May 16th, 2012


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My niece's birthday party this year is being held at a city park. Since it's the first birthday, I'm expected to go.

However, there's a problem.

Collapse ).

I haven't RSVP'd yet but I'm pretty sure I'm going to say no because if I'm miserable, I'll make everyone else miserable and it's supposed to be a happy occasion.

Is this an acceptable reason to say no? (The part under the cut, I mean).

Is my very-family-oriented family going to cut me off? Will I regret not going for the rest of my life?
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i asked in whatwasthatone but i figured i might as well try here too. 

i'm trying to remember the name of a lifetime movie. it was within the last 10 years (probably within the last 5). it was about a woman who i think had some kind of mental illness or trauma or something. well, she went a bank and the teller got her id and said he had to check to make sure it was real, so he went to a manager and in the end i guess he ended up keeping the id. later he called the woman's mom and said that she had left her id at the bank. they end up getting married and the husband starts to make the woman feel like she is going crazy. he has a storage building that he makes some medicine for her to take but he makes it look like he is picking up her prescription from the pharmacy. the woman's parents are wealthy and i think they have some kind of surveillance company and the husband comes up with the idea to put a camera inside the rear view mirror in case the car is stolen. in the end the woman's sister or cousin or someone related is working with (and having an affair with) the husband to kill the woman to inherit her money. 

the husband also checks the mileage on the car (she is paranoid about it, he says it is because the gas gauge is messed up so he needs to know when to get gas), hides her keys to make her think she is losing things, goes into her computer and deletes importing things and says the she must have deleted them.

i can remember the entire movie, except for the title. and google isn't helping at all.

does anybody know what movie this is?
thanks in advance. 

found it. it was unstable


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Has anyone here ever had a colonoscopy? How was it? What did they find? Were you anxious about having it done (either due to the process or over worry about the results)?

If they found anything, what kind of treatment did you end up having?

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I'm in the mood to be creeped out. Any true scary experiences, supernatural or otherwise?

My grandparents used to live next to this house my grandma swore was bad luck. In a span of 10 years, three men lived there, all named Jim. The first Jim went bankrupt and moved out, the second hanged himself in the garage, and the third got a divorce and his wife stayed on. She only stayed for a few months before she moved, saying she noticed she always had nightmares when she slept in the house, and the house just had a negative feel to her. My grandma swore she once looked through the window at night and saw three people who looked like nuns in the living room after the woman moved out. She also said she could hear whispers whenever she walked too far into the yard. I'm not sure if I believe it, but it's sure creepy!

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Is it possible/legal to take library books out of the country?

Edit: Apparently this is a really stupid/obvious question, sorry for wasting everybody's time. -_-
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1) At Aldi's you have to pay a quarter to use a cart (but you get it back after you return it). They do this to cut costs on labor and sell shit dirt cheap. Today the guy in front of me bitched and moaned for like 45 seconds straight about it to the cashier. Why do people complain to the cashier about store policies? Do they think complaining to the cashier will lead to a change in what a national chain does regarding carts? Who was the last douchey customer you encountered while shopping?

2) How bad do you think it is for a 118 lb female to consume about 80 ounces of Steele Reserve each night? (Health wise)

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So the White House apparently updated a number of presidential biographies hosted on their site to include tidbits about how that president's policy/actions can be related to Obama.

For instance, the following line was added to the official bio of the late President Ronald Reagan: "In a June 28, 1985, speech, Reagan called for a fairer tax code, one where a multimillionaire did not have a lower tax rate than his secretary. Today, President Obama is calling for the same with the Buffett Rule."

All bios have been edited except for Gerald Ford. You can find these bios here.

Do you think these edits are a good idea?
Why might President Ford have been skipped over?

The response from the Republican National Committee was to launch the website:
Where images of obama have been photoshopped into iconic historic images.
What do you think of such a response/the site?

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Have you ever called one of those "How's my driving?" numbers?

What would it take for you to call?

Would you ever call in to compliment the driver?

My little sister drives a government vehicle for work, and people call in and complain about EVERYTHING.  Like, if she's on her lunch break and the car is parked at a restaurant, people will call in and complain that she's shopping on taxpayer time.  
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TQC, have any of you downloaded and studied class materials just for fun through something like OpenCourseWare or iTunes U? If so, through which universities? What have been your favorite classes of those you've discovered?
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Inspired by this question:

At any given time, do you know your weight to within 5 lbs (or, say, 2 KG)?

If you do know, is it because your weight seldom changes much, or because you weigh yourself often?

If you don't know, is it because it changes a lot, or because you just don't care?

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What's the last complete bullshit thing someone has tried to pass off to you as fact?

I used Equal in my coffee and my friend's boyfriend told me "they" have proven it causes cancer in rats and it metabolizes in your body the same way as sugar.

ALSO: What's with those people who talk at you and can't take the hint that you want to get away!?!?!? Do you know anyone like this??? You can be walking away, hand on the doorknob, mentioning how late you are, and they'll keep. gabbing. 

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Can I do you any internet favors today?

Need a comment on your blog post? More likes on your Facebook fan page? Vote for you in an ugly baby picture contest? Follow you on Twitter/Tumblr/Pinterest? Subscribe to your Youtube channel?

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How does airline turbulence affect yoiu? Say 5 minutes of "light chop"?

ZOMFG....nooo...I'm on the ground and freaking out
i grip the arm rest in terror
i pout down my drink and stop watching the movie
start screaming we're all going to die
OK as long as i don't bounce off the cabin roof
compare it to other flights
barely look up from my book
forget to nmention it to my SO when I hit the ground
get weak in the knees and promise to take a bus/ship next time

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Will you comment on this post if you are a female who feels absolutely no attraction whatsoever (sexually) to other females? Most women/girls/females I meet admit to have some sort of attraction to females in some capacity wether they are straight/gay/bi/pan/whatever.
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Which of these sounds most appealing to do on your birthday with a couple of friends?

Horseback Riding
Art Classes
Hang Gliding
Visit a Theme Park

Any other ideas that will keep me active/having fun but don't require a lot of people? I can sometimes become depressed around my birthday because it was when my father died, and I'm trying to have so much fun that I don't think about it.
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TQC, I either broke or sprained my finger playing football this evening. I have a doctors appointment for a physical tomorrow- if I wait until then to show it to a doctor will it be ok? Will I be deformed for life? What should I do in the meantime? How upset will the busy doctor be that I am adding on an injury to a routine physical?

Also, can you tell me about a time that you overreacted about something minor, because I am PRETTY SURE I am overreacting now. But I really don't like injuring myself. :/

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Do you have any crushes (celebrity or otherwise) that are a little out of character for you? Like the person isn't your usual type or whatever, or maybe other people are confused by your crush. Who are they?

Also, do you know of any stores that sell chic, higher-waisted jeans for under $100?