May 12th, 2012

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My grandma will soon turn 98 and I'd like to do something nice for her on Mother's Day. She doesn't hear well and that's not the only reason she doesn't enjoy crowds, so taking her out for a meal doesn't work. She's pretty control-freakish about her kitchen so cooking for her isn't a good idea. I don't really have time to make something nice. If all else fails I'll just buy her a flower and go have a visit, but I'd like something that stands out a little bit. Have you any ideas?
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are there any condoms that don't taste terrible that are also ok to put in vagoo? (i.e. no flavored ones because bad for me)

have you ever lived in an apartment complex? the kind that has a pool and leasing center and a communal pool room and other crap like that. did you like it better than living in a house?

also, thank you to the handful of you who tried to help me with my computer problem last night! turns out I just needed to turn it off and on. whoopsie

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Are the posts with poor English syntax supposed to be ironic and/or commented on ironically?  Aren't they mostly just written by ESL people, so it's polite for native speakers to just grok the intended meaning and answer? 

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I'm hosting a bridal shower with my sister for our brother's fiancée. I'm in charge of games. Any advice or recommendations?

Also, can you share any funny shenanigans that have happened at any type of shower (wedding,baby, whatever)?
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Do any of you belong to a food co-op/CSA? Where they deliver or you pick up random baskets of meat, dairy and veggies? What has been your experience? Do you know someone who has? What was their experience?
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Columbus Ohio

So, I have convinced my husband to go away for Memorial Day weekend. I wanted to go to Gettysburg, PA but he is not impressed with making a 6 hour drive there for just a weekend. We are in Charleston, WV so he is only up to a 3 hour or less drive which limits a lot of places. Since he likes Dave & Busters, I decided on Columbus, Ohio.

What else is there to do in Columbus? Any other ideas in Kentucky, Ohio or Virginia? I don't think he's sold on a theme park either. Yeah, he is quite the fun guy!
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I would feel:

More pity for someone born with a condition requiring the use of a wheelchair for the rest of their life
More pity for someone who, at the age of 25, is required to use a wheelchair for the rest of their life
Equal pity for both
No pity for both

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TQC, do you ever figure out the answer to your own question as you're typing it out to post it here? I was just about to ask a dinner question and then got the fabulous idea to make chicken noodle casserole. :)

Alternatively: what's your favorite name for a girl? Favorite last name?

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My mom told me that it's bad luck to wear opals if you were not born in October. I just found her pair of opal earrings and I'm wondering if anyone else has ever heard this? I realize it's just a silly superstition, but I still feel all weird about wearing them.
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Hello lovelies :) I'm hoping that you could give me some help on a situation that is upsetting me or at the very least, tell me that I'm not a completely stone cold girlfriend of death and doom...

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Lj, what should I do? Should I break up with my boyfriend since I feel like I'm being unfair on him?
Men/ladies, what would you do if your partner had almost no libido and you never had sex? Would you break up with them?
Have you ever been in this kind of situation? How did you handle it?
What if I decide to work part time and do Masters next year? Would that be really selfish of me if it meant a repeat of this year?
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For those of you that have kids:

How do you feel about your kid being invited to a party with someone else, but not you?

IE Tory is turning 6 and her mom invites your kid to her birthday party, but the invitiation is sent and addressed to your sister/your kid's aunt (so the aunt + your kid are invited). You're not invited at all.

Is that weird?

Inspired by Inside the Actors Studio

A movie is being made about your life.  Whatever genre it is, you get to pick the actor who portrays you.  What would that actor have to do, physically and emotionally, for the role? 

What "hook" or "key" would they most likely use to understand you?  Would that be an external thing (your clothes, accent, walk) or an internal thing (life experience, defining emotional trait, dreams)?