kind of appreciate that she's cutting straight to the chase, not playing this "we need to catch up!" bullshit.

Do you use any products like Mary Kay or Avon? Are you, or have you considered being, a consultant for them? Why or why not?

DK/DC: Favorite cartoon from when you were young(er)?
My Wild Irish Rose

totally serious rn

Can we have a discussion about ethics in Pokemon?
Like, it's established that Pokemon have their own developed language, are capable of independent thought and forming emotional connections with humans and other Pokemon, and have well-expressed emotions and intelligence in and of themselves; and yet,  their entire existence in the show as we see them is based on them being trapped in these phyisics-defying spheres, fated to be only periodically let out whenever the human that happened to catch them feels like making them seriously injure and/or kill another Pokemon-- sometimes even a member of their own species. What the fuck is this?

DK/DC/Do not know of this 'Pokemon' of which you speak----   I have nothing to say to you.

planning a surprise party

My mother, at the ripe age of 51, will be graduating this July with her associates. I am really, really proud of her and will be planning a surprise party for her.

I have set the event in facebook and invited everyone we're related to (minus my blabbermouth brothers, who will find out the day of) and messaged them to tell everyone who doesn't have a facebook.

I need to get ahold of my mom's best friend. She is not on facebook and I don't have her phone number. She is going to be the reason my mom finds out, isn't she?

So far, I have planned: sandwiches, cake, ridiculous balloons shaped like penises because I am mature. My aunt will probably supply the booze, my cousin will bartend. My grandma will make pasta salad and bring the chips. What am I missing?

(EDIT!) Yesterdayanew reminded me of important info: Mom lives in Ohio, I live in Kentucky, where I will remain until the day before graduation.

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Are you or do you consider yourself to be unfuckable? (see here:

If so, do you purposely try to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex or do you just say fuck it and leave your appearance the way it is? I ask because it seems like if you are unfuckable, you have a choice between taking some pride in the way yourself as you are and telling the haters to take a seat OR abandoning your ego by trying to fit in to what other people think is hot, sexy, fuckable, etc. What do you guys think? Is that a false dichotomy?

All answers welcome but I'm eager to hear what females think.

EDIT: I posted the Jezebel article so that people would understand what I meant by "unfuckable." Feel free to respond to the article itself if you want but I realize my question has nothing to do with it.
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who in TQC do you have well wishes/positive thoughts for? there are a few people who always stick in the back of my mind when I see them around.

what is the best way to cook a sausage (a raw one in casing, not breakfast, not hot dogs, not vacuum-packed)?