May 3rd, 2012


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Okay. You're in a fwb relationship. You have a roommate, he doesn't, so you'd always have to spend the night/afternoon/insanely early morning in his room. Is it rude to initiate since you'd be, technically, inviting yourself over? 

In other social situations, I hate when people invite themselves over. But if I'm taking clothes off... then it kind of balances out, perhaps? 

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what have your school mascots been, and what related pep rally song did you hear over and over again as a result?

we were the tigers, so it was always "eye of the tiger". then in college we were the gorillas and it was always "welcome to the jungle"

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have you ever pawned anything?

i forgot about my daughter's dance payment coming out and then my paycheck got taxed more than i expected and now i might have to sell my guitar to pay for my son's bday party :/

how much is the most you've spent on a work of art? will you show it?

the famous painting 'the scream' sold yesterday for 119 million dollars
macaroni murder lady

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Realized tonight at work I severely lack a lot of classic musicals that should be thrice-yearly watching at least. Things I should simply have around the house that I just don't. What musicals should I add to my Amazon wishlist that are must-purchases?

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I'm going to Rome in a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to it. There are so many things I want to see! If you have ever been to Rome, how was your trip? Any tips/useful info you can share? What are some sights that you recommend I do not miss? And any lesser known places?

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This time next week, I will have handed in my last piece of uni work and will have nothing to do for about 6 weeks.
What should I do all day every day?
Money is a concern. I have a sewing machine and live by the beach.

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I'm craving those little candy-coated chocolate easter eggs suddenly. They're not in the store anymore. Any ideas about a suitable substitute? M&M's don't count. I want my sugar overload.
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Who would you pick as your loved one to visit you if you made it that far into Survivor?

Who would you take with you if you did The Amazing Race?

Do you think you're good enough to be on Chopped or Masterchef?

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So I had a job interview yesterday. Overall, I'm very happy with how it went. I feel I did the best of my ability to answer each question in a poised, articulate way...even the questions that kind of caught me off guard.

HOWEVER, there was one part of the interview that I messed up on.

So I met with three different interviewers. They came in separately, one after another (maybe 5 minutes or so in between each other). When the second interviewer came in, he asked, "who did you speak to before me, just out of curiosity?"

I'm not the best at remembering names of people I just meet, but because nerves were thrown into the mix, forget it. I COMPLETELY blanked out on her name. I was honest and said, "Sorry, I've completely drawn a blank on her name...she had curly hair."

This surely can't be a deal breaker, right? I mean, he didn't seem turned off by the fact that I forgot her name. He kept going with questions and kept a friendly, upbeat demeanor.
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TQC, I have discovered that you can make dough in the bread machine and then bake it yourself later. I'm going to make some pizza dough next week and make pizza for my family for dinner. What kinds of interesting combinations of items should I put on my pizza? If you were making a pizza at home, what would you put on it?

ETA: I will be making whole wheat pizza dough.

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I was sitting on crowded bus. A large set woman who was obviously having difficulty walking boarded, so I stood up and offered my seat. She glared at me and yelled, "THOSE SEATS ARE TOO SMALL FOR ME." I rode to my stop which was at the end of the line, but before she stepped off the bus she flipped me off.

It was the weirdest thing.

When was the last time you tried to be nice, but ended up provoking someone?

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Im getting ready to shoot a boudoir type photo shoot, it will be fairly tasteful with no direct nudity.

The lady I am shooting is worried that she wont be able to get the images printed at Walmart, does anyone know for sure?

She is wanting to order a photobook specifically, if it makes a difference.

Alternatively, show me the last photo you took?

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model  » cara b&w

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What quirks do the members in your family have that annoy you the most?

My mom changes the subject in most obvious and apparent ways.

My oldest brother latches on to hobbies and learns everything there is to know about them and then talks about them non-stop. He has been into art, the guitar (his most annoying), electronics, fish tanks (his most expensive and the most stressful for himself and our family), coins, hockey, and now he's taking up to saving seeds and other supplies for the end of the world.

My other brother is the biggest liar. You can show him proof that he did or said something and he will still deny it.

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I'm chipping in with two of my friends to buy a friend a Keurig coffeemaker for her birthday.
She lives in an apartment. They have a tiny one that looks kind of cheap, but says that it's "ideal for apartments" for $100 or a bigger one, that looks a little fancier for $120.

Which one would you get?

If I get the small one, it comes in different colors- which would you get? (red, black, silver,white)

if you don't care:
what's up?
warhol zebra

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Have you ever faked a family emergency to get out of something, or to help someone else get out of something?
I am contemplating calling in and saying there's a family emergency to get my SO out of work. (There are very valid reasons for him to come home instead, and he's just a cashier at WalMart so they'd be fine without him.)

If I do call in, what should I say?

Dk/dc: What is your favorite snack?
tralfamadore ampersand

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How much impact does the potential for extreme weather have on you when thinking about where you'd ultimately like to settle? (Or if you're never planning on moving again, how much did it?) Are there any areas you've completely ruled out based on a frequent threat of extreme weather conditions?

Edit: Not only in terms of temperature, but also threats of earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, etcetera.

dog advice

Last Sunday we adopted a rescue dog.  She is a 14 month old Australian Cattle dog mix....sweet as can be.  She's just really hyper and needy at times.  We have never had a dog.....just one cat (who is confined to the basement for now).  
We have a huge back yard with no fence, so I am afraid she will run away if we leave her there during the day.
Question for you guys is, what do we do with her during the day?  She was left alone in the house and pooped and vomitted everywhere. We kept her in the garage and that seems unfair.  We work from 9-6 M-F.

Please help me out, I don't want to return her, she is so sweet.  Any advice would be appreciated.