May 2nd, 2012


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What's your favorite type of sushi?

If you've never had sushi or you don't like it, will you tell me something about your home state/country that a girl from NYC and surrounding areas (I've lived in NY, NJ and CT) probably doesn't know?

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So I'm very much into Discovery Channel/Science Channel documentaries (specifically on astronomy/prehistoric life/evolution/earth formation/weather). However, although I get those channels, they play them so rarely that it's frustrating especially when I just want to watch some nerdy and interesting program about things I'm interested in. Netflix has a terribly shitty range of these documentaries, to the point that when watching them I find myself cringing and correcting their inaccuracies.

I try to record when I can, but my stepfather has a tendency to delete the shows to make room for his own stuff, instead of deleting things he's already watched to allow for other people to record (no, seriously, we have a show he recorded in 2008 that's still on there because he won't delete it even though he's watched it three times at least) so recording is kind of useless.

Does anyone know of a site where documentaries of these sorts are uploaded? I'm looking on youtube but a lot of them have a couple parts with the rest removed due to copyright or just a few minutes preview. Essentially, I'm looking for really GOOD informative, accurate documentaries about science/nature that are full uploads, since netflix kinda sucks and youtube doesn't always give me what I want (or it's in another language sans subtitles).

DK/DC: What is your worst habit?

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I have a few food projects I want to accomplish this month. Help me figure out what to cook?

Which of these dishes using saffron should I make?

Which of these dishes should I make to pair with wine?

Which of these South American inspired dishes should I make?

dk/don't care: What's the last thing you got in the mail?
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Randomizer program?

I just wanted to know if this kind of software exists: Can be a software downloaded on a PC, or an Android App.

Let's say I keep a database or folder full of recipes, or workouts, or things to do, if each is in a txt file (or even if the software has it's own database, that's okay too), if I just click on a button or something and it just randomly finds a file.

So if I have a folder full of text files, each is a different recipe, I can just use this software and randomize and the recipe that pops up is the one we will make that day, so we don't have to take time to look through and choose one, does that make sense?

Just wanted to know if this such software or app exists. Thanks!

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Recently, I've noticed an odd thing about myself as I've progressed through life. I came to the realization that I've gotten simpler. I'm still a smart person, but I no longer think as metaphysically as I used to. As for my interests and activities, all that I can really say is that I like to write, drink coffee and tea, and create computer games (although I mostly just work on the pixel art). The list used to be longer, and I had much greater goals and aspirations; now, I only care about getting something published, somewhere. Maybe I never really was all that complex, but I just feel more dull now. It isn't a bad thing, though; a simple life is easier to be content with. Perhaps it is just sleep deprivation that is getting to me, though.

So, the question is this: do you think that people get more simple over time as they progress through life, at least in some respects? Life certainly doesn't get more simple, but I'm talking about individuals here. It just seems like people become less interesting as they get older; I'm not even trying to troll or be provocative here, because I'm including myself in this.

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So my boss told me yesterday that I was essentially getting a promotion/will be doing new duties totally different from what I was hired for. But he didn't mention if I would actually be getting a pay raise. Should I bring this up and ask? If so... how? My boss is very much the "You should be grateful you have a job!" type, so I don't want him to think I'm not... but yeah, these new duties are way above my current pay grade.

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is gay marriage legal in your state?
do you have any heartwarming stories of gay couples getting married?

brought to you by the upcoming wedding of a friend of mine and his partner, who have been together for 16 years and are getting officially married in june, and the recent marriage of a long-term lesbian couple i am friends with. both pairs are some of the sweetest and most generous people i know, and it makes me so glad to live in a state where they can have the benefits of marriage after spending so many years being committed and in love.

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Dear TQC, what's new with you, what have I missed? I've been gone for almost a month. There's no new wank worthy of reading in Drama. Help me procrastinate! What are the hot topics these days?

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So I let my friend crash at my apartment with his cats the other night and I'm pretty sure one of them (the cats) pissed somewhere but I CAN'T FIND IT. I've narrowed it down to my couch and the area around it but I can't pinpoint the exact spot. How the heck am I supposed to remove this foul odor? Srs/non both welcome
Keep Calm and Play Pokemon

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Does anyone here still play on Neopets? Did you ever used to? Will you share your username? If you still play, how long have you been playing?

I've been playing on and off for nearly 12 years. It's a great time waster. I have a few accounts on there but the ones I use the most are v15u4l3rr0r and digitalfrontier.

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23 year old female without a full-time job (though full-time hours) and direction of what to do in life. Broke up with boyfriend recently, he moved back home, can't foot apartment bills alone, moving back to parents'. Short and skinny: Considering traveling to Europe for 2 weeks to a month before finding a studio apartment. is this it stupid to go alone? Are there any websites that I could find safe people to travel with? Does anybody have any recommendations for books, websites and so on for sites to see in Western Europe and how to do it on a budget? Considering backpacking... Please let me know ANY insight you can provide for this. Looking to book flights in the coming weeks.

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What is your preferred method of killing a fly that gets into your living space?

Shoe/Rolled Newspaper/Whatever is at hand
Spray it (Bug spray, other spray, whatever works)
Live and let live man. The flies are my friends.

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So, we're buying a house, and one of my husband's old friend's dad did the inspection for free. I'm trying to think of a gift to give him as a thank you but am drawing a complete blank- what would you suggest for a thank you gift?
(We don't really know him that well so alcohol or food is a bit of a risky idea, and I'd rather get something together within the week and asking my husband's friend what his dad might like would take a while.)

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I'm making homemade gnocchi for the first time using this recipe. The directions for baking the potatoes say simply "Bake at 375 degrees for 50 minutes or till tender when pieced with a knife". I have to peel the potatoes after they're done baking, but other than that these are the only directions. Somehow, I've managed to have never baked whole potatoes before. Should I be wrapping them in tin foil? Or should I rub them in a little olive oil and let them bake on a baking sheet?

ETA: Thanks for the quick comments!

So what's for dinner tonight?
Or how about sharing your favorite potato recipe with us?

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Do you have any words you say incorrectly?

Instead of 'lawn' I sometimes say 'lawnd.' I don't know why.

Have you watched any older television shows recently?

I'm currently going through Buffy: The Vampire Slayer for the first time.

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For you burger lovers, if you were going to this restaurant what would you order?

What's your favorite topping for a hamburger?
Has anyone ever tried peanut butter on a hamburger? I've seen it offered at a restaurant before and though I was intrigued, I was also scared.

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Whenever I try to start MacBook Pro, it just gives me a flashing picture of a question mark, which my manual tells me usually means that it can't find the system software on the hard disk. It suggests inserting the OS X installation disk to try to get it running again.

Here's the thing: I bought a MacBook Pro back in 2009, but due to constant problems with it, they replaced it with the closest current model at the beginning of this year. I don't think the new computer came with an OS X disk, I just transferred all my data from the old computer onto the new one. I still have the disk from the computer I got back in '09 though. I'm pretty stupid when it comes to computers -- would the new computer still have the same OS, or do I need a different disk to fix this?

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Hello TeaQueueSea

I'm doing a project and want to know who you would say is a leading academic on violence towards women? I've been all over google scholar/books, but want someone who is reputable in that field.

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Inspired by the earlier bathing suit question:

Chubsters of TQC, do you wear a bikini? Should I venture outside my comfort zone and wear a bikini this summer? I'm not slender and swan-like by any means, but I'm pretty proportionate, and lately I've felt like it's ridiculous that I should feel bikinis are reserved for the skinny folk.

Will you post pics of your bathing suits or ones you want?
james franco 2

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Have you ever tried corset waist training? How'd it go?

My friend is doing a photoshoot with a band called Fearless Vampire Killers next week and I (for some reason) agreed to model for her and I was wondering if there are any ways to lose a quick few pounds in just over a week, obviously I'm not talking a lot of weight just like, a bit?

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Do any of you have migraine remedies that work for you? My boyfriend is currently having his first migraine ever. He's taken ibuprofen, upped his fluid intake, and laid down in the dark, but he's in a cold sweat and nauseated and feels bad about lying down because he has a lot of work to do. Is there anything else that may help? :(


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I want to get a new jigsaw puzzle, will you help me pick out one to get? I like 1000-1500 pieces; anything more I don't have the space for and anything less is too easy.

Prefer under $25 unless it's hand-made.

DC: What's your favorite procedural to watch?

I like the L&Os (but not really CI) and Criminal Minds the best.

Kind of a long shot, but...

What can I put in my pet rabbit's cage to entertain her throughout the day? I have lots of quality bun bonding time with she and I, but she spends a lot of her day in her cage (which is actually a large dog pen) and I worry that she gets bored and lonely. I wish her IQ was higher so I could just give her a book or a Gameboy and call it a day.

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Hi! So I am shopping for an internet provider and I am feeling overwhelmed and panicked because I feel sure I am doing to get a terrible deal no matter what I do and there are too many options and I don't know what I'm doing or what to choose. Can you help?? What internet provider do you use? Do you like it? What speed (mbps) is good/bad? help :(

Edit: I'm getting time warner cable :\
and I'll be going 4 days without internet while I wait for the cable guy to come install. yaaaaaaaaaaay...

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Why can't George R. R. Martin (author of Game of Thrones) just spell names normally? The excessive use of the letter y in names like Erryk and Arryn and Jeyne and Lysa and Wylla and Lyanna and Catelyn and Brynden and Aerys and Tagaryen...I feel like I got locked in the Y basement of the alphabet house.

Has anyone else been bothered by this?