May 17th, 2012


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Are you of the opinion that "some people" can use drugs/alcohol recreationally or does such behavior always mean that the person has a substance abuse issue?

How would you categorize your relationship with your parents? 

What is the one dish that you are always searching for a better version of at various restaurants?  Do you think you have found the ultimate?
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TQC, I finally joined civilization and got cable tv for the first time. What shows should I watch? Preferably ones where I don't need to really be caught up on plot, since I've been living under a rock. Shows I like: Doctor Who, Buffy, Law and Order SVU, House (omg so sad), and Firefly.

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what's the impact of lack of sleep and weight gain? is it really weight gain or water retention?

I've gained 2.5kg (5-6lbs) over the last 5 days... I've barely slept and haven't exercised (I usually exercise 5 times a week). Have I really gained that much or is it just water weight? I feel like I'd have to eat 3000-4000 cal a day to gain that much that quickly...
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This is driving me crazy. I used to be a Girl Scout when I was younger, and I sold the cookies. I remember one variety of cookie being called "Tagalog", but now I keep seeing reference to it being called "Tagalong". I can't help but wonder if they changed the name because everyone kept mistakenly calling it "Tagalong" anyway. Googling is not helping me here. So, my question is this: Are the cookies called Tagalog or Tagalong? And if they're called Tagalong, were they always called this? I sold the cookies in the early to mid 80's, if that helps.

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My mother and brother refuse to call me but complain if I don't contact them.

Do phones not work both ways? Do you expect your phone to work both ways (as in receiving and making phone calls)?

Does this happen to you?

I also have a few friends who often comment with 'we never hang out' but will never ask me out/over. So we only get together when I make the effort.

Do you have relations like this?

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You've pissed off some Powerful People. Now you must either run away from everyone/everything you know, or challenge a professional Enforcer type to one on one combat. What do you do?

Run far far away.
It is time for us to duel!

What would you choose as your new default exclamation?

Holy smoked bananas!
Jesus H. Christ on a Pogo Stick!
My Word!
Mother of Pearl!
What the flying fuck?!

Name that animal!

So the other day I quickly saw some an animal scurrying into a field while I was driving. I've never seen anything like it before, it looked like a slightly oversized guinea pig, but it was dark brown/almost black and had a tail like a rat. WTF did I see TQC?

ETA: Here's a visual reference to a guinea pig that was the same shape of the animal I saw, however it was around the size of a possum.
ETA x2: Definitely looked the most like a fat gopher or muskrat, thanks guys!

And I mentioned in the comments, but I live in Virginia Beach.

Alternatively, what's the weirdest animal you've seen in the wild?
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A few months ago I watched a fan-made Firefly video on YouTube with clips from the show and a girl's voice singing the theme song. Anyone know what video this was? I want to find it again!

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The usual kind of horrible things have happened/the world is chaos hypothetical scenario, here. You have a serious medical issue of significant concern to you. Who do you turn to?

A. Former medical doctor who had is credentials revoked by the AMA (or you national equivalent); you don't know why.
B. Calls himself an herbalist and homeopath
C. Former nursing student; completed only 1 year of nursing studies
D. Traditional medicine man/shamanic healer
E. Former pharmascist, has been retired for over 10 years and warns you that he's a bit senile
F. Former combat medic in the military, has severe PTSD/paranoia issues
G. A born again Evangelical faith healer
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I applied for an entry-level job yesterday with only three qualifications (can drive, preferably have college degree, and good with computers), and today I got an email saying I wasn't qualified. How is that entry level?

What's the last thing that frustrated you?

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I'm terribly allergic to cats. My symptoms are itchy/watery eyes, sinus problems, and difficulty breathing. Is there some surefire medicine I could take to combat this allergy? I'm planning on visiting/staying with a friend for about a week during the summer, but she has three cats. :\

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For those of you who are non-native English speakers: what were the most difficult aspects of learning English for you?

Would you rather watch a marathon of Lifetime original movies or a marathon of Sci-Fi/SyFy Channel original movies?

Do you have an herb/vegetable garden?
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Would you like to do a handwriting meme? If so, write out your answers to these questions and post 'em here.

1. What is your username?
2. Are you right handed or left handed?
3. What writing implement are you using for this meme?
4. What are your favorite letters to write?
5. What are your least favorite letters to write?
6. Write, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
7. Write the following words in all capital letters: CRAB, HUMOR, PAJAMAS, GAZILLION, KALEIDOSCOPE.
8. Share some lyrics from the last song you listened to. (Or just write whatever you want.)

the dog

My friend (I'll call her Sara) has a dog,she is a small beagle named Butt. That is her real name. Sara adopted her last month. I went over to meet Butt today.

Butt does this thing where she likes to knead/scratch people in the stomach. Like if you have a cat, that thing cats do where they knead? Butt does it. Only really fast and hard.

Anyways I sat down on the couch, not knowing this. Butt came over and did it to me, and she ripped my shirt. I exclaimed, "Dude! She just ripped my shirt!!"

Sara told me to stop being rude and Butt is just a dog. Then I said "I think your dog also scratched me." I checked and saw a bit of blood. I have to go to a birthday dinner soon anyway, so I told my friend I was going to go home and change. Then I was just on Facebook and saw a status update from Sara: "I hate it when people overact".

(I think she meant "overreact".)

What would you have done in my situation? And is my friend being a jerk? I am pissed at her and a little annoyed at Butt but maybe it's not really her fault (the dog, not my friend).

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I get out of a very stressful job at 3pm and drive about 20 miles to tutor for one hour or an hour and a half. Then I have about an hour drive home in traffic. Today, we were supposed to meet for an hour and a half but the girl told me when she sat down that it would only be an hour (causing a $20 loss in profit for me). Every week we have difficulties with scheduling.

Would you continue to tutor if you were me?
I would say I end up spending at least three-four hours in total between traveling, planning and actually tutoring. I get $30 an hour or $50 for 90 minutes.

Was there a point where you changed careers? How do you know when to move onto something else?

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Overall, I love my job. I work for a good company with good benefits and mostly nice people. The only problem is it's retail which means more often than not, I'm dealing with difficult, entitled customers. Sometimes I find myself getting irrationally irritated at the things certain customers say/do.

Do you work retail?
What sort of things do customers do that drive you nuts?
And most importantly, what can I do so they don't make me so angry?
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I've not rented an apartment in a while and my friend and I wanted to know -

If we were to move into an apartment around end of August/beginning of September - Let's say Sept 1 - when would be a good time to start actively and seriously looking? -- particularly if we want to start paying around that time anyway. Anyone have any good advice on apartment searching?
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Sorry for TL;DR

I've been spending more and more time with my SO lately, and my interest in hanging out with my friends have gone down to 0. Anytime they call, or knock on my door, or send me a text, I just get agitated and irritated and want to be left alone. I do not look forward to spending time with them anymore, mostly because whenever I spend lots of time with my SO, I get really exhausted socialising with others, and would appreciate more alone time.

Does this happen to you, or are you better at balancing priorities? Is this worrisome in your opinion?

My friends aren't doing anything wrong but I am just shutting them out of my life. One of their birthdays is tomorrow and I just want to crawl in bed and not participate. The same goes for me hanging out with my SO's friends - I'm just not keen. BUT I have no problems spending some time with my other friends (friends I've known from back home, but aren't as close to). This is strange / unhealthy, isn't it?