April 30th, 2012

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What are some movies that come to mind that you feel have 100% perfectly fitting actors and music? For me they are Hedwig and The angry Inch, Rocky Horror Picture Show, RENT, Tenacious D and The Pick Of Destiny, Phantom Of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, Sweeney Todd and Titanic, Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings

What is one really pretty song from a soundtrack that you love?

Mine is this one:
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Is there any way to 'unshrink' clothes? My favourite LBD got thrown in with the wrong load of laundry and shrunk to the point where it would now fit an 8 year old. It's 100% rayon - a fabric that's supposed to be hand wash only :(.

If not... Would you like to show me some dresses you think are pretty?
da fuq?

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What's the weirdest thing you've found out about a historical figure recently? I was reading up on the creator of Futurism, Filippo Marinetti, and found out that he was arrested. Why? Because Italy found his book about a man going on sexcapades too be too obscene, mostly because he had a 30ft penis that he had to keep tied around his waist.
eta: "found his book" is way too vague. Especially since he was the one to write and mass published it.

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If you were absolutely terrible at math and you knew you were going to fail your really hard math class (and there's nothing you can do to even make a D and pass), would you even bother doing the last homework and taking the final?   
shoes and bunnies

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Would you rather:

take the job that suits you more, but you're pretty sure the hours are going to be inconvenient (probably having to work during most of the few times your SO is home) for you
the job where you'll be working your ass off doing something you know you won't like doing, but the hours are perfect(about the same as your SO)?

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They're making a Battleship movie, which is about alien invasion. What other game do you think should get its own movie that seems to be highly embellished from the original game?

Monopoly - about how one man seeks to get back into his father's will before he dies
Old Maid - about raising money to fight senility
Rock Paper Scissors - about how a journalist escapes from the U.S.S.R. in the 1980s using arts and crafts
Twister - two contortionists meet and fall in love
Checkers - when the king dies without an heir, everybody rushes to become the next king
Double-Dutch - a movie about mountaineering in Holland
Pick-Up Sticks - in order for a marooned captain to esape his island, he's going to have to rebuild his ship
War - about how to spread peace among the internet
Hopscotch - how a one-legged man travels across Scotland
52 Card Pickup - it's up to the hero's task force to crack down on all the drug dens in his city
Duck Duck Goose - a sequel to the Island of Dr. Moreau
Hide and Go Seek - can the town rescue a little boy from a well in time?
Tic Tac Toe - a hockey player completes a hat trick in a championship game
Boggle - another alien invasion, though this time, it's through the eyes of military intelligence, which must crack the alien codes
Tag - the FBI closes in on an identity thief

tattoo question

This popped into my head after a conversation with a friend about getting a new tattoo this summer- Can people with metal allergies get tattoos? 

My husband developed a metal allergy after taking an antibiotic last year (can't remember what it was though). He can't wear his wedding ring (tungsten), his armpits are broken out in nasty, itchy hives because of his deodorant (and he's too stubborn to just throw it out and get a metal free one, he's using it until it's gone) and before he lost weight he would get hives on his stomach if it touched his belt buckle. He was planning on getting a new tattoo this summer but now he's worried that he's going to have a reaction to the needle. I had no idea what to tell him because he hadn't gotten any new ink since he took the antibiotic. Is the allergy going to create a problem or ruin the tattoo? 

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hey everybody! i'm looking to buy a cute black knapsack (black goes with everything).
i've already checked target and forever 21 and they dont have what i'm looking for. 
does anyone know where i could find one (and a photo of it? :D) or any online sites that you trust? i dont do ebay

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TQC, I get a LOT of magazines from a subscription I ordered. I originally asked for five different magazines a month, but they regularly send me 10+. Most of them don't really interest me (they send me magazines I never subscribed to in the first place, like Fast Company, Surf Magazine or Inc.). I don't want to just throw the ones I don't read in the recycling bin, though. I'd like to donate them somehow, or maybe mail the ones I don't read to friends. What would you do with them? What's your favorite magazine?
a few fave things

Witcher 2 for xbox 360

has anyone played this game?

what do you think?

I need help! I looked in the booklet and nothing...I checked on youtube...

so I'm asking for help...

I shopped on that game. I see RIGHT next to the item I want to sell lets say is 32. THEN I sell the item and ONLY get 1 BACK!!!

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! WHY are they NOT giving me the money it says?!?!?!

I was trying to sell stuff to get a sword. I sold like 5 items and only got a coin. CERTAINLY did NOT get how much it said next to my item.


I LOVE picking up items...but I want to sell it and get LOTS of money for it NOT a coin!

help please...?
yip yip...maker unknown...let me know if

Has this ever happend to anyone?

I went and got my hair cut today and it was really hot in the salon and that damn drape thing they put on you made it even hotter.

After we were walking to get lunch and I smelled greasy food and all of a sudden I am running for the bathroom and got sick.

I am not pregnant and otherwise feel fine except for being really hot.

Has this every happend to anyone get hot and get sick?
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What promises did your father make that he did not keep?

apparently I promised my daughter roses if she got a big enough part in her play...IMHO 16 lines is not a BIG part in a 2 hour play
Yes the irony does not escape me

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for those of us who attended pay for education systems, how much do you owe? 

for two years of private jesuit university I owe 55,317 (I owe 14,000, mom owes the rest). The funny thing? I went to to community college to offset the expensive costs of education....

DK/DC/LOLS: how much of internet phrases do you spout in real life? Bonus points for gifs!

i've started talking about throwing shade at people, haters to the left, stranger bitch... It's scary. 

Roller coasters

1) Do you like roller coasters?
2) If so, what's your favorite one?
3) Which one has been the scariest you've been on?
4) Have you ever been in pain the day after you've been on a bunch of them?
5) Are there any you'd like to try that you haven't been on before?
6) If you don't like roller coasters, why?

My answers:

1) Yes.
2) A cross between Nitro and El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure.
3) Believe it or not, the Cyclone at Coney Island. I genuinely felt my life was in danger the entire time because of the lack of restraint/rickety-ness of it.
4) I'm sore as heck today. I think I was subconsciously bracing myself the entire time I was on the roller coasters because all the muscles in my back, shoulders, and arms are killing me.
5) I've never been to Cedar Point, so I'd like to try all the roller coasters there.
carter arrested

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I have a strapless bridesmaid dress that I need to get taken in at the bust before July. I have never been to a tailor, and don't know what to expect. How do I make it so I get a good fit/my dress doesn't become ruined/I get a reasonable (preferably cheap) price?

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If child-rearing classes were mandatory for anyone becoming a parent, what do you think should be the top five general skills on the curriculum?

What would be done with those who fail every attempt at the classes?

How would the classes be paid for?

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1. Do you feel any particular way about the fat acceptance movement?

2. Do you tell the friend who bought you dvds from amazon that it's scratched and unable to play? I got a box set trilogy of Chan-Wook Park's Revenge for my birthday and one disc was defective out of several special features and full films discs. We're going to have a marathon viewing soon and I don't know if it's an insult to say that one of the discs got scratched in transit or if it would be considered a plea to buy me a new Sympathy for Mr. Revenge dvd.

3. If you could ban one word in the English language what would it be?