April 23rd, 2012

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I would like to make an appointment with a counselor at my university to discuss, and hopefully find some help for, a couple of issues I've been dealing with for years but are now starting to really negatively affect my entire life. There's a list of people to contact on the school's website.

Have you ever sought help in this manner? How did it work out? And, how do I even go about this? Just pick a random person from the list and send an email to ask for an appointment? How should I put it? I'm extremely weary of therapy, honestly, but I feel like I can't go on like this much longer.
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What should I buy to use as prizes for baby shower games? I feel like everyone does the whole scented candle/lotion/soap thing and want to be a little more unique.
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'Star Wars' themed titled for a story about a wedding proposal: go.

DK/DC/what is this 'star wars' you reference-- favourite variety of 'Star Trek'? (Original series, Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine...)
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I have never, ever taken care of a cat before ever in my life, so I might just be worrying about nothing, BUT.

A few days ago, I started fostering a cat. She's very sweet and affectionate, but a little jumpy.

Yesterday and today, for seemingly no reason, she suddenly took off running from one side of my apartment to another. It seemed like something REALLY spooked her -- she couldn't stop herself in time on my hardwood floors and slid into a pile of dirty clothes yesterday, and today she almost crashed into my TV stand.

She's currently hiding under my bed right now.

Is she OK? Is this just her settling in? Why did she get so freaked out all of a sudden? ...is my apartment haunted? D:

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Tqc, my tax return is 8500. My plans are to put 3000 in a savings account that I cannot access without extreme thought and planning. To put 2000 towards debt and to put 2000 in my savings that is easily accessible and that will most likely be used quickly for trips and fun this summer. The remaining 500 will go to paying my credit card. Is this smart? My mother thinks I should put more towards my inaccessible savings but I think i deserve some fun. What do you think? If it matters I currently only have 500 in savings.

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I'd like to make an attempt to eat significantly less dairy and sugar, at least for the next few weeks. However, for the majority of the time, I'm going to be out of my house from 6am until 10pm. I might have access to a fridge during the morning hours but I'm not sure.

what the hell should I take with me to eat?
I have a thermos and usually end up eating dry cereal at some point

What's your next meal going to be?
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yard sales!

So a friend of mine is volunteering to host a yard sale for a bunch of us graduating seniors as a way for us to sell stuff before we all move away. I'm helping organize it, and neither of us has ever held a yard sale before! Do you have any tips, tricks, or advice?
(My research has indicated that we do not need a permit, and everyone is putting their initials on their price stickers so we can keep track of how much money everyone makes. I don't know what else may be necessary though.)

Will you link me to your favorite pasta salad recipe? I volunteered to make some for a going-away party for a professor and I'm tired of my usual random-veggies-and-pasta-in-vinaigrette deal.
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my tutor set us an assignment to watch a war movie (any conflict involving Islam, but preferably based on the gulf war since i dont know much about it). what are some awesome gulf war movies (or something similar) i should watch?
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Which would you rather do? Each tattoo has to be no smaller than 6"

Get a neck tattoo of your Social Security Number
Get a forehead tattoo of your favorite Disney character

Which would you rather do?

Have sex with a Real Sex doll you found on the side of the freeway. The doll is the opposite anatomy of what you are. You can't clean it first
Get a nipple pierced someone who operates out of the back of a van. He sterilizes his tools to your satisfaction

Which would you rather do?

Eat a can of dog food (liver and pork flavor)
Swallow 10 live goldfish

Which would you rather do?

Sit on a lawn chair that's been duct taped to the roof of a car, as it then goes 65 mph on the freeway for 3 miles
Take a 5 hour drive in a clown car packed with 10 people (including you). Almost no room to move at all. No stops will be taken

Which would you rather do?

Be buried in a coffin, alone, for 6 hours. You'll have 2 full tanks of oxygen and a flashlight. Nothing else
Be buried in a coffin for a half hour with a recently deceased body. Old lady, dead from natural causes. You have 2 glowsticks

Which would you rather do?

Get a lime-green mullet. Extensions, haircut, whatever it takes to make it happen. You have to keep the mullet for a whole month
Get an eyebrow weave (in your natural hair color) that gives you the appearance of a really thick, caterpillary unibrow. You have to keep it for a full month

Edit: nipple pierced BY someone
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I'm trying to remember the name of a boxed meal type thing I used to buy. It was a complete meal in a box and it was like, chicken and gravy casserole with mashed potatoes on the bottom and biscuits on top. The biscuit mix and potato flakes came in pouches in the box and the chicken and gravy was in a can. It was like $5 at Walmart. The same brand made a bunch of other meals, like Asian flavored chicken, rice and vegetables, some weird Alfredo thing, etc. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone know what the brand is called?
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Memorial Tattoo

My stepdad passed away 6 years ago, he was more like a dad to me than my real sperm doner father.

I have been wanting to get a tattoo to remind me of him, but what to get?

I thought of his fav foods but who wants bacon and hotdogs tattooed on them lol

I want something meaning full but yet not the normal birth and death dates with a name.

Maybe something in a geeky klingon language lol I don't know I have searched and searched.

Any ideas?

Has anyone else gotten a memorial tattoo and if so what is it?
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Would you ask for your money back?

My niece's third birthday party was yesterday. I picked her up a bunch of helium balloons on the way to the party, including one of those big mylar balloons in the shape of a three. We were the only ones who had brought her balloons and she was so damned excited about them. Two issues--- I get them into the car... luckily. As soon as I got them all stuffed in, I realized that the weights he'd tied on had slipped off. So I retied them really well and the weights stayed on the rest of the day. As we were leaving the place, my niece was really anxious about where her balloons had gone (they were in her grandma's car), but *had* to go home in hers because OMG balloons. As my BIL was getting ready to put the balloons in their car, the big fancy one just... came detached from it's string (not from the weight, but from the string actually tied to the balloon). My niece immediately burst into tears, which just broke my heart (even worse, her mom told her to say "Bye, bye balloon" and the little girl did so while sobbing.. oy). I felt horrible and was pretty ticked off at the store. I specifically told him that we'd be outdoors and at a place with vaulted ceilings much of the day (the first weight he used wouldn't stay on the ground) and he just did such a crappy job of securing them.

Anyway, should I ask for my money back? I'd like a replacement, but I'm thinking I'd like to go somewhere else. And they were kinda expensive for what they were (the one that blew away cost $10) so I'd rather not be out the money twice. I'm angriest over her little three year old broken heart more than anything. :/ And I feel so inordinately guilty, since I gave them to her.

*eta*-- since it seems to matter to some, she had the balloons less than two hours.

If you wouldn't ask for your money back, would you feel comfortable asking for a replacement?

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1. Do you think long pees would be less enjoyable if all pees were long ones? Or do you think it would remain the same, since peeing in general would be a less frequent treat, assuming water consumption remained constant?

2. How much do you enjoy peeing? Do you ever get impatient during a long one?

3. What's the least toilet-like object you've ever peed on, excepting people?

4. Have you ever peed on someone? What was the context?

5. Do you ever wake up in the middle of your sleep cycle to pee?

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I've been having indigestion/acid reflux (I think thats what it is, it feels like its in my throat?) at totally random periods for the last few days. 
I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, but in the meantime, anyone have any ideas as to what it might be? its frustrating.

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When I try to reply to comments on my iphone it always says "failure cannot reply to a non existant comment" ... but it always is an existing comment. Why is this happening? Does this happen to you? How do I fix it?

I can post comments in the post withut replying though..
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If you had a television show that was in the final episodes of its final season (it was not going to be renewed), how would you choose to wrap up the storyline once and for all? Would you systematically kill off all of the main characters? Would you give everyone their happy ending? Would you leave it ambiguous and unfulfilling?

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Hey TQC!

A friend of mine has crippling anxiety to the point that he basically cannot function outside of his close circle of friends. He recently quit his job because a new owner took over the place and he couldn't handle the new guy.

He's wanted to see a professional for years now, but any time he's tried making a phone call, he's had a panic attack. I've asked him to get me his insurance info and said I'll to try to set something up for him, but I'm not sure really what I can do. Any one have any advice? Have you ever set up a psychiatrist appointment for someone other than yourself or child?

Oh, and an update on previous posts of mine: I'm not pregnant (thank Jesus) and I kind talked to my friend/coworker about her stealing. She lied to me about it, so I called our manager and asked to remain anonymous. Our manager is talking to our loss prevention guy tomorrow. I feel like shit but I'm pretty mad that she lied to me so I don't feel too bad.

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Because apparently it's Socially Inept People Night.

TQC, how do I go about getting over my extreme dislike of going on dates? Serious and non-serious encouraged.

Because, seriously, I'm never going to meet anyone if I can't get over the nerves and awkwardness and general distaste of going out to dinner and a movie with someone.


If you had to choose between sporting a gigantic afro or a huge mohawk for a period of months, which would you pick? 


Long nails on guys? Is that a turn-off or not?

[Full disclaimer: I have longish nails, maybe a couple-few centimeters millimeters [sorry OP is shit with measurements], but I keep them clean and my mother says men don't have long nails and that I should cut them but I have no plans to cut them. (unless my boyfriend says he wants me to cut them)]
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About a week and a half ago, I was out with my co-workers as we always go for drinks after work on Fridays.  Everyone left gradually to catch various trains and buses home, and in the end it was just me left with my friend who doesn't work with us, and the guy I like.  We went to another place, and had some drinks, and later on in the night, he kissed me.  Said he'd wanted to do when we were out 2 weeks previous, but couldn't because another guy from work was with us.  
We haven't acknowledged the kiss (I'm not worried, we haven't really had the chance as we've only seen each other at work, and obviously there are other people there), but I need to talk to him about it because I really want to know where his head is at.  I've told him I'll wait for him after work tomorrow so we can walk part of the way home together, but my question is this:  how exactly do I raise the subject, please?  What should I say?  I know what I want to say, but I'm not sure how to broach it, you know?  Any advise would be massively appreciated!

Thanks ^_^