April 25th, 2012


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My friend and I are going to Jamaica on Friday, we need to drive to an airport two hours away and we want to make a playlist for our 2am drive. Can I have your most upbeat/ wild roadtrip songs? Please?

DK? Does anyone in your family get really emotionally involved while watching sports on tv? How do they show it? Any funny stories?
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When cleaning out your bookshelf, how do you decide what books to keep or give away? If you've finished a book do you pass it on or keep it?

DN/DK: If you've got a quandary about whether to throw out a book, will you post the title here and we'll tell you what to do?
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What do these phrases mean?

Poll #1836235 New meanings for old sayings

What does 'It's all Greek to me' mean?

I just don't understand it because it's beyond my familiarity level
Something around here smells like an orgy
It should be followed by "THIS IS SPARTA!" and a sudden, brutal kick to the face
Economic collapse and financial irresponsibility are abundant with this project
I'm buying gyros for all my friends!

'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'?

Apples are healthy eating and will keep you healthy if you eat them often
It's a slick way of saying that Macs don't get computer viruses
I mistrust western medicine and will chase off any of these charlatans on sight by throwing rotten fruit at them

'Never look a gift horse in the mouth'?

Don't be ungrateful when you receive a gift
If you receive a large, burdensome gift, it's rude to 'kick the tires', or in some cases, to see if the gift's breath stinks
Don't make out with your new horse, you sick motherfucker
We got you the horse so you can ride it, not do amateur dentristry, you weirdo

'A rolling stone gathers no moss'?

Someone who does not settle in one place rarely prospers
Even supermodels, like Kate Moss, won't hook up with an aging rock star. Nor should you. Or, in other words, don't be skanky
Never trust Mick Jagger to help clean up your yard. He's lazy

'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush'?

It's better to have a lesser but certain advantage than the possibility of a greater one that may come to nothing.
Don't flip off people who are trying to ambush you. It'll only infuriate them
Excellent foreplay. You're well on your way to a 69

'Don't put all your eggs in one basket'?

To rely too much on one resource or one line of effort
If you're buying multiple cartons of eggs, split them up. There's freaks who will do things unsupervised eggs in shopping carts
Be mindful of what kind of jock strap you wear
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Are there any words whose spelling you habitually mangle so badly even spell checkers are at a loss of what you mean to say? Or words that you misspell *every single time* ?

bureaucracy is probably my worst offender, as of late.

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I'm going to crosspost this to the more specific comms I'm a part of, but in general:

Anyone have weight issues AS A SIDE EFFECT of meds they take?  How do you deal with people's reactions to your weight?  Do you tell them "I'm actually on Blahblah because of XYZ Disorder"?  Do you just smile and nod as they launch into suggestions for their ideal diet and exercise regimen for you?  Something else involving your fist in their face?

Everyone from my landlady to my new ob/gyn both theoretically KNOWS I'm on lithium and at the same time utterly fails to see how that has any connection to my being overweight, and go right on yakking about "calories in, calories out" like I'm 10 years old.  When there are decades of patient data showing that hey, the drug has a very real effect.

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What are the most beautiful words in any language?

My choices:
anuenue (Hawaiian - rainbow)
tatapiriri (Avane'e - spark)
mboapakua (Avane'e - wind)
papalotl (Nahuatl - butterfly)
lacunele (Romanian - gaps)

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Does anyone here have pet chinchillas? What are they like as pets? (someone told me they are very smelly...) My SO and I are thinking of getting some, but we do already have a cat and two rabbits.

What pets would you like to have? What pets (if any) do you already have? Names/pics!

Maury Maury quite contrary

Your SO invited you to lunch at a new restaurant. He/she gives you the directions how to get there. As you're approaching the building, you realize that it's not a restaurant at all, but the studio for the Maury Povich show. You doublecheck the address. Yep. This is the place your SO invited you to without revealing what the place really was beforehand. What do you do?

Go ahead and enter the studio and see what my SO...and possibly Maury...have in store for me
Turn around and go somewhere else. No way I'm going on that show
Text/call my SO. "Um...are you really inviting me on the Maury show?" Leave if he/she says yes
Same as above, except I go on the show if my SO says yes, but only if my SO tells me
What's this bullshit? I break up with my SO while still in my car outside the studio. If he/she indeed invited me on the show, there's no way this was going to work out.
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Which House are YOU?


Which House is your favourite?

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What are you cheesed about?

My university/department keeps scheduling events and announcing them less than a week in advance, as if students don't have jobs or prior engagements they may need to schedule around. Example: I would love to go to the English awards ceremony, but it's Friday at 3:30 and they just sent out the email today. WTF ENGLISH DEPARTMENT.

DK/DC: if you could eat anything right now, what would you eat? I'm craving a Cuban sandwich. Fortunately I have the fixins for it, so it looks like that craving will be satisfied shortly!
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If women developed their big ol' hippocampus because they were always on the lookout for fruits and nuts, why doesn't it naturally follow that they not only remember every little thing, but are also low maintenance?
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what's that song?

I am trying to find a song by its lyrics and am having no luck. It's an angry pop/rock type song, female singer, and the lyrics that I can remember are "i'm like you, i can bleed, i can bruise" and "this is life, this is death" or something similar. Can you help?

Do you like comedy/stand-up?
I used to think it was just stand-up that I disliked, but now I think I just don't like live comedy in general. I saw a Second City touring show tonight and thought it was pretty mediocre. And come to think of it, I've hardly ever seen a comedy show that I enjoyed besides Eddie Izzard.
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From an Assistant Art Teacher

Do you experience drawing anxiety? (EDIT: Do you get embarrassed and frustrated whenever you try to draw?)

If you took art classes in school, what did you want to get out of them? (Like, did you want a space to doodle, or did you want to play with all the different art materials, or did you want to learn how to do something specific, like draw realistically?)

What did you actually get out of your art classes?

Do you think drawing (not art in general, just drawing in particular) is a skill kids should learn in school?

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This is a long shot but has anyone here ever been involved in a stepparent adoption either as an adopter or adoptee? Do you know if you have to have a homestudy?

Will you loan me $1100 for my lawyer?
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Someone on my FB feed is making statements that Adele and Miss Piggy are basically the same. But, he insists it's because of the hair and makeup and not due to their physical sizes. Does he have a point or not?

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How would you react if an ex posted the following picture and caption on Facebook and was obviously referring to you/your relationship? (Regardless of whether you two are friends on Facebook, you saw the picture somehow.)
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Are you supposed to leave a tip in the room when you stay in a bed & breakfast?  On one hand it's not a big hotel chain so the people who own it are getting all the money we pay to stay there directly...on the other...I don't know. 
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happy 1T day! today student debt in the united states reaches one trillion dollars.

how much do you owe in student loans? do you believe a tuition based education is sustainable or just another form of capitalist idealism?