May 10th, 2012


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Monday I learned that I've most likely had the same case of strep for a month and a half... 

To fully kill it, this time I'm on super intense antibiotics. They're already likely to cause all sorts of gastrointestinal discomfort and compounded with my gastrointestinal disorder, I'm not feeling super great right now. The first two full days were just fine, which is why I haven't talked to my doctor or pharmacist yet, but is there anything I can do to feel better? I'm getting strange stomach cramps under my ribs, a twisty stomach feeling, and some seriously gurgle-y organs.

I'm hope these will subside in a few days when I go from four a day to two a day, but until then... Tips?

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I might be having sex with two guys at the same time (I mean I'll have two fuck buddies, not a threesome) soon. They're both aware there is someone else as well.

Has anyone else ever done this? Is it awesome?


How often do you have them? Do you keep any sort of dream journal about all dreams, nightmares included?

I have to admit nightmares give me great inspiration so a part of me likes having them because I love to turn them into stories, but obviously during the nightmare it sucks.

Ever had a nightmare so bad it kept you awake?
Ever had pattern nightmares/the same or a similar nightmare more than once?
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How to deal with racist grandfather?

I should start by saying that I am swedish.

My grandfather is a racist. He mostly focuses on Romani people, and muslims, but he dosen't like most foreigners.
It's the usual bullshit, they come here to steal, they beat their women, they don't want to work, they should act like we do! yadda yadda.

I don't let him get away with saying such things withiout arguing, but while he has always treated me as an equal debate partner, he will NOT listen to sense. I love him dearly, but this part of him is frankly disgusting.

He lives with my grandmother (who does not share his views) in a house in the middle of nowhere, so he never really meets any foreigners.

Does anyone else have relatives that have bigoted views? How do you deal with them? Also, any suggestions on how to make him see sense?

Edit I know I should ignore him, and the chances of him suddenly having a change of heart is microscopial. This is going to sound strange, but I feel like I owe it to minorites to at least try to change the peope around me (My sisters and father is bigoted in other ways) I don't know why, maybe becuase I am a queer disabed woman, and I know how much causa bigotry fucks up your life.Maybe it's white guilt. Point is, I can't ignore him because then I feel guilty.
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With Obama having announced his support for marriage equality, what other positions would you like him to make clear to the American people?

ETA: whoops, didn't mean to post this question here, but I might as well keep it.

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For the fiction readers out there:

1. Is it more important to you to have a good plot or well developed characters in story you read? For example would you keep reading a story where the characters were a little flat but the action/drama was amazing? Or could you read a story where nothing actually really happens, but the characters are just so real and likable that it doesn't matter?

2. Would you stop reading a book that you were really excited about, or thought would be really good, or was recommended to you strongly if you didn't like the author's writing style?

3. What are some things (either style wise or plot wise) authors do that annoy you enough to actually stop reading a book in the middle of it?

4. What types of endings will make you feel unsatisfied at the completion of a book?
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Is there anywhere I can buy cheap basic tops online that isn't wholesale? I definitely need more basics but ugh @ paying like $11 for some flimsy ass shirt.

dk/dc: what are your favorite places to shop for basics?

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have you ever seen a personal trainer? how did that go?

I'm thinking of seeing one as I've gotten an email from my gym stating that if I do 12 sessions with a PT, I get 2 free. it's just really expensive to see a trainer... but I do want to see one really badly.

what do you do to stay active?

DK/DC: what did you have for your last meal?
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I'm in the market for a new digital camera. The one I have is from 2006 and is just a simple point-and-shoot. I'd like a bit of an upgrade. I'm an art student, so I'd like a better camera in order to better document my work. I know next to nothing about cameras or photography, so does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to spend more than around $300 (maybe a little more if I can convince my mom to make it an early birthday present).

So any specific suggestions for cameras? Or things I should look for in a camera?

Wild animals!

Inspired by insomnia google searching of animals I'm afraid of~

Have you ever encountered a wild animal (not at the zoo)? If so, what kind of animal and what happened?!

I honestly would freak the f out if I saw an alligator underneath my car or something. People are much braver than I.

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I ran by my apartment on my lunch break to check my mail....and as I was getting my keys out to unlock my comes my daughter's cat, Carrot. Yup. He was outside for I'm guessing at least 4-5 hours. (I left for work at 7:30, boyfriend left around 8:30..I think).

Boyfriend let the cat out. Boyfriend hates the cat. What are the chances boyfriend let the cat out on purpose, not realizing he wouldn't run away? He also didn't know I'd be going by there on my break.

If you have pets: does your SO like them?

He keeps telling me he doesn't like Carrot and wishes I didn't have him. Sorry bucko, not getting rid of the cat. I've already limited his access to the bedroom when boyfriend is over (Carrot likes to sleep in my bed when my daughter isn't home)

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I just booked a flight to Greece. I leave two weeks from now, and will be there for a week. Now I have to buy a new bathing suit. I am very pale, and can't tan. I don't have enough melanin. I hate buying bathing suits because I feel like I look ugly in my paleness.
I will either have really red, black, or a very dark blue hair colour then. Havent decided yet.
Could anyone suggest what colour bathing suits would work for me?
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I posted about changing my major on facebook and my cousin commented "You're officially going nowhere! Congrats!" On a scale of 1 being okay to 10 being furious, how mad would you be?

Are you going somewhere in life?
What did you major in? (or are planning on majoring in)

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Last week, my uncle passed away. My family and I flew to Atlanta for his funeral. I had to submit a final for my literature class by 9 pm Tuesday, which was the day we would be flying home and I knew I wouldn't be able to get to the school in time. I spoke to my professor before we left letting her know this and she said it would be fine to submit mine on Wednesday.

I just got a generic email from her saying that if she didn't have a copy of our essay by 3pm Wednesday, you would not receive a grade. I drop my copy off at 530 pm. Did I just fail my English final?

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I have an interview tomorrow for a marketing position in the corporate office of a cookie company (no, it's not sold in grocery stores).

I've been busy all week and all day today so I have't had time to go to the bakery to try the cookies in person. They're open for another 2 hours.

Do you think it'd be smart to go and try some cookies before the interview tomorrow, or do you think it's not necessary? I was thinking of just looking up some flavors online, and if the question came up, I'd pretend to have tried flavors X and Y.

Hair question

Iast had my hair dyed a year ago almost to the day.

I have had no touch ups and its grown out about half way, my hair is just brushing my shoulders, it was dyed about a shade or two darker and a bit redder but unless your looking there's not a huge noticeable difference..

My question : I have a box of dye that matches the color I had it dyed, can I throw it on over the old dye/roots and not expect a disaster?

Some people have said it will be fine and others have told me dye wont stick to dye so only my roots will take and it will look stupid.

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My boyfriend smokes in the apartment. I frequently empty the ashtray into the trashcan. Today I emptied it while it was very full, and apparently one wasn't properly put out because it started smoking in the trashcan and filled the apartment with smoke.

He said it was my fault because I emptied it. They were not visibly smoking when I threw them in.

I said it was his fault for not putting one out properly.

Who's fault was it?

Ireland in March?

My husband might get sent on a business trip to Ireland during the first week of March. He's considering taking my son and me along. He's reading up online about weather, and he says, "Supposedly Dublin only gets 4 hours of daylight in the early part of March. That doesn't seem correct to me." But he's never been to Dublin.

Have you been to Dublin in March? Is the daylight actually that short?

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I applied for a job I really REALLY want today, and I think I have the skills to get it.
Should I ring the company say, a week after the closing date?
If I do, what do I say/who do I speak to? The application didn't have a 'destination' as it were.

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Make my decisions for meeeee (please)

My friend is going to a bar for her birthday on Friday. We're also going out to dinner Saturday. Should I go to the bar tomorrow night? It's a bar in NYC that I don't particularly enjoy and I will have to take the train home alone. However, it is her birthday and I have no social life, so I feel like getting out might be good for me.


What's your favorite kind of pizza?
Where do you get it?

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i just got a part-time job as a telemarketer; as in, the kind who calls people asking for donations to some random non-profit organization.
on a scale of 1 (not evil) to 10 (i hate you), how awful a person am i?

i was called a 'crooked cocksucker' today.
what are some horrible things people/customers have said to you at your job?

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Do your parents cling to things you used to like?

I collected beanie babies like mad. I stopped after awhile but my mom has them all in a giant bag because 'one day they will be worth something.'

DK/DC: can you show me an icon that you use other than your default?

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What book is this? 

It had a group of people traveling together, maybe 5-6 people.  It was set during the middle ages.  Each person had a specific trait about them, one was a person who was a seller of relics, he is the narrator.   At one point they go to the house of a witch/shaman lady and see a tree with all these weird dried gourds hanging from the branches.  The narrator points out that he recognizes them as the dried shell of fetuses.  At the end it comes out that the seller of relics is really a woman.