May 19th, 2012

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I want to start my own business but have no idea how to go about it. I thought about contacting other business owners in the same field I want to go into and asking them for advice, do you think that's an okay thing to do? 
Have you ever started your own business? Any tips, advice, resources you could give me? Google mainly points to not so great articles yahoo-style articles about it. 
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When's the earliest you went to bed? Any real reason why?

I went to bed at a little after 7 last night, after a stressful week at work and nights of constant interruptions. Slept for over 10 hours, too.

DK/DC/I'll sleep when I'm dead: What are your plans for the weekend?

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My SO was supposed to get up with our son this morning so I could sleep in, but he stayed up too late beating Diablo again. Should I punch him in the eye? y/y?

What's the last thing to annoy you? 

What did you eat so far today?

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So, you guys know that I have talked about mental illness before. Usually about the negative side of it. Well, how about the positive side? Do you feel that there are positive aspects to your mental illness (provided that you have one)? How so?

For those with female parts

The CVS brand generic "Midol Menstrual Complete" I've been using does not have "ibuprofen" anywhere on its list of active ingredients.  Since my psych doc is v. v. worried that between lithium every day and ibuprofen once a month my kidneys will be damaged by the time I'm ... I dunno, still young, she doesn't want me taking ibuprofen or any other NSAID even that one day a month when I need it. Cumulative effect, natch.  I told her I was switching to this, with only acetaminophen, and she still said "Don't, it has ibuprofen." (?!)

She's just confused because the other varieties of brand name Midol have ibuprofen, right?   And more importantly, anyone have tried and true non-OTC remedies for menstrual cramp pain and especially fatigue?

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What is the proper attire for lazer-tagging? I've never gone before and I got invited to a friend's birthday bash and theres lazer tagging involved. I know not to wear white, but other than that, what should I wear?

Have you gone lazer-tagging? Was it fun? Did you win?
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where are my horse racing fans? DID YOU JUST WATCH THE PREAKNESS?! holy shit. my heart is still racing from that. i knew I'll Have Another will win and still have a chance for the triple crown. :D
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Do you really have to wait 2 hours between cough drops, or can you just take them as you please?

DK/DC: Do you watch sports? If, so which? Do you have a favorite team?

Let's talk about sexy stuff

I've been buying a particular vibrator, but it tends to stop working after a short amount of time (I've bought three in the past year!). So I'm in the market for a new one.

However, I don't know where to begin and some of them look pretty scary. What are some good vibrators for a somewhat-beginner? If you use a vibrator, what kind is it, and what do you like about it?
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My dad just got a big ol' wheel of homemade queso. It's very soft and creamy and tastes very sweet. I've just been dipping crackers in it but that's no fun. What can I make with it?

Edit: lol nevermind, I think it's a flan. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT?
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Did your parents spank you as a child? Do you believe spanking children (your own or others) is a viable form of behavior management? Why/not?

Edit: How do you react when you see someone spank their child in public? This is kind of what spurred the question.
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After an experience I had earlier today, I have decided I want to officially take up sign language. I find it very unique and helpful when you least expect it. I received a simple sign language book many years ago as a gift but have misplaced it since.

Does anyone here know sign language? If so, when you learned, what techniques helped you to catch on the best? Are there any really good, useful books out there for recommendations?
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Sorry- not sure what happened the first time. The poll went wonky.

I've got three movies at my disposal. Two have been lent to me and one has been (possibly poorly) transferred from an aging VHS.

This poll is closed.

Which cheesy 80s movie should I watch?

Real Genius
Space Camp

What's your favourite cheesy 80s movie?

What's your favourite non-cheesy 80s movie?

landlord/tenant questions


I currently rent a condo. A few weeks ago I noticed the sound of running water coming from my utility closet. I looked in the closet and saw that the water heater was leaking. I told my landlord and shut off the water. He came a couple hours later to look at it and said he would replace it.

After he left, my downstairs neighbor knocked on my door and said that the water had leaked into his apartment. I apologized and explained the situation to him. I then called my renter's insurance after-hours line and put in a claim for water damage. So a few days later my landlord replaced the water heater. I spoke with my renter's insurance person and asked about my responsibility for the water heater since I don't own it or maintain it. She said basically that unless I did something to the water heater, it wasn't my bill to pay. I asked her to cancel my claim, and she said if I changed my mind to give her a call back.

My neighbor called me a little while later, because he said his insurance wouldn't pay for the damage since it was below his deductible. I told him what my insurance person said and he said ok, he would call my landlord. The next day my landlord called me and asked if I gave the guy his phone number and basically said that neither he nor I did anything wrong and he wasn't going to pay for the guy's damage and he'd (my neighbor) have to call the housing association. I said Ooookay (and started looking at other apartments on Craigslist).

So my concern now is, could this come back on me? I thought about putting my claim back in, but as I said before the water heater isn't mine and I didn't do anything to it so I don't think I should have to pay. The neighbor hasn't said anything else about it, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Should I be doing something else here?

(I might add that months ago my toilet overflowed and damaged the other guy's apartment and for that I did put a claim in. I never heard anything else about it, so I assume it got fixed, but I'm not trying to piss off my neighbor since he's been pretty nice about this all so far)