May 21st, 2012

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How do you feel about your birthday? Do you make it a big event, or is it just another day to you?

Inspired's my birthday and I don't even really care. And have gotten some really weird looks when I tell people I'm not doing anything to celebrate.

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So if you had to be caught in a natural disaster but could choose which kind, what would you rather be in? 

(Let's say you'll live, regardless, but that doesn't bar potential injuries/psychological damage.)
Rochelle Goyle
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Where would I find the chain and key decals from this doll outfit? I asked the owner of the shop, and she said she already had the chain and bought the key charms from the shop.

I'm mostly interested in where the chain can be found. Suggestions are great! I'm just starting to get my hands back into crafty things, it's been a decade, and I can barely even remember how to sew! But I am hoping to try my hand at making doll outfits. Community suggestions would be loved as well :)


Can TQC recommend a top smartphone that is either out now, or available in the next 2-3 months for the Verizon Wireless network? I'm ready to toss my BB for something new.

- Must be comfortable AS A PHONE.
- Battery life to support moderately heavy usage, specifically Youtube (I sometimes breach the 8GB bandwidth threshold per month).

- Support for 4G LTE is an awesome plus but isn't strictly required (otherwise it would automatically exclude the iPhone 4/4S)
- Voice command recognition
- GPS with support for Google Maps or similar.
- doubling as a wifi spot or tethered for internet access for a PC (without paying for an extra service).

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You're at a crowded movie. You and a friend are in the middle of the theater in a packed audience. There's no seating anywhere but the very first row. You can hear the two people talking in the row behind you. Which of the following utterances would make you leave your perfectly decent seat to move to the front row? Anything you don't check is assumed to be something you can ignore

" that Chris in front of us? I can't tell. Go sniff their hair. Chris' hair always smelled like lemon"
"Hell no I'm not silencing my cell phone. My phone ring is that new Britney Spears song. I can't stop listening to it. Whenever someone calls, I just let it ring and ring"
"Oh man, that Taco Bell is creeping up on me. I feel an immense fart cooking inside me. It's probably going to fly out once the opening credits roll and God forbid anyone within whiff distance"
"I hope this movie doesn't have any shakycam scenes. That stuff made me hurl last time. I threw up all over the person in front of me"
"If Missy cries, I'm not changing her diaper. You're not either, huh? Well, I guess she's just going to keep crying and crying through the movie, huh?"
"Gabe just got dumped by his girlfriend. He's probably going to be texting me a lot in the next few hours. Just giving you a heads up on the fact I'll be texting a lot during the movie"
"Man, I gotta pee so bad, but I don't wanna get up because someone will take my seat. that cup empty? Give it to me. This'll solve my problem...*unzipping sound*"
Bug-eyed Earl


Have you ever used dry shampoo? What brand?

My hair looks really greasy like 1.5 days after I wash it and I'm tired of washing it so often and I hear that just compounds the problem anyway.
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So I just ate dinner and my throat, and the back and sides of my tongue are all itchy/in pain. It's not really itchy but that's the closest I can think of to describe it. And the corners of my jaw (like right under my ear) are in pain too. Is it likely that I'm having a slight allergic reaction to something I just ate or does my body just hate me? I'm so uncomfortable right now :(

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Should the US pull out of Afghanistan like it did in Iraq??

YES, its unwinnable
YES pointless war is pointless
NO, we can't fail here
NO, we haven't tried hard enough
NO Pakistan here we come
WHAT is this Afghanistan thing? is it a dog or a comforter?
Haj, what will you do then?
NUKE it from orbit
TRY bribing the Taliban
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George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina

1. What the hell was that burp I just burped? It was like powdery bitter ash coming out of my mouth.

2. Have you heard about George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina? Apparently people are quoting him without prior permission, and he doesn't want to be associated with the verbal (and twitter) diarrhea perpetrated by George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina.

3. This doesn't count as a cheesewheel post, does it? I mean, the second question is kind of cheesey, and kind of round, but the first question is legit all the way.

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hello, I haven't used my LJ as a journal in almost a year and I have forgotten who I used to be friends with! will you friend me, if it pleases you?

please use this post to friend other people

you want new friends, DON'T YOU?
Braeakups are the new relationships

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I am so going to get flamed for this, but whatevs, YOLO.

I am getting bored of fandom tumblrs and whatshouldwecallme.

Whats your favorite tumblr that you are willing to share?

dk/dc: favorite flavor in the world?

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A friend, who knows I am looking for a job, has let me know that a (very) small doctor's clinic near where she works has just fired one of their two receptionists, and that there will be an opening there soon for another receptionist. The position hasn't been advertised yet.

How the hell do I walk in there and cold-sell myself?

I've never had a ~real~ job before, so I don't have actual receptionist experience, but I do have a lot of cashier and volunteer experience in similar areas. It's a very small doctor's clinic, with about four doctors plus the receptionists. I don't know who actually runs or owns the place, and I don't have a name on who to ask for. Also, I'll be going after work tomorrow so won't get there till about 4.30pm.

DK/DC: What colour are your undies?
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Have you seen the movie Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams? What did you think of it?

I just finished watching it for the first time, and I honestly don't know how to feel about it.
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What are you currently putting off doing that needs to be done RIGHT NOW? I've been told to clean my room as people from the apartment staff are going to be inspection the apartment while I'm in school tomorrow. I don't really care if they see my dirty undies on the floor, I just want to go to sleep right now.

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nature webcams to watch

TQC, do you watch any interesting live 24/7 nature webcams? tell us where in the world it is, what you get to see, and give us a link!

i am currently obsessed with Africam. for the inquring minds, this site runs a set of (currently) four live streaming safari webcams with night vision and stereo sound included posted in various areas of South Africa--Elephant Plains and Nkorho Pan Lodges on the Sabi Sand Reserve and Tembe Elephant Reserve, which is close to the South Africa-Mozambique border. currently they are also hosting a cam set up at an endangered species center. (for those who love baby animals, cheetah mom Salome had three cubs on the 2nd! the fourth cam is dedicated to observing her little family. XD)

to date i have seen the following:
Thomson's gazelles
sage antelope
a warthog
various birds
LOTS of zebras
vervet monkeys

i've found the elephants to be the most fun to watch--they take their time getting a drink of water, and often give themselves or each other dust baths.
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I live in a semi-detached house. My neighbours chain smoke in their backyard for HOURS. All the smoke goes straight into my window. I have asthma and it gets triggered almost nightly because of them. I've tried to talk to them about it but they just yell at me because, well, they are assholes. They don't even speak English.

Any ideas on what I can do? Serious and non-serious answers.
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what is a euphemism or idiom you did not understand for a while? until it was, perhaps, too late?

I ordered some saxy undies from Frederick's, and I got a few pairs called "open panel" which I thought referred to the lacework...TURNS OUT IT IS A CLASSY EUPHEMISM FOR CROTCHLESS. so now I have all these ludicrous panties that have huge slits over the bagoo. I can't even bear to try them on lol.

ALSO WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF THIS GIF? a man at a drive-thru grabbing his ice cream by the ice cream, not the cone

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1.) I'm in need of a good documentary to watch, any recommendations?

2.) I finally got around to reading Wicked and I absolutely loved it! What was the last book you read? How did you like it?

3.) How old were you when you moved out on your own?

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Dr. TQC, help?

This morning a truck blew some dirt particles into my right eye. It teared up a lot for about twenty minutes and then calmed down, and that initial tearing got rid of a lot of the dirt, but there's one little particle in there that won't leave. It hurts to blink, so I think it's stuck in my upper eyelid. I've been trying to sleep, but my eyelid keeps twitching and it's painful when it does. I've tried flushing with water, running a wet q-tip under my upper eyelid, and doing that thing where you pull your upper eyelid over your lower one and roll your eye around. Nothing's worked. Conveniently, my ophthalmologist is two minutes from my work, so if it's not better I can go and see him tomorrow morning before work. But do you have any advice for me between now and then? I'd really like to get to sleep tonight if there's any way to do so.