April 27th, 2012

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i bought a one year old used ipod touch about four months ago. it recently got the "white screen of death" and none of the recommended fixes have worked. i didn't drop it or anything; it just froze on an app. i'm currently waiting for the battery to drain to try again, but if i can't get it to work, is it worth getting it fixed? should i buy a new ipod/mp3 player? what kind? should i risk buying a used one again?

for the record, i only paid $50 for it, so i don't really want to pay more than that to get it fixed.

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I'm an aspiring writer. Lately there hasn't really been anyone in my life who could reliably proofread my works. Do any of you know of any good communities or websites where I could submit my work and have it get critiqued? I'm writing in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, if that helps.

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I am going to a potluck dinner tonight. I love to cook, but I am drawing a blank on what I should make for tonight. Any ideas on tasty, gluten-free if possible but not necessary, crowd pleasing recipes?
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What kind of questions should a non-traditional student ask a school they plan on transferring to? I am looking for questions besides will financial aid cover the cost.

When you are studying certain subjects does your mind have occurring thoughts of certain literature that references the material you are reading?

Whenever I study biology I constantly reference back to The Fox and The Hound. This week we were reviewing chemical messengers and I couldn't help but think about certain parts of the book where the fox excretes pheromones. It makes understanding biology easier.

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I'm pretty sure this has been asked before, but I can't find the post. (If someone could help me out that would be awesome :) )

I'm in the market for some new headphones. The current ones I have are from Skullcandy, and they're not terrible, but the quality is kind of disappointing. I feel like it muffles everything that's not bass, but that might be because of the padding? I don't know. Anyway, do you have any recommendations for "decent" quality headphones under $60? (preferably headphones and not earbuds, but I'll take suggestions for either.)

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inspired by two posts below: we were taught to double-space after periods and single space after commas. why did that rule fade away as we got older? when is it appropriate to use that rule? do you still use it?


did mom overreact a little bit here?

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If a married with kids man repeatedly contacted you flirtatiously, hitting on you, propositioning you for sex & you knew how to contact his wife but did not personally know her, would you? or would you just ignore all contact? is it ethically what a person should do?
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As you may know, the Dutch government fell. We will have elections some time this year. What should i vote, y'all?

Communist Party
Labour party
Green Left (more central than left nowadays)
the central progressive party
boring middle of the road christian party
social conservative christian party
crazy conservative christian party
central right party
populist extreme right party #1
#2 (there might even be a #3)
Party for the Animals (who can make ANY subject about animals within 2 senctences)
Old people's party

Should i vote strategically, or just for the party that suits me best? Or should i just vote for the Animal party because they amuse me with their annoyingness?
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How do I stop apologizing so much?
I have the problem of apologizing for how I feel, especially if it's something I feel strongly about. I'm constantly saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" like it's a mea-culpa or something. I just apologized to my bf for wanting a corsage for prom. It's not like I mooch off him constantly or anything, but I feel really bad when I ask for him to spend money on me, esp. since he doesn't have a job and just gets spending money from his parents. But there are other times when I'll start talking and I'll get really passionate about stuff and then when my brain catches up to my mouth I trail off and then apologize. I know it's not a life-threatening thing or anything, but sometimes I feel like a wimp or a pushover.

DK;DC: What's for dinner?
Pizza! :D

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Just curious...

if you were having some legitimately crappy things going on in your life, and you were talking to someone about it [friend/SO/relative/etc] and they told you something along the lines of 'everything will be alright' would you feel comforted, or annoyed?

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For those of you who have coloured hair, particularly if its a vibrant colour, what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use to keep the colour as bright as possible between colouring sessions? I have chunks of pink, purple and blue and they wash out so fast. I'm planning on going a red colour soon and want to keep my hair looking bright and funky for as long as I can.

DK/DC: whats the last thing that frustrated you?

Start Spreading the News...

Next week I'm going to get to spend a day in New York City. This will be my first time in thee Big Apple.

What should I do on the single day that I am there?

Edit: Things I'm inetrested in: Definitely want to have a New Yorky food experience, I could spend all day in a bookstroe or record shop, I like to walk and hike, (Central Park!) and I'm not above the touristy stuff, but I'm more likely to enjoy the more bohemian and egalitarian parts of town. (A la' Haight Street in San Francisco!)

I'm a San Francisco native and a definite city slicker. No three card monte for me! ;)
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Tax Question

Someone had told me a long time ago that you can deduct home improvements from your taxes.

So, I have been saving receipts from all of the paint, flooring, etc that I've been buying for home-improving. Does anyone know how this is done? Would I need to bring the receipts to an actual tax service (like H&R Block) at the end of this year, or would I be able to do this through Turbo Tax? Etc.

Any info on this is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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For those of you on twitter, why do some people post with "RT @username blah blah blah" instead of simply hitting the retweet button?

I'm new to the site. Just trying to figure everything out.

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I'm so annoyed at UPS. I just got a package that I've been waiting for all day. How did I find out it came?

I heard it smack against the pavement, since the UPS driver threw it over my four foot fence instead of ringing the doorbell. Oh yeah, this package says FRAGILE on it.

What's the last thing to annoy you?

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My dissertation is booked in to be printed on the 10th of May, therefore, it has to be finished by then.
I only have the conclusion and final bits of editing left to do, though I am spending most days sat in front of my computer getting depressed because i'm doing nothing. I can't go and see my supervisor about it till next week.
Should I leave it alone for a few days, or continue to make one miniscule tweak a day  (and stress myself out about doing nothing whilst im trying to do something) for the next week or so?

Dk/dc; how bad a procrastinator are you?

team edward

In the past few months, my eyes started bothering me when it's sunny or I'm outside for a long time. Driving more than 3 hours (even with sunglasses) during the day gives me a splitting headache. I am part vampire, yes? Seriously, do you think this could be fixed with special glasses/sunglasses? Can I just call an optometrist or do I need a referral from a regular doctor?

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Any low carb dieters here? I'm looking to start a low carb diet and am looking for suggestions on which program to follow. Atkins might be a bit too extreme, but if it's effective, I'd be willing to give it ago. Are there any other well-known low carb diets that you guys have had success with? I'd like to lose around 10-15lbs and would like to lower my sugar intake.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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There is an EXTREME famine going on. Which of these things would you be willing to eat in order to survive? (Anything unchecked = you'd rather die than eat)

Garbage from public trash cans
Dog/Cat food
Shoes/other leather goods you own
Your pet(s)
Someone elses' pets
roaches/earthworms/other bugs
other people

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I was selling something on ebay that had close to 20 bids with 15 or so people watching.
Someone won and then three days later, told me that they couldn't pay for it (after I sent them two invoices).

Would you leave that person negative feedback?
I relisted the item but there's about half as many people looking at it.

Does your area have a restaurant week?
How much would you ideally pay for a really high quality three course meal?

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Y'all might know this.

My SO was just prescribed trazodone by his psychiatrist for sleep issues. It knocks him out and keeps him knocked out, but he said it took until about 2 pm today for the brain fog to completely abate. He has to be mentally clear for his job (he works as an engineer) and this frustrates him. Any tips for clearing out the brain fog, or other sleep meds that have worked for you all? Ambien worked for him for a while but then he had to up the dosage and he didn't want to just keep upping it. He's also on lamictal and vyvanse.
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Have you seen The Avengers yet?

If this doesn't apply/dc, do you go to the cinemas a lot? Why/why not?

edited to add: didn't realise Australia actually got The Avengers a week before the US? If this is true, are you planning on seeing it, Americans?

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It's $3 midnight movie night at my university and I'm having some trouble deciding on what to see. The choices are:

Cabin in the woods
The Pirate band of misfits
The Lucky One
3 Strokes (not sure if my friend texted that one right)
and Hunger Games which I have seen before

What should I go see, tqc? I'm up for anything really and it's only 3 dollars (said the college student) I just don't want to be bored and wish I picked something else
colours are nice

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total self-serving post, but i'm stuck at home sick with a bad virus AND sad about a failed romantic situation. what a combination. does anyone want to post anything at all that might cheer me up or entertain me? i like the usual - gifs, funny youtube videos, baby animals, baby humans, reading about weird shit, etc.

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What's the point of french kissing? 

I don't feel like anyone else's tongue has any business being in my mouth. It weirds me out. I go with it because my partner enjoys it. I also identify as asexual, so. I suspect (read: know) that's a huge part of my aversion. 
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So... it looks like I got talked into walking/jogging a 5k tomorrow. I have never done one. I'm horribly out of shape. This time last year, I had just finished Couch 2 5k and had was doing it in about 34 minutes... but I haven't really run since then.

What's a good approach for tomorrow? Should I try to sustain a jog and push myself? Should I just take it easy?