May 5th, 2012


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When you study do you like background noise or pure quiet?

What Pandora radio station should I put on to study Constitutional Law, since it's the weekend and I can't turn on Judge Judy in the background?
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It's move-out day! What are the chances my two remaining roommates will actually clean up the shit that's still in the common area and won't leave it all for me to clean up? (non-srs answers, please)

Semi-Related: I have about three hours before my mom gets here to move me out. What are some fun sites I can procrastinate on instead of doing something actually productive? Game sties, funny blogs, etc.

Anything important/fun happening in your life this weekend? I finished my first year of college yesterday! And my sister's best friend is getting married today, so I'm super bummed that I have to miss it :(
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bird help

We are tearing down our deck, and my parents found a robin's nest under there. Unfortunately we have to remove the nest/eggs. I put the nest into a box with a towel. Is there anyway I could get the mom to come back? Should I try and hatch them?

I don't know what to do and I don't want them to die. =[
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Do you let people walk all over you?

I do and it's a big issue in my life. I know I have to stop doing things for people who wouldn't do those things for me, but it's hard.

What was the last thing that ticked you off?

Junior High

How do you make a 12 year old cooler without ruining her childness?

I'm 26 & my friend's daughter really looks up to me. I love this kid! At her age I was exactly how she is: very very shy, awkward, bullied. I want to help her out by giving her more confidence. But I don't want to teach her thing like waxing her eyebrows or wearing makeup, because she is only in 6th grade. She already has a phone and an ipod. The only thing I could think of is picking her up at school (in my awesome yellow car) but unfortunately I am always at work when she gets out. I wanted to chaperone one of her field trips but I didn't know they do CORI checks now so I did not submit a form for that in time. At 26, I'm not actually cool or posh but enough so that I can trick 12 year olds into thinking I am.

ETA: I misworded this. I'm not aiming to get her into a cool clique or anything, but I want her to be less intimidated by those kids. I should have used to word confidence. Anyways I have gotten some great ideas so thanks everyone!
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job questions

hey, i'm looking for some advice on job searching/writing a resume. thanks in advance!

1. okay, so i walked out of my last job without warning because the place was so horrible/my anxiety couldn’t deal with them anymore. this was admittedly a stupid, irresponsible and selfish thing to do. that was the only job i’ve had for the past year.

so my question is… do i include this job on my resume and hope prospective employers don’t actually call for a reference (they might not even remember me anyway - it was a huge company and they were really disorganized) or don’t include it and thus show a gap of one year unemployment? if so, does it look bad to have this gap? (my other previous jobs would provide good references - i don’t normally make a habit of flouncing - but most of them are from 1.5-2 years ago)

2. i'm not sure how to describe my education. i attended four years of a reputable college with a 4.0 GPA but due to administrative mix ups i am one credit short of my degree. i am not applying to any jobs that require a BA because lying is not worth the risk. i don't know if i should call attention to my education or just... don't say anything unless they ask?

3. do you have any recommendations for job websites that cater to younger people/students without a degree? especially for summer/temp work. i know the obvious places (craigslist, monster) but maybe i'm missing something.

thanks again.

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so i've worked at mcdonald's for a year and a half and as you can probably guess, it fucking sucks. i'm frantically looking for a new job.

what are your tips for interviews, particularly in retail? i've passed out a lot of resumes at clothing stores and i had an interview the other day but i feel like i blew it because i didn't know the appropriate answers to the questions.
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will your show me your swimsuit and/or critique my swimsuit and/or discuss swimsuits?

I just got it in the fits nice all over and keeps my tum flattish BUT the armholes fit weird bc the back is so super-low? (it scoops all the way down to my buttcrack)

this is a picture of me in it

and this top came also and I will keep this one I think, it's a boob cage

sorry my actual question is SHOULD I KEEP THE FIRST ONE? please help me so this isn't some weird empty post where I put up pictures of my boobs thanks
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Why is etsy search such a bitch to use? When I try to filter by price, it STILL shows items that are out of my range and also items that do not have all the key words I typed in.

What are some other places to find pretty fascinators for less than $20? I'd rather not use ebay..
For some reason it's working right now; I don't get it.

What's bugging you right now?
Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

My daughter was taught the wrong words in music class! Clear the matter up, TQC! Um...Please?

TQC-ers, will you fill in the blanks?
Poll #1838509 Name that tune?

Be kind to your ______-_______ friends...

Other (comments)

...for a ______ may be somebody's mother.

blue-footed booby
other (in comments)

Little Bunny ___-____ went hopping through the forest...

Meanie Head
Other (in comments)
You should have used ticky boxes - I would at least be entertained!
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I have been working on growing out my hair for the past two years.  The whole process is annoying and I have a lot of days I think, 'fuck it, I am going to shave it all off!"  Does anyone else ever feel like this?  What do you do to keep yourself from cutting all your hair off? 

Do you braid or do anything special to your hair at night?
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Old compact discs

Anything cool I could do with old music CDs? I have a bunch that are either scratched and don't play or are scratched, still play, but I just don't want them anymore. I tried to give some away on but they're CDs pretty much no one wants (e.g. everyone has No Doubt-Tragic Kingdom). Any cool things I could do with them?
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"Baby Boy" is playing on MTV right now. Have y'all seen it?

featuring the infamous "lemme smell ya dick, jody" scene

What did y'all watch today?

I watched a documentary on VH1 called "Uprising: Hip Hop and the L.A. Riots".. I tuned in 30 mins after it started so I missed the beginning. I was a few months shy of being born in 1992 and I never learned anything about the LA Riots in school. It was a pretty interesting doc.
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answer any, all or none

1. what is the best way to phrase "are you attracted to me" when a nsa stranger sex hookup person from the internet shows up at your house? I want to word it so that they don't, like, feel bad about leaving if they're not into me.

2. what is your favorite kind of not-too-milky frozen summertime treat?
Magnolia has some great Asian-y popsicles like Thai iced tea and halo-halo, and I just tried Good Pops banana-cinnamon (pretty good). I also am in love with Smooze and can eat like 6 in one sitting.

3. do you like Bob's Burgers?
I like Tina. she is creepy like I was when I was a kid.

4. I found a cockroach squashed to death in my bed. how to ensure this does not happen again? fuck
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the guy i was going to go home with is passed out drunk in our school. he won't move but the building we're in closes at 12 so he can't stay and sleep here. what should i do? he lives 10 min away but i can't get him to get up and he's getting pissy.

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Have you ever gotten glasses from Zenni Optical?  or a similar site?  (not sure if there are any)

How were the glasses? I'm especially interested if you have a higher prescription. 

What was your experience like?  Would you recommend them?

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Is leaving alcohol uncovered/out any less gross than other beverages? Does alcohol content make a difference to that? Would you drink a bottle of wine/beer/liquor that had been left, uncapped/corked, at room temp for a night? What about for a day? Several days? Do you regard alcoholic beverages as in any way more self-sterilizing than water/juice/soda etc left in the same conditions?

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I have such a headache and when I have a bad headache I tend to grind my teeth without knowing it. 

So my whole friggin face hurts. 

Do you do anything strange while your sick? Or in pain?