May 15th, 2012


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To the people it applies to:
What noticeable side effects have you had with the pill?
If you tried different pills, which was worse than most?
Has anyone suffered extreme fatigue/tiredness whilst on it?

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So I got into a small fender bender last night. I accidentally ran into this woman's bumper, there was no visible damage, but the cops were called and did a report. I was really upset and wasn't thinking and never thought to take pictures of her car. Now this women keeps calling me, claiming she wants to take me to small claims court....unless I pay her or something. Neither one of us had insurance. How would I go about this? I was thinking of telling her she needs to get an estimate for the supposed damage and have them send it to me. Is that right or should I do something else? I've never been in this situation so I don't know.
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What is your least favorite book? Edit: Explain your reasoning, people! >:(

Are you able to read/appreciate authors works even if you think they are a complete asshole? (Ex: Hating Orson Scott Card for being a complete dick but reading/liking Ender's Game)

Edit: Or just talk about books in general. I love book talk a bit too much lol

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Hypothetical situation. Your father, who lives far away from you, is dying. And your SO is also dying. Whose bedside do you rush to?

EDIT: I'm sorry if this question is bumming people out. As it stands, my father is not dying, but he's very sick, and family members of mine are trying to guilt me into leaving my SO, who is very sick and needs my attention, to go be with him and them. And yeah, my dad and I didn't get along too well. You can see what I would choose.

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I'm bringing two dozen bagels to my son's school tomorrow for a teacher appreciation brunch. How many 8 oz tubs of cream cheese should I purchase? Should I buy different flavors of cream cheese? Or just plain. Low fat? What kind of bagels? A mix of everything/onion/sesame/plain?


My MacBook is beyond disgustingly dirty. What is the best way/right products to use on it?
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I kind of have a massive internet crush, but he lives rather far away is very mysterious.

Anyone have a internet crush success story?

is there any hope for me? or am I just wishful thinking/day dreaming?

Next have you EVER written a character, then found someone later who is JUST like the character you wrote? I mean down to back stories, characteristics, looks?

Happy Tuesday, TQC

I am completing a 200 hour yoga instructor program and nabbed my first job today at my apartment complex, oddly enough. It begins in June.

Question: How many of you have taken yoga? Do you remember your first class? How many of you have NOT taken yoga, more importantly, and why would you start? What would you expect out of your class? Just trying to piece together my first sequence and also the layout of the class. What is your favorite part of Savasana? All things yoga today, people!
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We've decided we need a new desktop computer. Our old HP running Windoze XP is just getting too out of date to keep up with some current programs. It's driving my gamer wife nuts.

Any recommendations?
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So I'm having a pretty stressful week (its just Tuesday I know but trust me its terrible). And because of the stress food and I have cease speaking. The very thought of food makes me want to vomit and makes my stomach uncomfortable. Right now I can barely tolerate a plain bagel and tea.

Does anyone have any suggestions of something I can eat that won't make my stomach reject it? Something easy cause I have a lot of work to do and no actual time?

DK/DC: Whats your comfort food? Mines oreos.

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I've been sending a friend of mine emails with cute pictures in them every day but I'm starting to have a harder time finding new shit that I want to pass off.

So, can we have one of those cute pictures posts?

Preferably still images, not gifs - but if the gif is like the cutest thing ever, please don't let me stop you.

For $500, would you...?

Poll #1840526 For $500, would you....?

...enter as a contestant on American Idol, and beatbox your way through the song? They'll be talking about your performance around the cooler the next day


...shoot up heroin one time? Someone else who knows what they're doing prepares the needle and injects you with it. You'll know then what it feels like to be on the drug, and how good your body feels, and then maybe how boring reality is afterwards


...bellycrawl across the Grand Canyon Skywalk? Over the glass portion, from one end to the other


...go into a gas station restroom without shoes/socks, sit directly onto the toilet (no cover) and do your business? Oh yeah, you can't wash or sanitize yourself for the next 3 hours. You'd probably have to touch door handles to get into the restroom, and then the latch to close your stall


...chew on a mouthful of pop rocks and tin foil for one minute? You have to chew it like you're chewing gum

69(57.5%) stuck in an elevator with 4 huntsman spiders? They're doing their own thing, and you just have to cohabit the lift with them for 60 minutes

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Have you ever been drug tested for a job?

Do you think such a thing is necessary?

I took one today and found it to be very creepy. But then again, I'm not generally a fan of standing around my (or anyone else's) workplace holding a cup of my own (or...anyone else's) urine.

EDIT: for people who are saying that it depends on the job, give examples because that shit is boring.

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My little sister just got mugged. She's in New York and I'm in Michigan, so I can't exactly go comfort her in person or drag her to the safety of my own house. I don't think they got any cash, but her driver's license was probably in her wallet, along with her bank/credit cards, metro card, and other such stuff.

What can I do for her? Send her a package or something? What should be in it? I don't know what to dooo.

Have you ever been mugged? What happened? What did you do afterwards?
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stupid food question

I'm trying to eat healthier/cut back on junk calories/blah blah blah

I bring my lunch to work, but I'm having trouble figuring out what to bring to drink. I used to bring a can of soda because it's cheap & convenient, but I'm trying really hard to cut out sugary drinks like that.

I hate the taste of water, especially with food. Juice is too expensive to pour into a bottle and bring every day.

What can I drink at lunch???

Thanks, TQC
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Okay, so, I have a really dumb question. BEAR WITH ME.

I'm ordering some bras online from a foreign company (a Polish one, to be exact) and obviously the currency is not American dollars. When I place the order and provide my card info, etc, will it just convert in the payment process or is there something special I have to do?

DK/DC/I don't associate with stupidity like yours:

If you were a dinosaur, what kind do you think you'd be?

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my partner and i are planning our wedding and i'm a little confused about the legal end of things. i am a US citizen and he is a permanent resident [of the US]. he has had his green card for almost a decade. do we have to do anything aside from applying for the marriage license? will he become a citizen after we get married, or will/can he retain his permanent resident status? 

he's from canada and would like to retain his citizenship there.

all the information i can find is directed at people who are getting a green card BASED on their marriage, so if anyone can direct me somewhere, i'd be really grateful!

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Friday is my birthday and to celebrate I'm going out with my BFF to play drag queen bingo. Pmuch it's a drag show where there will be bingo. I'm beyond excited!!!

What are you doing this weekend? What event are you super excited about?
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So I got in to both programs I applied to. Here's the deal: 
School A 
- 24 months for an Associate of Registered Nursing 
- Would have to complete another 18-24 months to be eligible for Graduate programs.
- FULL scholarship (including books) 
- Awesome group of people I've worked with for 2+ years 
- Support service I am comfortable with 
- Highway drive compute commute, 7 miles 
School 2: 
- 36 month for a Bachelor of Nursing 
- Could apply directly to Graduate school for a Midwifery degree.
- Partial scholarship, [+/-]$17,000 a year out of pocket  
- Know no one, will enter with sophomore class 
- Unfamiliar support system 
- City drive compute commute, 7 miles 
They do clinical rotations in the same hospitals and have been operational for the same amount graduating classes. I'm considering flipping a coin. Also, WTF do I do?
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if somebody liked you who you did not like, and you wanted to make yourself more unattractive to them, and you'd already had a blunt conversation with them, what kind of stuff would you do?

I remember on Dharma & Greg she rubbed cheese all over her armpits, idk. For the purpose of this thought exercise (and also this is my situation irl), this person is someone you will see semi-regularly because he is a friend and also friends with your friends. NON SERIOUS ANSWERS ABOUT GROSS/FUNNY STUFF I CAN DO, I actually have the situation under control thanks

have you ever had finger warts? how'd ya fix 'em?

I have really thick callus-y looking crust on one of my fingers which I used to bite, and part of it looks sort of cauliflower-y. It's not, like, a mole-type wart (the round obvious round kind), it just looks like REALLY SCUZZY callused skin. My friend told me it's a wart and idk how to fix it, apple cider vinegar maybe?
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What is the last thing that made you laugh hysterically?

I told my BF that he can be pretty dense sometimes, which is entirely true but part of why I love him.  He responded: "Dense like a beer.  Cold, yet smooth."

I was in stitches immediately.

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Have you ever read "The Catcher in the Rye"? What about "To Kill a Mockingbird"? I've read half of Catcher and all of Mockingbird.
Did you like them? Or did you detest them? I hate Catcher and love Mockingbird.
Were they required reading? Yep.
Why do schools think they are such great books to make kids read? My school made us read Mockingbird for black history month. And as for Catcher my composition class had a choice between that and Mockingbird for our senior read.

DK;DC: What is your favorite book? The Hobbit. I haven't read it in ages, but I'm always thinking about it.
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