May 18th, 2012


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Partially inspired by an earlier post re: sexual frustration.

Does lesbian sex actually happen? Where is it happening? Why am I not there? What are contexts in which you've successfully hooked up with someone of the same sex? What are contexts in which you really, really wanted to hook up with someone of the same sex, but it didn't happen because no one will ever make the first move?

[[ Personal answers: 1. none, 2. my life]]

Edit: For the purposes of this question, I am ignoring the existence of actual romantic relationships between human beings. 

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If "Life is a Box of Chocolate Bon Bons", how do you approach it?

a) just keep biting til I find something tasty
b) use some sort of key that tells me what I'll find inside
c) sneak approach: poke holes in the bottoms til I find something that looks ok
d) shake the box, close my eyes, choose at random, live with the consequences
e) the damn box is always open and half the candy gone so I gave up
f) some other technique i have perfected and won't share

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How would you chart out the total percentage of where your stress in life comes from?

EX: 20% work, 5% car, 60% kids, etc.

What has stress done to your body and mind?
How have you learned to destress yourself?

Austin, TX

Do any of you live or have spent a considerable amount of time in Austin, Texas? What did you like and what did you not like about it? Any tips for someone planning to move out there?

I'm a filmmaker and want to relocate after I graduate next year. Just trying to look at options outside of LA. Any information is greatly appreciated.
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How many chocolate chip cookies do you think you eat in a year? I'm probably going on 100 myself.

If you don't eat a lot of chocolate chip cookies, what's a food that you eat a lot of?
Do you know anyone who plays the harp? Do you know anything about what experience they've had acquiring one, or learning to play it? I'm looking into renting one and taking lessons soon.

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TQC, I'm going camping with a bunch of my friends and I wanna do scary stories at the campfire. Will you tell me your favorite scary stories and creepypastas?
Can we just have a "scare the crap out of each other" post here?

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Hey TQC I have a cooking question for you. I want to make this chile stew today, but I don't know what to cook it in.

Would it be better to cook it in my crockpot (low electric heat all day) or in my cast-iron dutch oven (slightly higher gas heat all day)? I think I also want to add lentils to the stew if that would change your mind.

I don't know what would be better! I am kind of wary of leaving the gas stove on for so long, but I will be home all day to keep an eye on it...and I've never really gotten a chance to break in my dutch oven yet...But the crock pot is sooooo reliable and dependable! I don't know which to use! Thoughts?

Do you have any good slow-cooker/dutch oven recipes that you would like to share?

Edit: Forgot to say that I'll be omitting the pork

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On a scale of one to ten, how stupid of an idea is it for me to try the nicotine patch if I break out in a rash from wearing bandaids or medical tape for too long?

Dk/Dc: Any awesome plans for the weekend?

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I went and looked at an apartment complex closer to my job yesterday. I fell in love with it. STUPIDLY I put down a deposit and the application fee without looking at the online ratings. The last online rating came from December 2011 (so about 6 months ago), but a majority of them involve people saying their cars/apartments were broken into. Some of them involved windows (of cars) being shot out. I knew the rent was low for a reason. Dammit.

I'm a single, white, female who will be living alone. I don't have a dog. 

What do you think the likely hood is I'm going to die living here?
How did YOU find an apartment you could afford?
Does anyone here live in Indianapolis and want to tell me an apartment near Castleton where I won't die?

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So let's say you're straight/asexual a Straight or an Aromantic. Then there's this person, of the same sex, who is really really into you. How do you reject him/her without being mistaken as homophobic or discriminatory (they're sensitive about that)?
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Do corn-fed chickens taste differently, or better than normal chickens? Or did I just pay more money for a smaller bird with yellower skin?

Do organic chickens taste better?

dk/I'm a vegetarian: What's your favorite online timewaster? I play a shameful amount of Zuma Blitz on facebook, but I consider that an improvement over Farmville, which ate my life previously.
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who's graduating?

hey TQC, are any of you graduating or do you have any family/friends who are? brag to us :)

right now, i'm watching a live feed from CSU Dominguez Hills, where my cousin is gonna be getting his degree in computer technology :D and my niece will be graduating grade school in a few weeks too :D
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Inspired by a tumblr post I saw:

Pretend you're God. If you don't believe in any god, pretend you're Professor X. You get one minute to speak to everyone in the world, inside their heads. What do you say to them?

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In going along with the theme of adolescence:

Was there anything you weren't allowed to do/have that really upset you as a kid but looking back, you're happy your parents/guardians didn't allow it?

My mom wouldn't let me get fake nails when I was 11 or 12 and I'm so glad she didn't. She also wouldn't let me go see Rancid which was also probably for the best.

Is there anything you weren't allowed to do or have as a teenager that you're still bitter about?

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Inspired by the post about the pigeon: Have you ever accidentally killed an animal?

When I was a kid I found a sparrow with a broken wing. I gave him food an water and at night I put one of my teddy bear shirts on him because I thought he would be cold on the ground. In the morning he was dead and ants were coming out of his eyes! :(

I also was looking at a cat outside, and took a step backwards (barefoot) and crushed the squirrel the cat was trying to kill. It was dark and I didn't know it was there. It didn't die right away but it made horrible squealing sounds as it ran off and the cat went after it. Worst moment of my life. 

What are your plans for this weekend? 
Going to a friends wedding and taking my kid on a train ride where they pretend rob you! (It's an old west theme train ride).

Can't remember a word!!

Help me, I'm going crazy because I can't remember a word I'm looking for.
I sent in notice that I'm leaving my apartment, but now I want to stay, so I need to send a letter ______ my notice.
I forget what it starts with. I keep thinking 'ascend.' But has a 're' in there. WHAT IS IT AHH

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I am currently in search of a house to purchase. The problem is, I do not know anything about buying a house. Luckily, I have a good person to guide me through most of it, but I have a really stupid question now and she is off for the weekend.

If I hire a real estate agent, can they show me any house on the market in town? Or will they only show me the houses they have listed under their name and/or agency? Do I need to work with several different agents?

I have very specific wants for my house and so far what a particular agent has shown me is way off the mark. Does that mean it's time to move on to someone else or can she branch out and show me houses being taken care of by her colleagues/competitors as well?

I also found a house that I am really interested in looking at, but it's not one of hers. Is it okay to call that agent to view the house?

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Today I bonded with my doctor because I'm reading the Tanakh (that's the Jewish bible or the old testament if you're unfamiliar).

What crazy things have you bonded over with someone who isn't a friend or family member?
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When buying OTC medication, are there any brands you refuse to buy generic? If so, why?
I bought the CVS version of Mucinex D today ($9.99 for 30 vs. $27.99 for 30) and it is NOT working like Mucinex would.

Since this crap isn't working, any suggestions for something that will get rid of nasal/head congestion?

DK/DC: What was the last present/package that you opened?
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I'll buy him a drink the next time we're out

Yesterday, my friend told me he'd give me $45 if I gave him a piggyback ride for one block. I honestly thought I'd collapse within the first five feet, but I did carry him all the way to the end. He gave me the money and I told him "wtf, no, I can't take that from you". He then told me "don't worry about it; I make six figures", so I took it, but I feel kind of weird about it. What would you have done?

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My husband's mother will be coming up to visit for four days and three nights. She's never come to visit more than a day.

I will be cleaning for three days prior to.

What do you do when people come for extended visits?

My husband said that you don't need to spend every minute with them if it's an extended visit. I'm socially awkward and am too happy to be working a lot during her visit.

Can you share stories of family/friends visiting and what you did while they stayed long periods of time?

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Have you ever owned one of those cheap Android tablets that isn't a phone? And by cheap I mean not a Galaxy Tab.

Are they cool or are they wack?

ETA: What awesome things are you doing this weekend? I'm going to a poultry show at the local feed store.
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What part of the backpack do you consider the front?

The part that faces out
The part that rests against your body

Inspired by a ridiculous argument with my husband who says the part that touches your back is the front because it faces your front.
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I'm a bit worried about the future..

About whether I'd be able to find a good job related to my majors after I graduate college. I just finished my Sophomore year in college (currently 21 years old), and in about 2-2.5 years (2014 expected graduation year), I should be graduating. I'm working on getting an undergraduate degree in  BA Psychology and another one in Japanese. I've been told getting a job with just an undergraduate degree in Psychology is incredibly difficult. I wasn't initially planning to get a Japanese degree, but after 1 year of Japanese to fulfill the requirements of foreign language, I pretty much loved the language too much to quit. With the university I'm going to (it's a combination of 2 universities), when I graduate, i will be getting a Japanese degree from Indiana University, and a Psychology degree from Purdue University.

Even though I will be earning two degrees in a couple of years time at this rate, I am still worried/hesitant that I will have a hard time finding a job. Particularly because finding a job in either field might be challenging, and I hope having 2 degrees together will make it easier, but I'm not certain about that either. Also, it's because I'm not sure what job I would want. It's just that I love both psychology and Japanese.

What I'd like to know...

anyone here with a psychology degree have a good job? would you tell me about it?
What about Japanese? Anyone on here with a Japanese degree? What are you doing with that?
anyone with  both? (although, I'm told this is a strange combination of majors >.>)

What would you do?

Paging Dr. TQC:

On Monday after walking a few miles in dress shoes, I came home to find that I had a giant blister on my pinky toe (basically my entire toe). I cleaned it, and kept it bandaged but it's looking sort of...dark red and it just doesn't seem right.

Should I go to a doctor? Can they even do anything for it? Will they laugh at meeee?

What are you up to tonight?
What are you putting off?

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How many of your grandparents were alive when you were born?

All of them
None of them
Other/I don't know

How many are alive now?

All of them
None of them
Other/I don't know

If applicable, who was the first to die?

Paternal Grandfather
Maternal Grandfather
Paternal Grandmother
Maternal Grandmother
N/A or I don't know