May 23rd, 2012



What is the best thing someone has ever said to you after sex?

If you've ever felt the need, what are some of the best compliments you've ever GIVEN after sex?

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I have a lot of birthdays coming up that I will be baking cakes for. Help me figure out what to bake please?

Which souffle should I make for my mom's birthday? Her requests were that it be a souffle, that it have chocolate, and that it have cherries or raspberries.

Which birthday cake should I make for my dad? His request is that it be "banana."

Which cake should I make for my brother's birthday? His request is that it's a sweet cake that uses peppers.

Which milkshake should I make just because?

- Edit to add: Have you ever had a cake like my brother is requesting? How did it taste?

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I'm going on a mini-road trip from New York to South Carolina next week.
Is there anywhere in particular where we should stop along the way?

We're most likely also going to Savannah and possssibly making a drive to Florida but those aren't definite.

Where was your last road trip to/from?
Anything you're looking forward to?

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Are you unemployed? If you are unemployed and you are not a student, what do you do with your time?

If you are unemployed (excluding stay at home moms/ dads) or any other good reason (disabled etc) do you believe it should be your full time 'job' to look for work?
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First date fiasco?

You're on a first date. Your date is interesting enough and attractive enough. notice a flaw. Which of these flaws/quirks/defects/opinions would be a dealbreaker? Anything you don't check it's assumed that you're ok going on a second date

"I hope you're not one of those OCD types who's always cleaning. What's too much cleaning? Like more than once every two weeks is excessive, for me anyway"
"Do you smoke out? I got a big bag of purple kush in my van. I say we get high in the parking lot after the meal"
Is really muscular, and proceeds to spend no less than a third of the date talking about his special diet, fitness routine, and how many reps he can do
"I'll have the burger, but can I have you put the sauce on the side. And I need exactly one pickle, and exactly one tomato slice. And I dislike poppyseed buns. And the cheese can't be too melty. Got all that?" Very picky person apparently
"Might I say that you have a superb ass? Your ass is near perfect. I could praise your ass all day. I just wanna smack it"
"I listen to only country music. Can't get enough. Expect me to change all your radio presets when you're not looking, because I'm gonna convert you too"
Drops the "That's what she said" joke at a good moment. Very funny. But drops that line another 8 times during the date, at points that weren't funny or clever
You get close to your date and detect a whiff of body odor. Armpit. Isn't wearing deodorant
"Yeah, I smoke. Guilty. I try to stop, but it's hard. I'm down to 2 packs a day"
"Wait for it....(fart)...HAHAHAHA. That was a good one. Farts are hilarious. Hmm. I may have another one left in the chamber. Let's get it out, shall we? (face of concentration)
Real quiet talker. In the restaurant, you had to ask your date to repeat themself at least 10 times. The restaurant wasn't even that noisy
"I'm positive the waiter spit in my food. I just know. He seems like a spitter and he didn't make eye contact with me. He hates me for sure. We'll see how hard he's laughing when he gets no tip. Hahaha buddy"
Seems normal enough, but throughout the meal, orders 6 hard drinks, and wants to hit a bar afterwards. Drinks a tad too much maybe?
"I don't support gay marriage. It's for their own good. Marriage sounds so boring. The gays are so lucky they don't get to marry. They can boink whomever they want. I want to preserve that for them!"
Has a high pitched, very loud laugh. The kind people at other tables will turn their heads to stare. Likes to laugh a lot
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Validate me TQC!

I'm getting married in Vegas in August. Originally my fiancee and I decided to just have us and  my 2 sons at the wedding ceremony.
I asked my sister to come..told her I'd pay for her room etc. I just told my fiance and he said he doesn't want her there..only wants the 4 of us. His reason was " It's only supposed to be the 4 of us, plus it's going to cost you a lot to bring her to Vegas."
Should I have asked him 1st before I asked my sister to be present??

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My garden is at the end of the terrace and therefore is the only one with access to the road. Next door is being done up, and the guy doing it just walked through my garden (right in front of my kitchen) to get to the road. If he wanted to get to the road legally, he would have to walk through his house and go down some steps.
Clearly, he doesn't realise i'm sat right here in the kitchen.
What should I do to freak him out?

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I need a groan-worthy pun-filled response to this:
I think now is a good time to strike up a conversation about bowling. Do you bowl? I do it in my spare time. It's the only way to keep my mind out of the gutter.

Any ideas?

What's the worst pun you've ever heard?
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Have you ever based your relationship (either the choice to date them or break up with them) on something totally shallow and superficial?  What was it?

Are there any particularly annoying people in your life that you can't get rid of?

What is your favorite way to entertain yourself at home?
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How much does a basic manicure cost where you live? What about a french or a shellac manicure?

Where do you live?

(The reason I'm asking is because twice in 2 days I've seen references to $10 manis and that seems like an impossible dream to me.)
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What has been the highlight of your day so far?

I just watched a guy get arrested. It looked at first like a simple drunk driving arrest, but for some reason it took 3 town cops and a state trooper. It's not even 2:30 in the afternoon.
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Do you or would you ever answer the door in a state of undress?

I remember when I used to deliver pizzas and people would come to the door in lingerie, dirty as fuck, shirtless, Halloween costumes, etc. And I vowed to myself to always answer the door fully clothed. I just broke that vow out of hotness and laziness.

Got any weird door opening stories?

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Have you ever used to find a place to live (or anything else- they seem to be like craigslist)?

If so, did you have trouble sending messages? There is a house that I would LOVE to rent, but the lister didn't post a phone number and every time I try to send a message through the website, it either tells me that I left out required information or that the service isn't available right now. I sent an email to the website about how it's not working, but I haven't received anything after an email confirming that they got my message. I even tried doing a whois look up to see if there's another way to contact them, but found nothing. I can't find the house listed on any other website, either- I am so frustrated because it's basically perfect!

DK/DC: How stressful is moving for you?

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My dad needs a resume but he's been self-employed for more than twenty years.
He never went to college.

What the hell else can I put on his resume?
The stuff I'm seeing on google as far as including promotions, etc, isn't relevant.

Thanks guys! My brain started working and I sent it out.

What was the last thing that made you happy?
What was the last thing to upset you?
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Does anyone else feel like they are incapable of leaving normal sounding voicemail messages? I had to leave three today and I feel like the most awkward person in the world. :S

What normal-person things are you bad at?
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At what age do you stop being a young adult and just be an adult?

You have the option to take one of two jobs. Both jobs have you doing basically the same work except that job A pays less but you get weekends off and B pays a bit more but you work all weekend long and get days off during the week.

Which would you pick?
If you chose A, how much more would you have to make at B to switch?
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what kind of sore is this?

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doesn't hurt, looks like a pimple, has been there for about 1 week. I see my derm next week for unrelated stuff, but I'd like to know if there's an OTC remedy I can use meanwhile. can't tell if it's the herps or a canker sore or something else.

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lately i've been plagued with what i believe is restless leg syndrome. if you've had experience with this, do you have any suggestions or tips for relief?

dkdc or whatev,
how long does it normally take you to get to sleep? do you just hit the pillow and knock out, or do you find it difficult to actually fall asleep?
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My mom and her boyfriend are going to be driving from CT to the Midwest somewhere next month for an Audrey Hepburn festival.

What would you think if your mom and her boyfriend told you that?

DKDC: Insomnia tips?