May 11th, 2012


usps vs fedex

I have a notebook that I need to deliver from PA to IL. It's a mother's day present - yeah, I know it's late. I painted the covers and wrote a bit in it which took some time, so spare me a lecture. Anyway, what's the best thing to use - the post office or FedEx? Or even UPS? I do not understand the difference. It's a large notebook but it should be able to fit in a large envelope but I'm not positive.

What matters to me is speediness and the best price. I'm fine if it arrives on Monday or Tuesday because I'm late at this point and don't want to spend a crazy amount so it's there on time. Also should I run out as early as I can get there - or will that not make any difference?

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Do you have a separate Facebook for your profession? Has it been beneficial for you? People are always contacting me via my personal Facebook and I feel like a separate public Facebook page would be more helpful.
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What time do you usually wake up in the mornings?

What about when you don't have any obligations? Let's say you have the whole summer off, what time do you get up then?

Personally I'm an insomniac who usually doesn't go to be before 4:00 at the very least, but I usually try to get up by 12:00 so that I at least feel somewhat productive.
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was Jack the Ripper actually a woman?

found this interesting news article this morning. (TW: murder details, of course)

tl, dr if you can't load the link: the wife of a doctor (who has been labeled a suspect himself in the past) is fingered as a possible suspect based on various evidence--burned fragments of women's clothing not belonging to the victims, an alleged affair one of the victims had with the doctor, and more.

what do you think, TQC? does this theory have merit or is it offbase? why or why not?

bonus: what other famous mysteries (solved or unsolved) interest you?
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What's the movie soundtrack you like to listen to the most?

I have a few I really like, but I'd probably go with the Scarface  soundtrack myself, probably because I am a euro electronic music lover.

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My niece turns 2 today and her birthday party is next weekend. My sister saays that she doesn't need anything, especially not my staples of toys and clothes. What should I get her? Srs and non-srs accepted!
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How do people describe you?

In terms of the way I look, the majority of comments on my appearance is that I'm "cute" or "adorable". The only time I'm ever referred to as beautiful is when my mom says "so and so saw you and complimented me on how beautiful you are" but I'm hesitant to believe the validity of her stories. I guess I should be happy with cute and adorable, idk.. atleast they aren't saying I'm ugly.

Personality wise, I've been called difficult a couple of times, and I'll agree with that. People say I'm amusing which is probably the nicest thing a person could say to me, tbh.
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Fathers, careers, etc

I'm about to graduate undergrad. Right now, my career goal is environmental education and writing; I am thinking of grad school in education in 2-5 years, but of course I'm aware that can change. My mom has passed away and my dad controls most of my finances still. I've made some from my own work but not that can fully support myself, especially not for all of grad school. He is probably not going to stop supporting me if I choose the education route, but he's really against me becoming a teacher. He's kind of of the mantra: "those who can't do, teach." My dad's primary goal was for me to be a lawyer, but I think I've convinced him that's not for me. He also wants me to go to grad school right away, even though I want to take at least 2 years off. I've just convinced him that I can take one year off. 

Suggestions on how to convince my dad that this is my life and I should follow my passions? I think teaching and writing is a noble, but difficult path, that should be more admired in society because of its potential for creating change. My dad and I have pretty different ideologies (one is a huge liberal, leaning towards socialist, the other a moderate republican, big fan of capitalism)  
Have any of you gone down this road where your parent(s) have just not seen eye to eye with your career and how have you convinced them that you're "right?" On one hand, it's my life and I should do what I want. On the other hand, he still controls my finances and will until I have a real job that pays more than just free housing (oh the joys of working at environmental organizations). My mother would have loved for me to be a teacher and writer, and I greatly miss her enthuisiam. 


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For those of you with a DVR/Tivo, what program has been recorded the longest?

Mine is How To Train Your Dragon recorded on 5/14/11

dk/dc/don't believe in modern technology: What's for dinner tonight?

I'm making baked tilapia, oven fries and a green salad.
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question for helpful tech-savvy people of tqc
I have an Acer Predator running Windows 7. The sound on my Flash went out across all browsers. I disabled Flash in Chrome, reinstalled, still silent. Uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome, still silent. Also, at the same time, the little system-wide volume indicator that pops up onscreen when I change volume with my keyboard, disappeared. Is this just Flash or a sound card thing? IDK how to do any of this!

I've googled for 3 days and can't find a good answer. Please help!

question for everyone else who is understandably bored of tech q's
How receptive are you to beauty/health trends or fads? (i.e. foot-skin-eating fish spas, vajazzling, etc.)

thank you tqc

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Do you have any tips for studying for finals or big tests? Or any tips for multiple choice exams?

I routinely score 15-20% lower on finals than other tests, so I think it's the way I study rather than the specific class. I don't feel like I study differently for finals than other exams, but some strategies would help! A lot of the time, my finals have a heavy multiple choice section, and those are also tricky for me.

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I got a new MacBook Pro four or five months ago, and recently the hard drive failed. I just got it back with a new hard drive, but when I went to put the data from my back-up drive on it, it said it couldn't do it because the files from my last hard drive were on a newer OS X than whatever's on this new one. I'm not absolutely sure what version of OS X was on my computer before—is there any way to tell for sure? Also, do I have to pay for the newer version that I used to have on my computer? Because that seems kind of ridiculous
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Are there people who find jobs for you? I mean, besides just a temp agency, but individuals, consultants maybe, who will help you revamp your resume, help you write cover letters, and basically do some hand holding during the whole job hunt process?

If so, how would these people market themselves, what title would they use?
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I used to get a ton of cracked software and games from a website called katzforums. Unfortunately the site is no more and I cannot find a site to rival it in terms of free downloads that work. 

In my quest to find a free version of the latest Diner Dash (I know, I have no shame) I started to think about the moral implications of what I was doing. Do you consider downloading cracked software, games, movies, music etc to be stealing? Do you think I should just pay for games from now on and stop downloading illegally ripped stuff? 

Mad Men

Does the TV show Mad Men mention particular brands, and then ask the brands to pay for mentioning their names
OR do brands pay Mad Men to include their brand in the storyline 
OR does Mad Men mention particular brands just because they fit into the story line and nobody pays for the brand name's airtime?