April 29th, 2012

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Dr. TQC,

For the last month...I've been getting these bumps that look like mosquito bites. I'm not sure wtf is going on. I get them on my arms, legs, shoulders, hips, etc. Usually its just one in the area...except I had like 5 on my shoulder last week.

I thought it could be bed bugs (it started after I got my new couches), but the bites don't really look the same and I'm the only one this is happening to. No marks on the kids or the boyfriend.

My mom thinks I'm just allergic to my laundry soap. but I don't know....any ideas wtf is wrong with me?

dk/dc: when was the last time you were injured?

My knee locked up earlier and I fell on some concrete..in front of a bunch of people because I was walking into a concert venue. :/
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Dear plumbers of TQC,

i think the tap of my bathroom sink is broken, the hot water part anyway. when i turn the knob/thingy nothing comes out. the cold water works fine, and all the other taps in my house work too (both hot and cold). it just happened this evening and i didn't do anything weird with it.

what could be wrong and what should i do to try to fix it before i call a plumber?


So, I got a text from a local number yesterday. I didn't know the person and informed them of this. And then this happened (pictures). 

The pictures are very obscene... so... you've been warned.

Collapse )
He also left me two voice mails. One was of him moaning, and the other was of him hanging up the phone. I have NO idea who this is. I live in Indiana.

If It is harassment, what do I do?

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I had a dream last night and in my dream I thought to myself, "I have to ask TQC that!" Unfortunately I can't remember what my dream-self wanted to ask.

So TQC, will you share a dream (recent or past) with us?

Do you typically remember your dreams?

Do you dream in color?

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  1. If you don't have to go anywhere during the day,do you get dressed or stay in your sleep clothes?
  2. Did you have a big family dinner once a week when you were growing up?
  3. If you are a vegetarian, what are you favorite easy meals?
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Have you ever had a website send you an email to reset your password when you never requested one?
EDIT: Yeah i figure either someone wanted into my account for some reason, or LJ glitched.

What are your passions?

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I tried googling but I could only find the reverse problem...

My Macbook is not plugged in, but it says it is. I have been on it for a couple hours now and tried changing from battery icon, to icon with time, to icon with percent and it still says it's charging. It also shut itself down while it was turning on this morning, but on the second try, it booted up just fine.

Does anyone here have experience with that? What is wrong with my Macbook? :(

Just kidding! Regoogling and trying to plug it in again solved the problem.

SO...What's your absolute favorite post on TQC? (Either specific post or kind of post)

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What kind of ear buds do you use? Are they comfortable?

I use these. They are pretty comfie--unless I'm lying down on my side. I'd like to get a better pair. And I can't wear round ones D: The ones that came with my iphone hurt.

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Do you eat breakfast?
how often?
what is your idea of a prefect breakfast?
what is your favorite breakfast food?

I eat breakfast at least twice during the week and every Saturday and Sunday.
If I don't have to cook the breakfast then that IS the perfect breakfast....even if it tastes bad.
Bacon ! .... and pecan waffles...mmmm
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Are you an organized person?
What has been your proudest moment in your life to date?
What is the last good piece of news you received?

I thought I had a D in my Spanish class. I checked online and I actually have a B!!! :D Looks like my GPA won't be plummeting after all!

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i posted a few days ago about my used ipod touch basically breaking. it seems to be a hardware problem. as i said before, i got it used, so i can't even begin to imagine what kind of shape the inside of it is in because i don't know how many times it was dropped etc before i got it.

because of this, my next mp3 player will be bought new from a store. i'm wondering if it's worth getting another ipod touch (i don't have a smartphone) or if i should stick to a cheaper, basic mp3 player. i do really enjoy the touch, i'm just worried about it crapping out on me right after the warranty expires. :S

do you have a storebought ipod touch? how long has it lasted? is it worth the retail price? if not, which mp3 players do you recommend?

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Want to take a quick personality test called the color quiz?
How accurate are your results?
Will you share a section or two?

I have found this to be weirdly accurate. And I've taken it several times at different points in my life.

eta: ok, apparently the quiz doesn't really work. sorry!
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There seem to be a lot of super cute, functional, roomy handbags that I'll come to find out are designed to be diaper bags.

On a scale of 1 to wtf, how weird is it for someone without a kid to wear a diaper bag as a purse?

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A "should I go to the ER" post:

Im fairly sure I at least fractured my ring finger and knuckle on my right hand...possible broken...its swollen and blue and painful to use.

Im assuming all they are going to do at the ER is confirm the fracture/break and splint it...I can do that myself no problems and I have it taped up already.

Should I bother going?

Whats the last self inflicted injury you sustained?

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I get paid on the 15th and the 30th (or earlier if either of those dates fall on a non-business day of the week) by the federal government. I get direct deposit. I'm due to get paid tomorrow, which is the 30th and a business day of the week, however I just checked my account online (1645 on Sunday the 29th) and my paycheck has been deposited to my account with a date of April 30th.

Is this money actually in my account right now?
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Today I was making toasted cheese bagelwiches in my george foreman grill and some cheese dripped out onto the grill. It got all bubbly before I noticed and I scraped it up onto my spatula and when I realized it didn't actually burn or anything, I decided to try it. It was a combination of chewy and crunchy and it was gooood and now I kind of want to make "grilled cheese" like that on purpose, but in the best interests of my health I won't.

Anyone else have any weird or funny food discoveries? Or eat anything in ways most people haven't ever heard of?
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I was wondering if anybody here had experience with Ridgeview Medical Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee? I'm looking for personal experiences because I can't find any reviews online. My girlfriend is thinking about going there, but we want to make sure it isn't going to do more harm than good.

Alternatively, does anybody have any experience with any mental health hospitals around the East/Middle Tennessee area? It doesn't have to be in Tennessee... like maybe surrounding states (Kentucky, South/North Carolina, etc.).

Any help is appreciated. And I am posting this to a few other communities, so sorry if you see it more than once.

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What should I watch?

I'm sick and annoyingly indecisive today.

Tell me what I should watch on Netflix. It can be movie, show, documentary. I'm open to whatever.

Bonus if you give me some reasons why it is a great pick.

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do you and your close friends share similar taste in music?
what about people you have been in relationships with?

i would say that around a quarter of the music i like is stuff that my friends listen to, too (obviously this varies from friend to friend). my boyfriend has really similar music taste to me; it's one of the reasons we hit it off so well. some guys i've dated in the past have had wildly different taste, or were mostly uninterested in music, and it was kind of a damper on the relationship.

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So once again, horrible things have happened and clever you has somehow become the leader of a small group of survivors. You are faced with a difficult dilemma in which one of you must face near-certain death in order for the rest of the group to survive - otherwise, you are all dead. One of the group members approaches you. He says he's been feeling kind of suicidal for some time, and thinks that therefore, it would make most sense for the sacrifice to be him. What do you think would be the morally better thing to do?

Sacrifice the dude. He offered, and its better to let the people who really want to live have the chance to.
He's clearly not in his right mind. Ignore him. We draw lots/other random method of choosing

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 getting a new kitty (a girl kitty), and I need help coming up with names for it - any suggestions? bonus if they're unique/original.

Don't have picures, but apparently its a long haired siamese cross.
Strangers become friends become lovers b

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Be my support system tqc (or if not just skip ahead)- my older then me by eight months high school friend (jsyk, we're 23) just got engaged (and didn't tell me). Am I right to be pissed that I found out through FACEBOOK? 

Anything else earth shattering you guys found out through another medium?

DK/DC; Favorite animated Disney/Pixar movie? Aladdin/Lilo and Stitch

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Anyone else think <lj user="theflutist"> is actually posting about herself?  If she really is distinct from the person she's posting about, it's at least clear that she needs to let go of the arrogance, since she doesn't seem mature enough to deal responsibly with the situation herself.  She sounds like a 12 year old Regina George in her post.

She also (like most of the world) needs a refresher course on the difference between mental illness and mental retardation. 

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Do you make your bed every day?
What size bed do you sleep on now?
What size did you sleep on as a child?

ETA: Did your parents ever buy you a bigger bed? At what age? What was the size change?