May 8th, 2012

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So I just brought in a new dog into my home about a week ago. She's a little over a year old, and we found her on the side of the highway. We tried to find her old owners, but to no avail.

My cat couldn't be less happy. They're kept a part at all times, with my cat living upstairs and my dog downstairs, but my cat's coat is loosing it's sheen, and he sheds with the slightest movement. He has an anxiety disorder, so i'm a little worried about him.

Also, she pees outside just fine, but for some reason, no matter how long we walk her outside, she poops only inside the house. In fact, I took her out this morning for an hour, waiting for her to poop, only for her to plop down on the floor and poop right infront of me. She's not spayed yet, so does it have something to do with dominance?

Sigh, I am concerned.

How the hell do I fix this?

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It's 3.30 am here and I have a presentation to finish, what can I do to stay awake and focused? I've probably had too much coffee already.

Do you have some impressive procrastination stories?

And for something totally unrelated: What would you wear to a 'après ski' themed birthday party in summer?

Airline tickets

I don't know a thing about them! haven't ordered one in about 6 years. Anyway, I posted about going to Europe about a week ago and I'm taking the plunge. Question is: do I make the extra expense and pay for a nonstop flight (950) or do a pay for a one-stop (785-885) however, the stop lasts 14 hours. Thoughts? Also how much does luggage usually cost on a flight? Please let me know asap! I'm ordering the ticket today!

EDIT: can anyone tell me of any decent websites for finding traveling companions? Thank you!!
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What should I fix for dinner tonight?

Things of note: There will be three of us eating. It will be our first "home cooked" meal in ~2 weeks. I'd like to have enough leftovers for my Dad to eat off for a day or two.

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Would your rather live [long term] in a...?

Igloo (must move somewhere this would be a viable housing option)
Cheap camping tent
self-constructed tree house
aluminum & tarp shanty
a small closet rented from strangers
a root cellar

You are about to go on the run with a partner. This partner will make up 80% of your social contact and someone you should be able to trust with your life. Which flaw/shortcoming/disability are you most willing to deal with in them?

Total illiteracy
Clinically diagnosed ADHD
Poor personal hygiene
Borderline alcoholism
Racist views
Very physically unfit
Whines a lot

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So I lost my clutch (which functions as my wallet) at the airport yesterday. Amazingly it was found (YAY!). We're working on getting the clutch back to me, but to do that, I need to set up an account with FedEx. I spoke to one person who said, "Sure, it's fine that you don't have your actual card number, just read the bank account information off to me." So I just called and spoke to someone else who said, "Oh, that's not good enough, we need the actual card number." I really don't want to call the airport services people back and make them re-open the mailing packaging a second time (I already called regarding another card and they had to take the clutch out of its mailer and repackage it). Should I call back, or should I call my dad and ask to use his credit card? Tell me about a time you were frustrated with the post office?
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Has anyone here been followed/attacked by a loose or stray dog?
Were you able to fend it off? How?
Any behavioural signs to look out for?

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Now my dog's only a Jack Russell but he thinks he's10x the size and, while he loves other dogs, he's not the type to back down. It'd be awesome if I learnt how to avoid moments like these.
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I'm tired and in a rather IDGAF mood, so I need to make something quick and easy for dinner.  Which of these should I make?  I'm open to other suggestions too, but I'm out of eggs and sour cream.

1.  sticky chicken, brown rice, and steamed veggies
2.  chicken alfredo with broccoli
3.  chocolate waffles with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
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When is the last time your bank really pissed you off? What happened?
I tried to pay my BofA CC payment today, only to find that I'm no longer eligible for online billpay, because I don't have a deposit account with them. That's news to me, since I have a checking account with them (even though I don't use it), only WAIT no I don't because they closed it, since they deemed it inactive. No notice in writing, via e-mail, regular mail, online banking messaging--nada. The worst part is it took 2+ hours to figure that shit out!

DK/DC/my bank is a cake made of sunshine and rainbows: what is the closest item to you that's red?

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I'm want to send a letter to someone and don't have their surname. I know their first name and address. How can I use the internet to my advantage? I've tried, to no avail. And no, I'm too embarrassed to ask.

If you don't know, then what was the name of your first kiss, and how was it? Mine was Steven and it was awful.

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so, i just got a waitressing job at a bar/restaurant. it gets REALLY busy Thursday-Saturday nights after 9, and now and then i'll have to work 9-10 hour shifts.

what kind of shoes should i get? are those original adidas shoes supportive? i keep meaning to get a pair of those.

i also need something kind of wide, i have wide feet and these mini bunions on my baby toes :(


Do you have a maid?

What kinds of things does you maid do when she comes to clean? (dusting, cleaning the fridge, windows, laundy, dishes?)

What are good questions to ask/things to go over when meeting a maid for the first time?

Any maid horror stories?
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So I found the perfect car I wanted to buy last week, except it was 175miles away. Had given up on it for all intents and purposes because of price/distance/time factors. UNTIL: this afternoon when my fiancee waltzes in and proclaims he will pay for half of it.

...the dealership sold it off to another company this morning! BUT THAT MEANS, if it was sold to a CLOSER dealership = it is meant to be. Yes/yes?

What kind of car do you drive?
Was buying it stressful?
What kind of car do you wish you drove?
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Is there anything in your life that people seem to like to talk/gossip about?

I share an apartment with my ex-fiance.  Neither of us is home much, we get along fine when we are together, but people seem to like to talk about it with the "OMGcanyoubelievethis" type enthusiasm.

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The livejournal app sucks. Anyway, my mom is in the hospital indefinitely so it's just me and my brother at home. Neither of us knows how to cook but we have very little money so we can't affor to eat out constantly. Can you give me some ideas of relatively healthy, easy to make meals that don't taste awful re-heated and will last a couple days in the fridge? Thank you!

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My childhood friends brother died in a tragic car accident last night. He was only 31.
They are not having a formal funeral for him and have requested no flowers be sent.
Could I still send a card? I am completely heart broken for them. Should I drop it off or mail it?
I know from experience that it gets really overwhelming when people pass away and everyone starts showing up with casseroles and cards and shit, but I just want them to know that they are in my thoughts.

I haven't spoken to the girl in a few years. I talked to her mom about a year ago (our families are friends as well). I grew up with this girl (I drifted from all my childhood friends, but none of us are on bad terms), and knew her brother a bit.. but not too well, and I haven't seen him in years. I never know what to do in these situations. I'm pretty much in shock that he died.

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what's the best way to sign a card for someone that you aren't on the best terms with, but are being forced to send a card to, anyway?

i dont want it to be really mushy because that would be fake, but i dont want to just sign my name.