April 24th, 2012



Anybody here have any experience with WITTS(world improvement through the spirit)? Are they legitimate, or are they merely showing parlor tricks? Is there any hope they may accomplish something?
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No time...

If a good friend suddenly "doesn't have time anymore to see you" what does it mean?

Does anybody have time or do we make time to see the once who are important to us?
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Have you ever gone to see a scary movie in the day?
My SO and I want to go see Cabin in the Woods, but the only time we can go is when our son is at daycare.

What did you give your best friend on their last birthday?
It's my close friends 30th today and I have no idea what to give him! I'm working during his party this weekend too. Wah. 

What's the most you've ever spent on a friend?

What are you doing today?
Potassium perversion

Another unpleasant sex poll

Poll #1836028 More uncomfortable sex questions

Who would you rather have a threesome with?

Moe and Curly
Curly and Larry
Larry and Moe

You're about to have sex with someone while they're wearing a Star Wars mask and doing a spot-on imitation of the character's voice, all the while during the nookie. Just the mask. The rest of their body is normal. Only the face and the voice are exactly like the character the entire session. Who would you sleep with?

Yoda ("Get on all fours you must. Take it you will")
Chewbacca ("RAWWWR!")
C-3PO ("Oh dear, I'm afraid I shall pull your hair now. Would you like to change positions now, Master/Mistress?"
Jar Jar Binks ("Me thinks you should sucky sucky me more. No? How rude!")

You and your partner want to mix things up in the bedroom by introducing some roleplaying. You go to the nearest sex store and check out the costumes. Most of the good ones are gone and they're not going to restock until next month, so you'll have to settle for what they have. Which costumes will you purchase for your sexual roleplaying romp?

Lion tamer, lion
Meter maid, businessman who's having a bad day and is close to being pushed over the edge with this parking ticket
Tarzan, ape
Janitor, girl who just threw up
Gravedigger, graverobber
Cowgirl, Chinese railroad worker
Prison guard, prisoner #48593
Mormon husband, one of his wives/sisterwife
Hillbilly girl cousin, hillbilly boy cousin
Lindsay Lohan, paparazzi
OBGYN, girl who was at an orgy the night before
The King (Burger King), Wendy (Wendys)
Brawny Smurf, Smurfette
Abraham Lincoln, Mrs. Lincoln
Mother Teresa, leper
barrett the marshmallow

"this" comments

After taking a break from LJ for several years, I have come back to notice there are a lot of changes from when I was last here. One of them in particular has piqued my curiosity.

In some posts I have read, I see comments that have replies to them, saying "This." Why do people say that? I'm sure that there is an obvious answer, and I have thought about it a lot, but all I can really do is speculate. Can anyone please help me out?

Getting married.

For those of you that are married and had bridesmaids (or groomsmen), how did you go about asking them to be an attendant?  So far it all has been very casual - but reading some dumb girly articles they are saying I should have bought a gift and made a big to do about it. Oops. 

Did you have more than one maid of honor? I have a MOH already, but I'm meeting my sister in about an hour for lunch, and wanted to ask her to be my matron of honor alongside.  How did this work out for you?

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Would you rather...?

skip breakfast
skip dinner

Would you rather...?

Lose a hand
Lost an eye

Would your rather...?

Lose your shoes (forced to walk everywhere barefoot)
Lose your hair (shiny bald head)

Would you rather...?

Live off of nothing but ramen for a week
Live off nothing but intant mashed potatoes for a week

Do you find it easier to...?

Evaluate your own performance
Evaluate the performance of a colleague
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Is there a celebrity that your SO finds to be totally hot, yet you can't see why at all?

My gf thinks Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas is the hottest woman on Earth, I think she looks like a 20$ hooker, carrying at least 3 STDs.
Old school

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Let's say TQC was having 'theme' meetups. Which of these themes would you attend?

TQC slumber party
TQC scavenger hunt
TQC poker night
TQC strip poker night
TQC beach bonfire
TQC arson bonfire (at a member's boss' house)
TQC picnic
TQC masquerade ball
TQC acid trip
TQC beer pong night
TQC bong night
TQC hunting trip
TQC fight club
TQC time share seminar in Reno
I wouldn't want to meet any one of you people

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Help me out with some food safety, TQC. 

This morning about 8:30am, I put stuff in my slow cooker for a chili. The ingredients were: quinoa, water, tomato paste, kidney beans, black beans, sauteed veggies (celery, bell pepper, jalepeno) and various spices/herbs. No meat. 

The recipe said to cook on low for 4-6 hours, but I'm working 10 hours and won't be home until 8pm or so. My boyfriend ran home around 5:30pm and put the slow cooker on the "keep warm" setting. Is it safe to stay on this setting for 2.5-3 hours? Am I going to die a terrible death from food poisoning? :P  
i say, old bean

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when buying something for yourself, do you base your decision off necessity or your pure desire to own it?

or rather, would you prefer to buy something for yourself that you love, or something you need?

Needs moar LJ

So, LJ is much slower than it used to be. My favorite communities are all slowing down. Facebook and Tumblr just aren't the same.

Where's everyone going to get their community type entertainment now-a-days?

Alternatively, what are some good time LJ coms still truckin' along?

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Who is the most typically academically intelligent person you know?
What did they go to school for and what university college did they go to. 

My cousins 2 brothers. One went to Dartmouth and now is in medical school. And the other went to Boston College and now is in law school. 

Grammatically Incorrect Tattoo

Someone on my facebook news feed just posted a photo of a tattoo they are getting done, and it has a grammatical error. It reads "The Sun Shines Everyday". It's in a very visible area, right on her chest.

Would you tell someone if the tattoo they just posted a photo of had a misspelling or grammatical error?

Will you tell me about or post a pic of a bad or grammatically incorrect tattoo?