April 21st, 2012


YT caption problems....

hello there. lately i'm having some problems with YTube.
the CC captions for translations of respective videos aren't working even though they were supposed to work, having the translation. i mean, is there a problem? why can't i see the captions? other people are seeing them but i don't... can it be that i have a comp problem? again? like some months ago they were working but ... they stopped.
please if anyone knows please please inform me cuz i really want to know...

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Harriet said I was creepy...at last, that's what it looked like she said through the binoculars in the tree across the street. i'm not great at reading lips. What can I do to fix my image for these apparent judgmental people?

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Crazy things have happened and now you must resort to going back to basics, food-procurement wise. You need to choose on specialty. Most of what you eat (other than occasional bit of trading) will be what you produce/get. What would you be most willing/able to do to feed yourself?

Hunting (any mammals and birds you can get)
Gathering (fruits, nuts, mushrooms, roots, etc)
Basic farming (1-2 crops at most, small plot of land to work on)
Herding (won't be able to afford the meat most of the time, so most living off of cheese/milk of your animals)
Fishing (any kind of seafood you can figure out how to get)

Which branch of magic would you choose to specialize in?

Glamour & Illusions

Which do you go with?

Pointy Sword
Shiny Sheild
Running Shoes

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A facebook friend is tweeting (and it's showing up on fb) while he's at his friend's wedding. So far he said that the ceremony was cult-like and wants to know when they're eating.

Is this totally rude or am I just cranky?

What's going on by you?

I just sort of finished one of three major projects for school. I'm so excited!
shoes and bunnies

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So, I must have a tiny bladder or something because I have to pee a lot. Whatever. Not the point of my post. Today I googled "always have to pee" and clicked/read an article/blog post on Yahoo! on the subject. Whatever. I got on my Facebook a few minutes later there was a post on my timeline announcing that I'd read an article about incontinence! Ummm embarassing. I didn't access the article through Facebook in any way!

My question is did any of you KNOW that this happens? How could it ever be a good idea? I selected "hide all from yahoo" which hopefully prevents this shit in the future, but it seems like a really stupid feature.

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Do you send food back at restaurants when it doesn't come how you ordered it? What about if you just don't like it?
Do you expect to be compensated in some way, or is just fixing the mistake enough?

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I've been running a lot recently, and I went a long time without wearing socks while doing it, so my feet got very sweaty and stinky and became a haven for all sorts of potential nasties. I acquired a fungal infection that must have skipped the red, cracking, bleeding stage, because after a couple of days of not running and taking the friction off my feet, several little mushrooms have begun to push up between my toes.

1. Have any of you ever experienced this?

2. It's not painful, but I'm not sure if I should be concerned, or just keep them clipped if they get in the way, or if they may form a beneficial symbiotic relationship with my body in some way. What do you think is most likely?

3. Do you think they're edible? They're young right now, so all I can tell you is that the caps are an orange-yellow. I'd like to take advantage of this if I could and explore the culinary possibilities.

4. Since they'll release spores that drop constantly, causing more to grow in every footstep, can I now call myself Johnny Mushroomspore, or should I leave the naming up to the weavers of folktales?


How do I know when I'm exercising enough?

I've been gradually upping my time on the elliptical machine, and gradually upping the resistance level, and presumably I'll hit a point when enough is enough already and I should just stick to a consistent daily amount. How do I know when I've hit that point?

I figured out that I'd rather do a comparatively long sustained effort than short exhausting bursts. In case anyone cares about the numbers, right now I'm working out on an Octane Fitness Pro 4700 standing elliptical exerciser. I use the "Hills" program with a resistance of "7" for 38 minutes. At the end of the session I've typically gone a distance of 5.5 miles and used 450 calories.

Should I keep my settings the same and try to up my RPM? Increase the resistance level? Or just stick to what I'm doing and revel in the delight that I find it easier each time?

a few fave things

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with pain in the lower back, What exercises can you do?

I know that swimming is safe with out hurting my lower back.

What else can I do? with out hurting my lower back more?

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I decided to plan something for my husband's 30th birthday. As I was inviting people, someone informed me that they were planning something that day/time [unrelated to the birthday]. I stuck with my plan because it was the only day my husband and I could celebrate together and it was his first day being able to walk again after spraining his ankle.

Eveyone but two people declined my invite so they could go to our friend's casual get together, so I cancled and went out for dinner with my husband alone.

How would you react in this situation? All your SO's friends [and your friends] decided to hang out and chill instead of hanging out to celebrate your SO's 30th birthday.

DK/DC: Best birthday gift you ever received? Best you ever gave to someone?
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

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I have a Lexmark X1150 printer. Our black ink is really low, and our color ink is low too, but there's still a decent amount left in the cartridge. I'm printing out some things, and it's a mix of text and graphics. The text is all printing fine, no problems there. But none of the graphs or tables are printing out. Even if all it is is plain text arranged in a table, all that prints is a blank page. I've changed the color and tried both normal and quick printing speeds. Nothing changes. Do you think it's because the ink is low (even though normal text is printing fine)? Or something else? Help?


-The other day we were trying to print out copies of our driver's licenses, and it all came out very, very faint, enough that we had to get copies done elsewhere. The images were a mix of black and color ink.
-A couple times now when printing on something, there's been a tiny black smudge left on the very bottom of the page. Like the cartridge might be clogged a little. Would a partially clogged cartridge prevent images from being printed, but not normal text?

EDIT: Okay, it's not printing out *anything* in color, regular text or graphics. I'm going to check the cartridges... Didn't seem to fix it, at least not the issue with the color not printing at all.

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My phone has decided that it hates receiving signal or letting me send text messages, so I sort of need a new one. I really don't care about whether or not it's a smartphone or what apps it can have, but I just want something really reliable that isn't going to fall apart on me in a year's time because I haaaaate going phone shopping, with a passion. Do you have any suggestions for brands that are generally reliable? I'm due an upgrade with my phone company, so price isn't a massive factor since they'll pay the bulk of it. 

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Has anyone here had braces as an adult? How did that go for you?

I've been procrastinating my 1st ortho appointment, but I've got some tooth pain that needs braces to remedy.

Would you pick Dr. Duplessis or Dr. Ising?

Things to consider: Dr. Duplessis is open until 5 (bonus because I teach). Dr. Ising rewards patients with good dental hygiene and referrals with various gift cards and such. IDK if the rewards are enough to sway me, especially since I don't know his hours.