May 14th, 2012

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Do you turn your phone off/on silent when you go to bed?

I thought pretty much everyone did until I realized one of my best friends leaves hers on and I wake her up in the middle of the night when I text her sometimes. I stay up really late and so sometimes I want to shoot off a text to someone before I forget so they'll see it when they wake up, but now I find myself hesitating more because I really don't want to disturb someone.
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Perfumed Body Products

I adore perfumed body products, so I have everything from department store parfum to fragrances from Bath & Body Works.

Why is it that everytime someone comments on a scent from Bath & Body Works, they are quick to say that the their stuff smells just as good as something from a department store?

Last week, a coworker complimented my perfume and asked about it. When I told her that it was a spray from B&BW, she was quick to say that she likes their stuff just as much as any expensive perfume.

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I'm walking someones dog for them but this dog is a dominant breed. It's a sweet dog but when I'm walking its seems like its on red alert for other dogs and when it sees one it either goes in like this pouncing stance eyeing the dog or now it goes after the dog barking like crazy. It even nips a dog if it comes to sniff it and twice it results in some ugly barking matches that could of got uglier.

Any advice or insights?
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Dear TQC, please help me with a short story I'm writing for my Creative Writing class:

What are some problems someone moving out on their own for the first time might encounter while trying to rent an apartment? For example, having to pay a deposit, or getting references, or not being able to move in with a pet.


Do you have any funny stories about the first time you moved out on your own?

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Seemingly state or US-centric, but maybe not so much considering how political discourse is so global these days.

Romney is disowning us, but we're not so bad, are we? What do you think? You may have your own state pride (where applicable) that makes you disagree about Massachusetts being the best state ever, but are we the complete train wreck we're made out to be?

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So before xx1121xx deleted her question about feeding ducks and geese, I asked her this:
Thank God wild animals now have humans around to feed them, otherwise whatever would they do??!?

Their response was "They would die off".

Do you agree that this is what would happen?
Do you feed wild animals?
For those of you who caught the post before it was deleted - do you agree with the deltion?
I don't, obviously I miss it :(

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so my roommate is the most kindhearted person ever, bleeding heart etc. and she just got back from the post office where she said there was this couple in their 30s outside. apparently their story is that they came down for the derby (over a week ago) and their backpack got stolen with all of their money. so they can't get back up to cincinnati, where they're from. they have kids back home. they have friends and family in our city but apparently no one wants to help them.

so my roommate said she'd ask us, and if it was okay with us, they could camp out in our backyard for the night. OR she's considering just driving them up to cincinnati if she can get a friend to tag along.

now is it just me or does this sound super sketchy? maybe i'm too much of a cynic... what would you do in this situation?

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What are the best (and active) health / weightloss communities on LJ? I'm looking more so for diet-oriented rather than workout-oriented but any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit:I see this post has broken a rule. I posted my same question in community_quest which looks totally dead but oh well.

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Hey Michigan-ites! Where in Michigan do you live, and what's it like there? I'm thinking about setting a novel I'm writing there, but I've never been. Would a bookshop and bakery do well there? Is there an "artsy", hippie-ish town that you think it would do especially well in?

Everyone else: Say you've just run out of gas on your motorcycle, and the nearest gas station is five miles away. Do you walk there, or do you wait and hope that someone will stop and siphon you some gas?
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which bug(s) scare you the most???

palmetto bug
fuuuuuuuuuuuuu...all of them

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You know how in a lot of songs, there's a few seconds before the main song actually starts where the artist does a voice-over kind of thing, often times on top of the background instrumentals?

Well, anyway, what are some of the worst ones, in your opinion? The best?

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Which would be more horrifying to you: discovering you'd spent the last five years of your life in virtual reality without knowing or learning that someone made one of the biggest decisions in your life for you and made you think the decision was yours?

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Expounding on a few questions here and elsewhere:

What do you think of zero tolerance policies particularly at the school/adolescent level?

Are there too many gray areas at that level to have such policies and not severely hinder typical childhood development?

What about zero tolerance in the workplace? Have you this at your workplace? What does your workplace have no tolerance of? (shit that was an ugly sentence)
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They're laying everyone off in the fall and opening a new call center in South Carolina, Y'ALL. They may offer to relocate people.

How hard of a time would a born-and-raised-Mass-Yankee-pro-choice-liberal-atheist-with-long-hair have down there if I moved?


What is the title of the employees of Apple who are sales associates? I know they have different names for positions and I couldn't figure out which one is for the basic associate.
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Baby teeth?

When you lost your first ever baby teeth, what was your reaction? I remember being in S. Korea and looking in the mirror, wiggling my front tooth, before all of a sudden it popped out and there was blood! I cried and went to my dad.
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A Facebook Disagreement.

My boyfriend is a professional drummer, and the first time I will ever see him perform (which isn't even guaranteed at this point) will be after knowing him for 16 months.

I found it odd, but my friend seems to disagree.

So... weird or not weird?

Edit: It's not that I'm not allowed to see him perform or something... he just doesn't play locally and I don't have much money to travel.
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Got any bad habits?

I bite my cuticles (ouch), procrastinate, and worry too much but justify it by convincing myself if I didn't worry I wouldn't get shit done. Also my husband and I have taken to meowing at each other instead of actually communicating, so I'm pretty sure our neighbors across the hall think we're hiding a cat (we're pretty convincing meowers), which is better I guess than the alternative of them thinking we're furries....

DK/DC what is one of your prized possessions? I love my Kate Beaton Glam Breakfast mug that the huz got me for Christmas.

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Kind of similar to a recent question about getting a second cat:

Does anyone have any experience introducing a 6 month old cat to a tiny kitten (10 weeks old)?

The kitten is fearless but the teenager is a little afraid/cautious. We thought that since the teenager had been away from the apartment for a couple of days, with me at my mum's house, and the ten week old had put her scent everywhere, this might cut out the issue of territory, but it hasn't really. We are keeping them separate for now unless we can supervise them, even then the older one is keeping her distance. The older one is sleeping with us because she has abandonment issues and we don't want to upset her further.

Should we get a diffuser or something?