May 13th, 2012


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Sometimes I find myself thinking of the past TQC, mostly the members. I took a hiatus from LJ for a while and now a lot are gone.

Is there anyone you miss or want to know what happened to? Or maybe they changed their name but you missed it so you don't know who they are anymore?

Or if there's no one you miss but you've changed your name or something, will you post who you used to be here?

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1. Do you think Obama really "evolved" in his view on same-sex marriage, or that he always felt that way but couldn't afford to bring it up until now?

2. Do you know anyone who changed their view on same sex marriage/relationships later in life? Do you know what prompted the change?

Sorry if these were asked recently. I've been away a while.

3. Apparently Mitt Romney is being attacked for pranks he pulled in high school against gay schoolmates (apparently he didn't know they were gay). Is it fair to be knocking a man in his 60's for pranks he pulled in high school? Does the nature of his actions then, or his current stance on SSM now, make this criticism more or less valid?

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What do you think is the most over-diagnosed psychiatric disorder these days? Why so?

What do you think is the most self-diagnosed psychiatric disorder these days? Why so?

Sorry for the repetition; dealing with a dying family member, so my thinking might be a little wonky.
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i want to have a productive day today but it's been raining on and off for the past few hours.

should i do work at home or go to uni? i have lots to do and i concentrate better there. it's 2pm though and the library closes at 5pm.

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If you HAD to drink one of these, what would you pick?

A tall glass of clarified butter
A tall glass of heavy cream
A tall glass of melted donut icing
A tall glass of extra virgin olive oil
A tall glass of raw egg yolks
A tall glass of water left uncovered in the heat for over a week
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What's your favorite cuisine to cook? Not necessarily what you cook most often, but what do you really enjoy?

What are your favorite herbs and spices?

If you were having a BBQ and needed to make desserts, what would you make the sugar free dessert (there will be several diabetics there) be? Should I make a sugar free chocolate silk pie or a no sugar added fruit pie, like an apple pie? I am making a lemon pie and a lime pie with full sugar.

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have you ever been to Eindhoven, Netherlands? What would you recommend to do there?

A friend of mine and I are studying abroad in England and want to take a trip to Amsterdam one weekend. My friend has a friend in Eindhoven she met on chat roullette (I didn't say this was going to be a good idea) that she wants to meet up with, so she wants to spend a few days in Eindhoven. I want to make sure that there will actually be stuff to do there.
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So I'm making like 150-200 mini quiches for a friend's wedding in June! What flavor combos should I make? They have to be vegetarian. I'd like to have 4 or 5 different varieties.

I'm definitely making red bell pepper + onion + white cheddar. I'm also leaning toward jalapeno + tomato + pepper jack, but only if the bride ends up liking the trial run. My passion for jalapeno is probably excessive.

DK/DC: favorite cookie and/or smoothie recipe? I'm planning on making these lemon poppyseed cream cheese cookies sometime this week, and as soon as these bananas ripen I'm making this ginger banana smoothie substituting almond milk for rice milk (and freezing the banana).

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I bought my mom a SanDisk cruzer 4gb 2.0usb drive to play movies/music on her new PS3, when I plug it in it has files on it already. A 'Club Application' folder & RunClubSanDisk.exe, a few others too. Can I delete these without harming the usb? Google's bringing up conflicted results.

DK/DC: Do your parents have anything fancy&technological you wish you had?

My parents have the new Ipods&PS3. Very jealous!

-Edit-Deleted them, seems to working fine. Backed them onto computer. Thanks for advice!

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I just got my hard drive replaced, so I was restoring my files from my back-up drive. It was all going swimmingly until I had to go and be a clumsy dumbass and dropped the back-up drive, causing it to come unplugged from my computer in the process. Now every time I try to restart the process, it starts preparing to copy the files, but then always gets stuck at "Preparing to copy 64 files." What did I do to it? Is this fixable? What is so special about the 64th file? I've had a run of bad luck with computers lately so I am really hoping I didn't seriously screw something up
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I have a lot of questions, people.

Have you ever heard of Brunswich Stew? I hope I spelled it right. I've been told it's a regional Southern thing. If you've tried it, do you like it?

Have you/your friends ever used the word "ill" to mean aggravated or irritated?
I hadn't heard it until I moved here, and now I hear it at least 25 times a day. I work with a bunch of thin-skinned girls who are constantly asking each other "Are you ill?" and it took me 2 months to figure out they weren't asking if they felt all right.

I am completely out of shape. I have no endurance whatsoever. My husband is in pretty decent shape and he wants us to start the Insanity program soon. I tried to tell him it's a bad idea for me to just jump in, but he says I have to start somewhere. Am I wrong? Will Insanity NOT kill me?

What do you think works better, a soft sided insulated bag or a plastic cooler? I need to keep food cold all day.

Thanks for helping me sort out my life here, lol.

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I had a fantastic false mustache for my uni's spring play but the spirit gum (adhesive for your face, basically) has left my upper lip raw, sore, and with a burning sensation. I use an off brand of Aveen's Positively Radiant, but it's not offering much help. Any advice for soothing my skin? 

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What was the last nice thing someone did for you?
What was the last nice thing that you did for someone else?

The woman at my eye doctor called me to check up on me yesterday and wished me good luck on a job interview!

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I used to order cups of water at fast food places, then put soda in the cups. I don't do this anymore since I thought about what a silly thing that would be to go to jail for, but have you ever done it?

If you've ever worked at a fast food place, have you seen customers do it? Does it bother you? I work at Wendys, and I've seen people do it. I really don't care since Wendys already makes enough money on their overpriced frozen shit.

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If someone who had never had a romantic/sexual relationship told you that they never wanted to have one, how would you respond?  The person is a 20 year old you are friends with, let's say.