May 6th, 2012

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which song is going to win the Eurovision?
(this post is not intended for english people to complain about their Eurovision woes)

if you are really REALLY drunk and i would bitchslap you, like really good, would you be mad at me? would you remember tomorrow?

how do you feel if your ex was hooking up with someone who looks like you?

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Ok, so you know how certain images stick with you your entire life, but you have no idea what the image is from, or even if it was real?

I've been looking for years, trying to figure out if a book I think I read as a kid exsisted or not. It was a girl (I think a fairy) in a green dress and a blue cape, with dirty blonde hair in thick curls on the cover, and it had something to do with hiding a flute in a tree stump. I have no idea whether or not this is real, but I'm always on google trying to find out the name of the book.

I remember it was in a trilogy, the two other books having one girl in a pink dress with a horse, the other a blue dress with a basket. Do you have ANY idea what this book could be?

Don't send me to another LJ group, i.e. whatwasthatbook. I want an answer sometime in this century.

Also, what are some images from your childhood that just stay stuck in your head?
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Movie cinemas

You walk into a cinema 5 minutes before a movie is about to start. There is only 6 people in the whole place, sitting scattered about. Where do you sit?

During a movie, the person sitting directly in front of you starts texting. On a scale of 1 to 10(10 being V. rude), how rude would it be to start pelting the back of his/her head with popcorn until they stopped?

People behind you are talking. Do you give them the half turn or do you outright tell them to STFU?

What other movie theatre behaviour should be punishable by death greatly annoys you?
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Yesterday, I got my hair professionally dyed--going from dark brown to auburn.

This morning, I rinsed it--no shampoo or conditioner--I just let it get wet.

I put on a white t-shirt after, and in the places where my hair was dripping down, there were very very faint orange spots.

Is this normal after getting hair dyed? Did I damage my color by rinsing it?
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Yesterday, this mirror that was mounted on our bathroom door (held up by the double-stick tape that came with it) fell, hit the sink on its way down, and shattered into a bajillion pieces, including a few bits in the toilet. I've picked up the larger pieces from the floor and am going to vacuum the rest, but a.) how do I most safely dispose of the broken glass, and b.) how do I go about getting the tiniest bits out of the toilet?

Also, I have two very soft avocados that I need to use soon. What should I do with them, other than make guacamole?

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Is there like an el cheapo version of powerpoint that I could download for free? (I'm not asking to pirate it (arrr, matey), but for ex I have an "off-brand" version of winzip that works great/was free)

Dressy Casual

I'm going to a 30th bday party at a casual-ish Italian family restaurant at 3PM today. I asked my SO to find out what I should wear, and his friend's wife told him "dressy casual". What do I wear??

They sent out printed invitations, which makes me feel like it should be fancier for some reason.

I googled, but there are way too many opposing articles.
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mistakes in chinese food adventures...

My husband and our friend went to pick up some dim sum and other Chinese food. Our friend, let's call him Ihsan to embarrass him, was craving duck and ordered "duck chics with maggie sauce" off the dim sum menu. I was going to ask you all if you knew what the hell they were, but I finally figured out it was a misprint for "duck chins with maggi sauce" (here's a tip-- when the waitress says "Ahh, you like that?" ask her what the hell 'that' actually is).

Okay, so we figured out what they are! Does anyone know how to eat them? I vote that he pick them up and gnaw on them, but he does not want to put his lips to a duck's. We're still kind of unsure what the meat is. is it cheek meat? Tongue?

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TQC foot-owners:

Does your big toe touch your second toe at all?

If you have bunions, would you be comfortable posting a picture?

I am reading up on bunions because a) they run in the family and b) I have been having some foot pain lately.

Apparently, there are 4 stages and at stage 3, your big and 2nd toe touch- but I don't remember a time when mine didn't touch- I just figured that came with having narrow feet. The more I look at my feet, the more I am convinced I have bunions and now I am being a stupid "I read WebMD and now I can diagnose myself!" person. I am hesitant to bring it up with the family members who have bunions because some of them are very defensive about it.

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Do you tan? As in, when you get a sunburn does it turn into a tan?

I didn't wear sunblock the other day and my face and chest got sunburned and it turned in to this really crappy tan. My skin looks blotchy and dirty :( How can I even out my tan or lighten it?

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I'm really not that great at math and told the mom of the girl I'm tutoring this. She still wants me to tutor her daughter in algebra. I have a bunch of worksheets but I was thinking of downloading an app with algebra games on my phone for the girl to play for 10 or 15 minutes during our session.

What do you guys think?

I can't tell if I'd get annoyed or think it was cool if I were a parent.

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So on some misbegotten advice, I wrote on my car's rear window with white shoe polish. I have people coming to look at this car to possible buy it this week, and while cleaner and a sponge has removed most of the polish, there are tons of little specks that WILL NOT GO AWAY.

Google is telling me basically my only option is to scrape away the stuff with a razor. Do you, TQC, know of any other ways to successfully remove this shit (that are preferably less miserably arduous)?
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What, in your opinion, is the best way to wash a car?

I've been taking my new vehicle to a wand-wash place, and I follow the instructions on the sign pretty closely (soak, detergent, rinse, wax, rinse), and my SUV always looks spotty afterwards. Today, I even tried drying it with a chamois, and it helped, but it still looks splotchy. If this is as good as it gets, then fine, but if I could do something a little differently and have it look a little nicer, I'd be willing to give it a shot.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

What's your most favorite carb to eat?

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Can I accurately take my temperature with a digital meat thermometer? 

I feel freaking awful and it came on super quickly and I don't know if it's because this was the biggest party weekend of the year at my school and also my birthday, or if I'm actually sick. I don't own a thermometer because I usually don't run a fever, but I do cook quite a lot of chicken...

The thermometer says it's 101.1, but I don't know if it's lying to me or not...