April 28th, 2012

Claudia Reading

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Did you have/read any Little Golden Books when you were a child? If so, which ones were your favorites? Which ones would you consider classics?

What other children's books did you love as a child?
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Inspired by the post about replying to trolls: what percentage of trolls on the internet do you think know that they're trolling? What percentage do you think just doesn't understand what a conversation is? Feel free to explain why!

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I'm going to a barbeque today at my friend and coworker's house. She said to bring booze if coming. There's going to be a small crowd and most people will be older than me I think, 30s or 40s. I was just going to get a bottle of wine (white zinfandel, ha) - is that fine? Or does anyone have any suggestions? I don't really know wine, or maybe something else would be better/more fun. I don't want to spend a ton though. Thanks.
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Final project for a class is a portfolio of all work from the class (plus extra writings and photos and all kinds of stuff).
Topic is travel writing.

What should the title be?
the road goes ever ever on

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So I'm going out with the Boyfriend in like... twenty minutes, and I just realized I have a painful spot on the inside of my lip, in front of my teeth. When I run my tongue over it, it feels slightly bumpy and a little hot. But when I asked a family member to take a look at it, she said she couldn't really tell if it was a cold sore or not (I have also been known to bite the inside of my mouth while sleeping so...)

How can I tell D:?

EDIT: I just drank some water and it stang - is that normal? Cause if not, I'm going to guess it's a cut.

(And I'm definitely telling him either way, just trying to fact-gather.)

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1. What are some movies/books/music you like that people generally hate?
I honestly really like The Happening lol... and not just for the lolz either. It really freaked me out. But I also really like Zooey Deschanel so maybe that's why.
2. What should my boyfriend and I do tonight?
All we ever do is watch movies and eat, and I want to mix things up tonight
Gashlycrumb Tinies

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What are some weird food combinations you like?

I've been told that dipping my potato chips in ketchup is weird, but it's super delicious.
And I've discovered through pure luck (read: being too lazy to make more than one trip in the dining hall) that veggie pizza with a bit of cupcake frosting tastes pretty good.
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I am going to Paris from May 6th-18th with some schoolmates and my teacher. We already have an itinerary and things we want to do, but I was wondering if anyone could give advice and tips? Things I should definitely know before going over there? I have never been to France, let alone Europe! Thank you! :)
Smooth Criminal

How would you have answered?

I am an elementary Catholic school teacher. One of my students asked what a "virgin" was because we were talking about the Virgin Mary. My answer was "when an angel comes to you and tells you that you're going to have a baby" They were okay with this answer.

How would you have answered? Non-serious answers are obviously wanted.

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If you are going to someone's house, do you think it is as rude to turn up 15 minutes early as it is 15 minutes late?
If you think circumstances change things, say why.

Inspired by my friend turning up 15 minutes early to come round and watch a film. We had only arranged it about an hour before hand when we'd gone for a swim together, so he knew I needed to shower/etc etc. I think it's more rude to be early. That person needs time to prepare.
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The Killer In You

Would you ever go hunting (deer, bears, coons, whatever)? What about fishing? Do you kill bugs when you see them outside and they're near you? What about when they're in your house?

I feel bad killing anything, even ants. If I see a roach or a spider in the house I find a way to move it outside, like getting it to crawl into a cup. The only thing I really don't give two shits about are mosquitoes. Those things suck.

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one of the lightbulbs in my ceiling fan randomly goes out and comes back on.

why do you think this is happening? is it getting too hot and cooling itself down? or is it about to blow on me?

what are your plans for the evening?

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What do you usually do when you get in the gym?

head right for the cardio
i use weight machines
free weights/dumbells/ kettle bells
wander around aimlessly hoping exercise inspiration will hit
look for a hottie and stalk them, then start casusal fitness conversation
i don't put my cigarette/beer down long enough to get in a gym

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Have you ever tried speed dating? Would you?

If unfamiliar, apparently it is an in-person alternative to all the online dating sites, where you go to a meeting hall or first-date-type place and are given about six minutes each to chat with about a dozen people individually, round-robin style, and if you're a mutual match, the organizers open up your contact info.

Even if you wouldn't really in real life, can you speculate on what kinds of questions you might ask if would? Would you ask TQC type questions? Keep it basic? Make them answer a riddle? Do something like hop on one foot the whole time with your mouth shut, see how they react, and say it is a social experiment?

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so ive been asked to run a trivia game at work (ugh)
so i have to think of 30 really obscure trivia questions and essentially something people cant use google to find out the answer to..
i am lost. 
anyone have any ideas?

so far i have: how many canadian dimes would it take to cover the length of a football field? 

so stuff like that.  hahah.

red eye

my left eye has been red/puffy/irritated for almost a year.  i have been to three ophthalmologists, one optometrist and two primary care doctors.  no one knows what is going on.  i have been told anything from it being from my cat (i have had him for 10 years), floppy eye lid syndrome, over medication, etc.

its really weird.  its red, puffy, etc. on ONE eye.

anyone ever deal with this before?  i have no idea what is going on.  i moved coasts around the time my eye started acting up, and i am thinking maybe its allergies?
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my roommate called me a couple of nights ago at 4:30 in the morning to come get him because he was sick. he swore he had 1 beer and a shot and that he thought he was sick off of some food he ate. i don't own a car so i had to walk to go get him and by the time i reach him (even though we spoke on the phone while i was walking) he somehow managed to slip into a ~different world~ and he thought he was still in high school (he's an ex-all star athlete) and had no recollection of who i was. he kept saying that shrubs along a walk way were people that were gonna get their asses kicked if they kept touching him.

i've seen this plastered and he's usually just more subdued and calm..

bad trip? do y'all have any interesting drug related stories?

Alphie 2

Has anyone made any funny or age inappropriate cards for the Alphie 2? If so, can I see them?


It should be simple, since the programs were made independent of what's actually printed on the card. Show me some weird Alphie cards!