May 24th, 2012

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posting this question as per my bfs request.

so, my bf bought a motorcycle

from a guy whos son passed away.  (the bike is his deceased sons)

the guy does have the ownership, BUT its still in his deceased sons name (he passed away 3 years ago)

so the guy wants to do "everything legally" and instead of giving my bf the ownership so my bf can have the ownership changed into his names, the guy is going to his lawyers, getting affidavits/letters/etc then going to the ministry of transportation, which then they tell him what he has is the wrong thing, and he needs this or that etc.

the guys lawyers is also a bit of a flake, not doing things when he says he will etc.  

anyway, the guy now went to a NEW lawyer and the new lawyer said that the guys power of attorney over his sons things has expired(i guess since its been 3 years) and now it going to take about a month to get all the paper work in order for my bf to actually get the ownership, so he can finally switch it to his name and ride it. 

this is a situation that has been about a month in the making so far, so its getting a bit worrisome/annoying

(my bf HAS the bike, and is getting it fixed up) (he also has a receipt of sale from the purchase)

has anyone been in this type of situation before?
does anyone know of anyway we can resolve it? 
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I had a tooth extracted earlier today/yesterday. I was ok earlier, but tonight, the pain is really starting to kick in. I can't take any painkiller other than ibuprofen, so it's... only bearable most of the time.

There have been a few call outs this week, and I'm sure my boss is tired of it from everyone, but I really hurt. I work in a deli, which isn't super strenuous but it is not light work by any means. I'd also have to talk a lot to customers, which is currently hard to do. Would you call in to work if you were me? My husband thinks I should, since I will probably feel worse tomorrow, and too much strenuous work can keep the clot from forming.

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Have you ever had surgery?  Were you told not to smoke after midnight?  I'm dying for a cigarette, mainly because I'm bored, can't sleep, and can't eat so I need something to kill time till I'm tired.  Would you smoke a cig if it were 3 am and your surgery was at 8 am?
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bad dog!

I don't know anything about dogs, and I might be living with one soon, so I'm asking for advice!

In about a week, my boyfriend and I are moving out of my mom's house and into our own place for the first time. My boyfriend wants to take his family dog from his mom's house. The problem is that while she's very sweet, good, and obedient to people she's familiar with (just me, my boyfriend, and his family), she gets very loud and aggressive when people she doesn't know come into or around her home. She's about 7 years old and not very big, about knee-high on a short person and sausage shaped, but she has some pit bull in her (she's mostly mutty) so she can be a little bit scary when she's barking.

I love this doggy and would love to have her in my new home, but I'm worried that she's going to make it impossible to have any friends, my family, or anybody over without having to put her away. Is this the sort of behavior I might be able to correct by slowly introducing her to new people, taking her on walks etc (she doesn't get out much where she lives now), or is it going to just be a LOT of trouble for as long as I have her?

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Ice cream truck season is here. And you're a driver! To offset the horror of taking sticky quarters from kids, you get to play your own music through an iPod / loudspeaker setup on the top of the truck. What will you play? If you saw an ice cream truck coming and playing that music, would it be the best thing ever?
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what are some good books to bring along when traveling? I'm looking for something to be read on trains and planes and places where there are likely to be distractions, so nothing too involved, but still a good read.

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This morning, I noticed that there are maybe 10-20 small holes in the plaster walls of one of the rooms of my apartment, similar to very large nail holes. In the adjacent room, in the ceiling there are six larger holes (up to an inch in diameter).

What could these holes possibly be? I've already called the landlord (with no answer as of yet) and I'm not concerned about getting them fixed, I just really want to know why they're there. My first thought was a bug infestation, but I've seen no other evidence of any bugs (haven't seen any, just a couple of flies that are normal for this time of year). I also don't see any holes in our wood floors, there's no evidence of any sawdust or ...plasterdust?... anywhere and I"m just generally really stumped. We personally painted the entire apartment, walls and ceilings, when we moved in so these are definitely new holes.

Any ideas? I've tried google too but mostly they just tell me how to fix them.
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Internship Questions

Yesterday, I had an interview with a potential internship location. Here's a breakdown of what happened:

1. The interviewer was in flip-flops, a t-shirt and sweats (I was in a clean uniform).
2. The interviewer was not very enthusiastic about the internship, and bad-mouthed some of the former interns.
3. The off-site kitchen where I would be working was unsanitary.

On top of these three issues, it's too far/expensive of a commute to make everyday.

I'm supposed to give the woman my decision on tomorrow, and it looks like I'm probably going to have to take the internship. I'm writing an email now to my internship adviser. Here are my questions:

1. Would you still take the internship, given the circumstances?
2. Should I bring up the problems that I saw yesterday to my internship adviser?

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My husband and I might be giving up on renting soon, which means home-ownership could be in our future. Despite the fact that my dad is a realtor, I have no idea what I should know (and daddyo hasn't responded to my texts).

What are things I should ask when viewing a home?

What are some of the costs associated with buying a house (aside from, yanno, the mortgage)?

Is there anything else I should know?

Have you ever done rent-to-close when buying a house? This might be our only option because our lease is up in July and we are not trying to live in my car.

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Someone is baking you a cake. What would you prefer


What would you rather give up for life?

Chocolate and all chocolate flavored things
Coffee and all coffee flavored things

Comparatively speaking, when did you get your first cell phone?

In my group of friends/family/acquaintances, I was one of the first people to get a cell phone
I was more or less in the middle in getting a cell phone. Some of the people around me already had em, others didn't.
I was one of the last people I knew to to get a cell phone. Very late adopter
I still do not have a cell phone

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Have you ever lied to a potential or current SO about sharing certain interests with them? Or at the very least stretch the truth? For example did you tell them you love hiking but hate it? Did you pretend to love their favorite band? Did you tell them that you love watching football but you really hate it? Did they find out? Did you tell them? Did you end up liking it anyway?

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Are there any newish songs sung by males that talk about love and colors or something? I heard a song on a Fun. station on Pandora this morning but cannot find proof of its existence anywhere.
-The only lyrics I can remember were something like "when you leave, you take all the colors with you" or "when you go, all the colors go with you" but apparently these are not correct, since Googling them turns up nothing.
-The song starts out with a poppy, upbeat melody so at first I thought it was a cute love song, but then when he starts talking about leaving, it turns kind of sad. Might've also mentioned hearts and/or heartbreak.
-Sounded a bit like Matt Nathanson, I remember thinking.

Whatwasthatone doesn't seem to know. :(

What song are you loving right now?
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TQC, my husband came home from work and is refusing to do his share of the household chores or even helping me peel potatoes for dinner. Now he's pouting in the room because I snapped at him for not helping - leaving me to watch the toddler, clean the house, and prepare dinner. Would it be a totally dick move for me to tell him to figure out his own meal/not eat what I'm cooking because he refused to help?

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TQC, should I try wearing lavender lipstick?

I can usually pull off risky shades, but idk, this is a crazy one. BUT I HAVE MATCHING LIP GLOSS!

Have any of you ever worked at Forever 21 or known someone who has? Did it suck?

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Have you ever made any REALLY, REALLY terrible life decisions consciously? Like knowing it was stupid, what the bad outcome would be, knowing it would suck, but doing it anyway?

What was it and why did you make that decision?

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Are you someone who has already picked out/shortlisted the names of your future children? If so, will you share them with us?

Have the same names always been on your shortlist? If not, what do you think of the names you used to like years ago?

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I'm waiting for the results of blood tests that might (but, with my luck, probably won't) tell me why I keep getting sick any time I eat.

What's the last big thing you had to wait for? Are you good at waiting?

DC: what's your computer's background? Mine's a Game of Thrones graphic.