May 7th, 2012


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Do you have microsoft word?  How did you get it?  Do you know where I could download it for free reputably?  

I ask because when I bought this laptop it came with Microsoft office click-and-run 2010.  now I can't open it.  It shows a notification saying "Microsoft Office is downloading the required feature.  Microsoft office may appear unresponsive as the required files are downloaded"  but eventually it times out or something and says to repair it in the control panel and i've tried and my computer says that I don't have the internet connection for it even though i am connected to the internet.  If you know what's wrong can you tell me?


Why do people assume that because you're a female you like shoe shopping and chick flicks?

These are the same people who whine about stereotypes and how stupid they are, isn't it a stereotype that women own lots of shoes and love to shop and adore chick flicks?

Brought about by a couple (long story short) who basically said that we could go see an action or horror flick for the men and that the women could then pick a chick flick, to which my husband laughed and told them that I never see chick flicks in the movie theaters and rarely rent them on DVD because my first choice will always be horror.

I guess the wife feels she might have "lost" a potential friend? Because I don't like to shop, I don't like malls, I am not into shoes and chick flicks and therefore I can't make a good friend for another female?

Funny......if you substituted ANY skin color or gay (instead of female) with something else people would scream some sort of 'ism' and say it's offensive.
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I suspect that my meat thermometer was right about my fever as I've been up shivering since 5 AM and practicing my mouth-to-toilet aim since 6 AM. 

How do you get rid of/handle nausea?

I have to be able to push through this week because it's my last full week of classes and I'm in the spring show, which is currently in tech, and opens this Friday.

I can't take vitamin c/vitamins in general/most supplements because I have a gastrointestinal disease and I can't digest them. They just make my stomach cramp.

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Favorite thing promoted by a caveman?

Fruity Pebbles

Which club are you most likely to find yourself in?

Fight Club
Babysitter's Club
Breakfast Club
Club the Baby Seals Club

For those of you who saw the Avengers, who was the best hero?

Iron Man
Captain America
Black Widow
Honestly, I was pulling for Loki
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job question

okay so i've been job hunting recently and i have a few interviews lined up this week

my question is, if someone actually offers me a job at the end of the interview... what should i say?

i'd like to go to all the interviews first and see how it goes to compare pay/hours and things like that

but i don't know if it's a good idea to tell them that i have other interviews, because i know it's competitive out there and there's a possibility that none of the other jobs will hire me

and it's not really matter of leveraging - these are mostly just casual summer jobs, i am pretty disposable

the only other thing i can think of, is accepting the job offer, and then call them a few days later if i get a better offer and tell them i changed my mind? but i feel bad doing this

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Can anyone recommend songs about someone being interested in a relationship with someone who clearly isn't?
I'm thinking along the lines of Lily Allen's 'Never gonna Happen'.

ETA: I'm hoping for ones more from the aspect of the uninterested party.

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Sorry for asking an easily Googled question but I'm not getting the results I'm looking for...

I lost my iPhone so my friend is giving me his old one to use. How can I erase all his information off his phone and upload my contacts and stuff?


I need this decoded from 'girl' to 'guyspeak' for me, please

This gets a bit PG-13. Cut for the G-rated crowd. And it's a little TL;DR and TMI. So it's got fucking everything if you hate reading, so, be warned. Oh, and I say 'boob' a lot
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What do you think?
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Will you recommend me a video game?

summer is COMING UP! I'm ready to play some games!

I already thinking of buying Infamous 2. GAH I know I honestly need to work on the games I go. I'm kind of itching for something new.
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Whenever I view a poll that's closed or I've voted in, it looks like this:

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Every result is a huge vertical bar instead of a horizontal one, whether I use Firefox or Chrome. Does this happen to anyone else? How do I fix it?

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ok here's my problem. My former landlord is refusing to return my security deposit because the neighbor across the street (who I never got along with really) is telling the landlord that I had rodents and bugs in my house. All lies. The "rodent" is actually my hamster and she claims she saw me spraying outside the house last summer. (I was killing weeds)....

Is what she's doing considered slander?
How do I prove that she is lying?
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TQC, I need some help figuring out how to recreate a drink I had while out Friday. It was called a Dragon Berry Margarita on the receipt, but tasted like strawberries. It was totally clear, had sugar on the rim, and you couldn't even taste alcohol in it. I've narrowed it down to Bacardi's Dragon Berry rum, but I'm clueless about the rest. Any ideas?

What is your alcoholic drink of choice? Non-alcoholic?

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Lets say you're at a gym and you have long hair. You forget your hair tie, but need it to workout. The only way to get one would be to either to go search your car, or go all the way back home. Do you ask someone in the locker room for one, or go get your own?

Have you ever seen a love-less marriage? I don't know how common they are, but coming from a family where divorce rarely happens, idk how common they actually are. My boyfriend's parents merely just exist together in the same house. She'll do something like restart his whole load of laundry just to wash a shirt she just bought (she basically just did it out of spite, I think), and I thought it was really rude. They do things like this to piss each other off, which is... odd and immature /coolstorybro. 

Should I pull an allnighter tonight for homework reasons? It's like, week 7 of school and I have yet to pull one.


I want to buy my boyfriend a massage as a gift because he has back pain/works hard/etc. I'm not really into massages though so I have no idea what's perferable. Does a 'deep tissue massage' sound good? What would you want? (p.s. no I don't want a happy ending lol)
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Mailing time from Canada?

I'm doing a knit/crochet swap with someone in Ontario. I just checked my Ravelry account and she said she 'popped it in the post' (sent it ground) on April 30th. I'm in Northern California. It's my first swap and I also rarely get mail from Canada. Any idea how long it will take to get a small package from Ontario? I still need to mail my package-- if you were sending something from the US to Canada, would your preference be for FedEx/UPS or USPS?