May 9th, 2012


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What was the last thing to make you feel crap?

For me, it was speaking to my mum about my future. She's made me panic about my job situation unnecessarily and now i'm preparing myself for a life of unemployment.

Dk/dc - Is there one word you just can never spell? For me its necessary. (Though I did it then!)

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so an old college friend who I never hung out much with moved here recently...we were discussing just broad dating complaints and stuff and then he busted out this gem

"I partially moved here to date you, because you're a cutie!"

and I just laughed sooooo awkwardly and changed the subject and left as soon as I could

what the fuck, who does that? am I overreacting? I think this is a shitty creepy thing to say that puts a lot of pressure on me since he moved all the way across the country, he didn't even ask if I'm interested (I am so not), I had NO idea, ugggggghhhhhh

what are some wild things people have assumed about you?

Another failed date

Why is it so hard to find an affectionate quid pro quo?

Why can't I just post a notice saying "Here is my skill set. Do you see anything there that will make you feel good, or feel happy, or satisfied? I'd like to feel good or happy or satisfied myself, and I bet you have some skills that would do that. Can't we just agree to give each other a good time?"

You don't have to call it love or a relationship. We don't have to fulfill every one of the other person's needs in every way, while enjoying everything the other person does, every minute of the day. Let's just enrich each other's life in some way, and enjoy some pleasure back, and sit back and say "Today worked out well. I'm glad."


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What do you like to do on your days off from work/school?

I feel so good because even though I have to work today yesterday I:
- Slept in
- Laid on the couch
- Laid in the sun and read some of Ender's Game
- Bought a cell phone
- Made dinner instead of eating out

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do you live with your partner, or ever have?
me and my boyfriend are moving in together in july.
what shall i expect?
how do we go about doing grocery shopping? every week? shall we just buy whatever?
what about tolietries like shampoo, conditioner? take it in turns?
how do we rearrange our room so everything is not one big clutter? he has a lot of music equipment :/

thanks! <3

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Where's the best place you traveled to (domestically or internationally) that didn't absolutely break the bank?

My sister and I want to take a trip together soon because we've both been going through a hard time recently. So, another thing to factor is safety, since it'll just be two girls traveling.

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i just bought a drum set so i can have equipment for when my band plays shows. the only problem is, i live in a small apartment building (6 units) with pretty thin walls in a quiet neighborhood. how much would my neighbors hate me if i practiced in my apartment? everybody i've talked to IRL thinks i'm being too sensitive to my neighbors' feelings and that it's fine to rock out during daytime hours, but i have a feeling i'd be pissed if i were them. i've never met any of my neighbors, but would it be weird if i knocked on their doors to ask if they mind? i don't want to be the neighbor everybody hates, but i also really really want to play with my new drums.
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Hi tqc!

Today i was in a car accident for the first time ever. I ended up going to the hospital and have a neck, back, and hip sprain. I've already talked to the insurance adjuster and he said just to submit my medical bills to them once i receive them. I have some damage to my car but I'm still able to drive it. I'm waiting for them to email me a list of providers to get my car fixed at so pretty much everything is already taken care of.
After I talked to the guy i realized that maybe i should go to a Chiropractor. Every time i move something in my back cracks and i know it must be out of place. I have RA and fibro so i'm sure that's not helping my case right now. Do you know if my insurance will take care of this and I can just go or do i need to use my medical insurance for this? I tried to call him back but he didn't answer and i wanted to try and get in to see someone today if possible.
The accident wasn't my fault so my insurance agent said they would take care of everything and then go to his company to reimburse me for my deductible so i wasn't sure how this worked?

I'm pretty sure i over reacted to the situation by hysterically crying when it happened. Have you ever been in a car accident? If so, how did you react to the situation and were you seriously injured?
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Has anyone taken the Pharmacy Technician Exam? Is it hard?

I'm thinking about whether or not I should take a course for it but people have told me it's not worth it, just get a book and study so idk.
Wonder Woman

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I have a terrible, awful, no good, very bad headache.  A really, really bad headache.  I think it might be a slight concussion from slipping and knocking my head on the bathroom counter last night.  Other than the headache and the knot on my head, I don't have any serious signs of head trauma, so I'm not overly worried about having a concussion.  (Seriously, it happens every few months or so.  I'm not exactly a graceful person.)

However, this headache is really killing me.  I've tried ice packs and several OTC painkillers (Extra Strength Tylenol, Bayer, and Excedrin Migraine).  I have a very important dinner tonight and I have to be alert.  Does anyone have any other headache remedies that might work?
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

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So as we all know, Mother's Day is coming up in the US.

Both of my sisters recently became moms, and they (along with my mom) have been talking about how they can't think of anything to do for each other. This makes me wonder, am i supposed to do something for my sisters, or am i only supposed to really get something for my own mom?
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(Ignoring Obama's state comment) would it be politically possible given the Democratic/Republican divide to formalize same sex marriage via federal legislation or will it take some huge contentious court case like Roe vs Wade? State vs federal? Thoughts?

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An LDS church "baptizes" non-members by proxy while they are still alive. It obv has no physical effect on you, but means a lot to the members doing the baptizing.

How do you feel if you later discovered you're someone who was baptized by proxy?

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I usually bake my chicken in the oven at 450 degrees for 45 minutes and cover it in tinfoil.

I ran out of tinfoil but have it in the oven now anyway. Should there be any alterations to the cooking time?

DK/DC: Best type of chicken to eat?

Best side/drink to go with it?

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So I told a textbook via, a soft cover with a CD in it. I got an e-mail from the buyer today saying the CD broke in shipment. I didn't insure it. She'd like a partial refund.

What is an appropriate amount? It was a $35 book.
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For the people who watch Game of Thrones:

1. who is your favourite character?

2a. who is the hottest guy?
2b. which guy has the hottest beard?

3a. who is the hottest girl when clothes are on?
3b. who is the hottest girl when clothes are off?

4. who has the ugliest wig?

Mad Men

Anyone else feel like this season of Man Men is much worse than the previous ones? Way more cliche, tropish, and just dull. Like everything's working out way too nicely? I never thought that show was brilliant, but it had a certain magic to it I enjoyed. Now, its just the trappings of the show without the core.

So yeah, anyone else?

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My three year old fell asleep at 4:30 for a nap and would not wake up. It's now 9:26pm and he just got up. What time am I going to get to bed tonight?! 

How was your day today? Anything interesting happen?

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My mom and I have the same exact phone.  Same brand, same style.  She is saying that sometimes her phone gets "forward in time" and  in accordance with that show her texts backwards.  Here is an example situation:

The time on my phone is 9:58, the time on her phone is 10:00.  She sends me a text, and I text her back.  But instead of her text appearing and then mine appearing right after it (on her phone) mine will be above hers (on her phone).  

I say she's insane, that's a glitch in the phone.  She says it's logical and setting her time back fixed it.  

Who is right?


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Inspired from Tom Gabel's announcement:

If your significant other were to tell you today that he/she has always mentally felt like they were the other gender and wants to have gender reassignment surgery, would you stay with them?

How about if you were to find out that your SO was once physically the other gender and had the surgery, hormones, etc

And what is your sexual orientation?

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