May 25th, 2012

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I got two letters from my technical school today. The first informed me that I was on academic suspension for failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), because I either a) had not completed 67% of attempted classes (I've completed 100% of my attempted classes), or b) did not maintain a 2.0 GPA. (my GPA going into this semester was, in fact, a 2.0) but...letter #2 was from the Office of the President, congratulating me on being on the Dean's List for having a 4.0 this semester, bringing my cumulative GPA to 3.23.

Now, the obvious solution is to call up the Financial Aid office and see whassup, but of course they're closed for the long weekend...which means I get to spend the next 4 days in complete turmoil over WTF is going on (yay, anxiety!).

So, TQC, what have I done that indicates I'm not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress?!

dk/dc: newest album in your itunes/music player of choice?

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What are your thoughts on letting kids in on the family financial situation? Do you feel that they don't need to know or that they should know?


I always knew my family's financial situation. My parents didn't hide the fact that we were poor and had no problem telling my brother me and my brother that they just couldn't afford certain things. We didn't know the specific amounts in the accounts, but we did know when there was extra money one month and when a month was going to be lean. I think that this made me good at managing money and also helped me appreciate the things I did have more.

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Say there are two people, both doing something generally considered immoral. Having an affair, say. One person is athiest, the other is a Christian. Do you judge the Christian harder, or both equally the same?

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To anyone who wears an engagement ring, or other jewelry:

How often do you take your ring off? Do you shower with it? Do you sleep with it? I just got engaged last night (YAY!) and I'm the kind of person who loses things all the time, so I'd rather not take it off like.. ever. Is that stupid? It's made out of palladium and has a CZ instead of a diamond.
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I am really depressed today and am in need of a pep talk. Would you mind giving me one? I just need to be told everything thing will be okay. It's a combination of health problems and financial problems. Thanks, guys.

ETA: Thank you for all the help and kind thoughts. Believe it or not, I feel better. You guys are awesome.
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Slap-happy poll

According to what our parents would say, masturbation gives you hairy palms and makes you go blind. Have you ever experienced shaggy hands or loss of vision after pleasuring yourself?

Once, but my hand was just covered in pubes and the lights were off so I couldn't see
I don't masturbate. Y'all are perverts

If you answered no to the previous question, do you think it's because you aren't doing it right?

That would explain a lot, like why it takes so long
Impossible. I'm such a good lover to ~myself~. I want for nothing...except maybe someone to do it with
Lalalalala I'm not listening, you junk-touching sleazeball

If you could improve your masturbatory skills, where you play your genitalia like a violin and double your pleasure every single time, would it be worth going blind and having to wax your palms?

Hell ya. I'll get a seeing eye dog. that I'll name 'That's-What-I-Get-For-Fucking-Myself'
No thanks. I'd rather not get off as much in exchange for leading a normal life
Maybe if I just use the same hand all the time, I'll just go blind in one eye. I can live with that

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I ordered something on a few hours ago and went with super save shipping. In my confirmation email i noticed the estimated delivery date in June 4-5. I am leaving the country on the 3rd and wanted the stuff before i leave to take with me. I know from experience that sometimes the estimate is a lie and stuff comes earlier, but...

Should I risk not getting it, and hope it comes faster, or should I contact them and try to make more for faster shipping? The whole order was about $60, the extra shipping would probably be at least $10 or so. I really don't want to spend more unnecessarily but if the stuff doesn't come before I leave that would be pretty fail.

I don't know what to do. What would you do?

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1) Excluding villains, who is your favorite supporting character from a Disney movie?

2) Who are your favorite authors that aren't white men?

3) If your pets could talk, what do you think they'd sound like?

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Based on the movie Mine:  

If you adopted a dog from a rescue and then months later were contacted by the owner (who was a person displaced by a horrible natural disaster) trying to get their dog back, would you give them the dog?
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Is there anything you really enjoy that you've discovered because of TQC?

I'm drinking a big glass of water with cucumber and ginger slices in it, which I never would have thought of before someone suggested it to the person who was looking for alternatives to plain water. It's delicious.
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Do you follow any celebrities on Twitter? Who?

I follow Bradley James, Eoin Macken, Tom Hopper, Rupert Young, Karen Gillan, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston, Emma Watson, Evanna Lynnch, Matthew Lewis, Eddie Izzard, Ewan McGregor, Miranda Hart, Alan Davies, Stephen Fry, Dan Stevens, Steven Moffat, Charlie McDonnell, David Mitchell, JK Rowling, Neil Gaiman & Mark Gatiss.

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What is the best twitter and tumblr account you follow? And you can post your accounts if you want to.

Do you have any stereotype about any nationality/religion etc.? Common we all do somehow :P
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What is something you wish you could have but have never gotten (so far)? I've always wanted a surprise party.

Edit: Also, are you going to try anything new soon? I am going to try hookah for the first time tomorrow on my 25th birthday. :-)

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TQC, what's annoying you right now?

My dad is off getting his hair done or something and has been there for two hours (what do you do to a man's hair for two hours, anyway? He doesn't even have much of it!). We're going grocery shopping tonight for food for this weekend, and he told me he was going to be home at 7. Fine, I said. This gave us enough time to go shopping and get back in time to put my grandma to bed at eight, and then go get dinner for ourselves. I called him a few minutes ago to see if he was on his way home, and he said "Oh, I'll be out in about half an hour." Sigh! So now I only have less than twenty minutes to shop for groceries if we still want to be back by 8. A few minutes either way shouldn't make a difference but it's the principle of the thing. Also, my boyfriend called earlier and asked if my dad could give me a ride over to his house later tonight, since we have an event tomorrow morning on the other side of town and it would be easier for my boyfriend and I to go together. I asked my dad and he made a noise of abject "do I HAVE to?" at me. Dad, I ask you for rides to different places maybe twice a month. Come on now.

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when was the last time you were "that girl" or "that guy"? this can apply to any situation where you were the person doing something you'd normally be irritated by?

I was on the phone while going through a drive through because I got an important call just as I was going through and I thought the wait was going to be longer. I hated myself the entire time.

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1. How do I actually know when, if at all, to have someone surgically rip out my wisdom teeth, as opposed to people just trying to get money? (adult)...How about if I throw TMJ into the mix?

2. What about Fleetwood Mac's Sara reminds me of suicide? Was there a film with the song in a suicide scene, or is this just imagined?

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So the pool in our complex opened today and while today was too cool for me to swim, tomorrow's supposed to be mid-80s so I think I'm going to try.

Thing is, my only bathing suit is a two-piece, which means revealing a rather large burn over my stomach from a heating pad (it's not gross, it's just discolored).

If people ask me how I got the burn, what should I tell them?

Power > Reset.
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Has anyone tried D-mannose for urinary/kidney infections? Benefits/drawbacks?

What are you currently trying to "kick"?

What's your favorite time wasting website? (non-LJ)