May 26th, 2012

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I want to arrange a date with a guy in New York City, an entire day together. We recently went to NYC together with a few other people and did a lot of shopping, visited Chinatown and Little Italy, and had lunch/dinner all together.

What else do you guys recommend to do in the area?

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I am watching a documentary about homosexuality and the bible.  One of the preachers they are interviewing says this  "If god wanted you to be a lesbian he wouldn't have given you the hardware to be a heterosexual."

What would he have given them then?
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My across-the-road neighbors have two really big, scary-looking dinosaurish dogs and today was the second time I've seen the pair of them wandering loose and eating my outdoor cats' food. I wasn't worried that they'd be hit by a car or get lost or anything because we live in a really tiny, isolated, quiet neighborhood, and I saw the dogs get called home after a short while.
I later mentioned it in passing to my mom, who is scared of dogs, and she freaked out and insisted I call the police if I see the dogs loose again because I would be "dead in a second" if they were to attack me. I really don't want to have to call the police for any reason, I think talking to the owners would be a better idea sooo ... what should I say to them and still sound friendly? I don't know my neighbors at all, and I don't want to sound whiny/bitchy, or threatening if I let them know my mom would call the police.
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My upstairs neighbor likes to walk around the bottom of the stairs, about 5 feet from my window, and smoke. I obviously don't want his smoke-smell in my house. Should I say something to him (I've never spoken to him before) or ask the apartment manager to say something?
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GUYS. I am going to Orlando and Disneyworld for about a week, and I'm leaving tonight! Other than shorts/tank tops/swimming suit and basic toiletries, what should I pack? I really have no clue...

Also, what are the chances I'm going to die from the heat? I am Saskatchewanian, I can do -40 without much difficulty,but I'm afraid +30 might be the end of me :S
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Since the bank closes in five minutes..

Do any of you know if the grocery (Harris Teeter, since that's where I go) will give me cash for my rolled coins? I'd rather not do coinstar, since they take a percentage.

I just found the coin wrappers, so I have to wrap those, and then drive to the bank, which takes about 5 minutes to get there, what with traffic and all.

and adding this:

other than otterbox, what is the best case out there for iPhones? I like drawing on the back of mine (so I can tell which one is mine at work), and my otterbox is already cracking, but apparently it is one they cover under the warranty. :/

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I've been a nanny for 3 families for a few years.
Tomorrow the 3 girls are having their First Communion.. I'm going because it's important to them and whatever.
I feel like I should get them gifts but have no ideas about WHAT to buy.
I don't want to spend a lot of money and i have to buy three.
what are some inexpensive gifts I could buy three 7 year olds for their first communions?
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I'm doing some research on using children's books to introduce tough subjects to children. While the books are not always historically accurate they give a good general basis of understanding.
I've used Persepolis (Islamic Revolution) and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (The Holocaust), do you have any other suggestions of books or novels geared towards children that could begin to frame their understanding of a deeper/tougher subject?

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TQC! I have the entire rest of the day to do whatever I'd like. It's a beautiful day and I'd really like to get out and enjoy it. What should my boyfriend and I do? I'm thinking of walking down to a coffee shop and writing for a while, while he spends time with his grandfather, and then going clothes shopping with him (we both need new clothes!). I bought chicken to make dinner tonight, but I'd really rather find a restaurant with a patio on which to eat dinner. What are you up to today?

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What's your favorite animated movie? I'd say Disney, but that'd be unfair to Anastasia and the Prince of Egypt.

For me, The Lion King gets better every time I watch it, but The Prince of Egypt is awesome too.

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What amazing water parks have you been to?

I really like the one in Canada's wonderland! I am going to the Wisconsin Dell's in July with my SO to see DMB but we want to stop at a water park during our stay! Any recommendations in the area?

What's your favorite chocolate bar?

I am so addicted to kit kat chunky bars. Thank God I spend a lot of my time in the US where kit kat bars are made by hershey instead of nestle and therefore I do not enjoy.
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So, I bought a container of strawberries from the farmer's market and I would like to make a dessert with them. I have a pretty well stocked kitchen - no graham crackers, whipped cream, or cool whip. What should I make?

We are having strawberry wine with dinner tonight (last week's score from the market!).

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Does anyone have a really good biscuit recipe? I've tried a few different recipes lately and nothing is really hitting the spot. I want something buttery, flaky and soft. Not dense, chewy or crumbly.
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Calling Home Interior Savvy People!

We might get a traverse curtain rod for the humongous living room window. It measures approximately 96" wide, so I am looking for panels for it. Ideally, I want a valance with a panel on each side that will hang down on either side of the loveseat in front of the window.

I think I might get these curtains as they are simple and come in a cream color. However, it says the width per pair - is that per panel or the width for both? I know the general rule of thumb is twice the window width but these will stay open the majority of the time. It would be nice to close them if we don't want glare on the TV though. So, I don't really care how they might look when they are closed.

So, I might have posted to the wrong community but I will take advice from you guys too!

buy sailor shorts, get wedgie?

Daily Candy featured a-thread yesterday, with the head line "Buy sailor shorts, do good," because a-thread donates 5% of your purchase to charity. I'm all for doing good and I need shorts, so I went out to look.

Am I imagining it, or do the sailor shorts give even this noticeably slim fashion model an unfortunate case of cameltoe?

Anyone have a source for cute, non-camel-y sailor shorts? I'd still like to get some.

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When was the last time someone made dinner for you (not counting a restaurant chef)? What did they make?

My husband is making me dinner tonight; a pizza with sopressata, pineapple, arugula, garlic, mozzarella, parmesean, Italian herbs, and crushed red pepper. I can't remember the last time he made dinner for me. So I guess the last time before this that someone else made me dinner was my mom when I went to visit her on May 12 and she made chicken stroganoff.
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What would you do with fifteen pounds of uncooked bacon?

No, really. Lay some recipes on me. Especially if they're ways to incorporate bacon into cupcakes, cookies, and other baked confections.


Would it upset you if your SO got a (full-time, well-paying) job at a spice factory? My sister is upset because she doesn't want her boyfriend to come home from work "smelling like spices."

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have you ever got a message like this on facebook?

WARNING : Your account is reported to have violated the policies that are considered annoying or insulting Facebook users.system will disable your account within 24 hours if you do not do the reconfirmation.
Please confirm your facebook account below:

link removed

Facebook Security
WARNING : Your account is reported to have violated the policies that are considered annoying or insulting Facebook users.system will disable your account within 24 hours if you do not do the reconfirmation.
Please confirm your facebook account below:

link removed

Facebook Security

The weird thing is that it came from some random person on my facebook and not like "a facebook official" what is it?
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Where is my ukulele? I ordered a ukulele on Monday and they said it would take 3-5 business days to get to me. And it is not yet in my hands. :(
Do you have a ukulele? Not yet, but soon.
If so, what does it look like? I ordered a soprano uke and it's a clear light blue, the colour of a swimming pool in the summer, and it has sparkles on it.
What brand is it? Mahalo U-35
Was it an expensive one, or kinda cheap? I paid forty bucks for it and a gig bag and dvd. So, yes, cheap.
Why do you play uke? I want to play uke b/c they sound so darn friendly and they seem extra portable and quite easy to play.

DK;DC;ukulele is lame: What is something you've been trying out but are still on the fence about whether or not you like it? I've been watching the first few episodes of Supernatural because all my friends have been telling me it's awesome, but I think it's rather 'meh'.

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Leotard song

There was a song in the late 90s/early 00s whose music videowas pretty much a room of women in colourful leotards on their backs thrusting their pelvises up. Does anyone know the song? It's not Call On Me. I feel like there weren't many lyrics.

What are some music videos that made your down-there parts tingle as a kid?