April 19th, 2012

I won't leave you

Dear Hamster Owners.

I'm looking into getting hamsters, and I am having a lot of trouble picking out a proper cage. 

Is it better to get a smaller cage with (the potential for) lots of tubes, like this; or a larger cage that has one or two platforms, like this

I've searched websites, and I know they're both good choices, no one will really say which is better. 
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Earlier my mom and I were discussing things you say and don't say to people...and I was discussing a situation my friend was having and she told me that it is best not to give advice because people are likely to get offended and take it out on you even if the advice is genuine.  So, tell me tqc, have you ever given advice to someone you thought valued your opinion and they take offense to it?  Do you usually just listen and say nothing at all? 

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Do you ever wish that you could work at your favorite restaurants for a few days just so you can learn how to make your fave dishes? What restaurant and what dishes?

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Would you rather....?

Lose 90% of your teeth, w/ no access to dentures
Lose 90% of your hearing, w/ no access to hearing aids

Would you rather recieve...?

A box of chocolates
A bouquet of fresh flowers

If you HAD to kill someone, would you rather...?

Shoot them
Stab them
Poison their food
Wire their car with explosives
Beat them to death

Would you rather...?

Eat nothing but cake (you can have different kinds) for a month
Eat absolutely no cake (of any kind) for a year
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so, i asked a question a week or two ago about how i wanted to start making sculptures again as i have been missing my pottery class from years ago. i did some research about alternatives to ceramics and such, but for now ceramics seem like the easiest and cheapest way to go. i even found a place that will fire pieces about 15 minutes away, so yay.

however now i am stuck. and google is just confusing me even more.

i want to order some clay from here BUT WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN THESE?
i have found this (scroll to the bottom of the page) but am still confused.

anyone know anything about clay?

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Does the term "childfree" apply to people who choose not to have children presently, but consider having children in the future? Or does it only apply to people who have decided never to have children at all?

This has to do with blog keywords/tags, but my scenario explanation was getting too tl;dr.

EDIT: I just found this in an article about childlessness. What do you think?

Simply put, being childless, no matter how you get there, biology or not, is when you feel rotten about not having kids. And being childfree is when, well, you don't!

So I (and my blog content) would apparently be neither? I'm just trying to understand these terms because the keywords I use are going to be related to the type of traffic I'm trying to generate, don't you think?
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Do you have any small, locally owned Japanese food/sushi restaurants that AREN'T the type where they cook the food in front of you at the individual tables, where you live? What is it called? I love these places but always have trouble finding them in other cities.

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Guys, I'm broke. 
What are some things you've experienced that sucked about having no money?

Anything going on in your life (good/bad/exciting) that you'd like to share with the class? 

Will you describe your bedroom? I'm looking for bedroom inspiration since I'll be renovating soon...pics would be great too!
wide eyed what cat

There's a NEST in my ROOM!

My cat kept looking up above the window and I finally decided to see what she was looking at.

Collapse )

Do I really want to know what kind of bug inhabits this nest? KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!! How would you get rid of this thing?

Edit:Question has been answered, and nest has been destroyed. Thanks all!

DK/DC? What's the last thing to freak you out so much you felt like you could pass out?
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Do you follow the rules of a specific style guide when writing? I guess I'm mostly asking about people who write in a professional setting, though anybody is welcome to answer.
I'm thinking about getting a copy of The Chicago Manual of Style for my personal writing and editing ambitions, but would like to hear some opinions on other guides.

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What's the best way to learn a new language?

I am just not informed on the kinds of software and books and tapes out there. I bought a cd to play in the car to learn everyday Italian but it just didn't click with me and the phrases were pretty useless. I heard Rosetta stone was only good if you already had a basic grasp of a language, and I would like to confirm this.

If it helps as far as responses go, I am interested in learning French and Italian.

What languages are you interested in learning or wish you could speak?
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Can you guys recommend some good and interesting books and/or collections of articles on feminism? And, if you know of any, some more specifically on the short-comings of the movement, like the racism in it, etc?

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TQC, I have a moral dilemma.

One of my coworkers, who happens to be one of my best friends, is stealing merchandise from our company. I haven't personally seen her, but I've seen pictures on her Facebook of items that have gone missing from work, and most recently, a mutual friend started asking if she still had a certain pair of sunglasses and my coworker was all "Shh" and mouthed "don't say anything..." then nodded my way.

I'm worried she's stealing while I'm working with her and since I'm her friend, that I'll be blamed for letting it happen.

I don't love this job and I don't want to lose her friendship; stealing is shitty but it doesn't directly affect me. Except I am worried about my job safety. What should I do?

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Which one of these is better?

  1. A crappy or non-eventual weekend that makes you feel glad to be back at work?
  2. An absolutely awesome weekend, filled with fun and adventure, that makes work seem like a downer?
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What is something you've done or made or whatever instead of paying exorbitant amounts of bits or time otherwise?
When I was in middles school I was a swimmer and I wanted some hand-flipper things. The only problem was was that the only pair I could find cost 70 bucks. So I waited until my family used up two gallons of milk and then cut out the handle with a section underneath it that would cover my hand and used those instead. It worked really well.

DK;DC;I'm not crafty: What is your favorite vegetable/fruit? Favorite type of exercise? Favorite food to eat when you're deviating from your diet? Are you hungry now?

I like spinach, pink lady apples, I have rediscovered swimming after 4 years,  if I did diet, probably potato chips, and now I'm starving.

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Yellow Brick Road

Volunteering = Doorway to a job?

Any success stories of starting out as a volunteer somewhere and ending up having a job? Either directly or indirectly through networking? I'm going to start volunteering at a local hospital because I don't know how else I'm going to gain the experience needed to supplement my biology degree.

Plus, have you ever heard of paying a fee to a job placement agency during a job search? What's the highest fee you've heard of? I've heard from some elders that this was rather common back in the day. I called one agency asking for $175 and I've heard of some people paying $500.

In a bit of a jam...

I wish it was strawberry, or blueberry! Mmm blueberry... however, it is much messier than that. it is a relationship jam. Dread the word! The short and skinny: Moved in with boyfriend two months ago. a LOT has happened in my life and has changed how I view life, how I am, etc. and I really need a re-evaluation of myself and time alone. Simply, I am not feeling it with my boyfriend anymore and would like to break up with him. Now, of course, there is more to deal with than just a break. It's also an apartment. Thankfully the stuff we brought we individually paid for or brought from home, but how do I handle this lease business? Has anyone ever broken a lease? how does it work? Thanks for your support/answers... They are greatly needed at a time of such craziness.

Dyeing dark hair?

I've been wanting to put a colored streak in my hair for the longest time, and I came across some extra money the other day so I treated myself to purple dye. I have brown hair that's on the darker side, but I figured that it would turn out a dark purple color after I dyed it. Well, it actually ended up looking gray, with almost no hint of purple. 
I really don't want to bleach any part of my hair, but I paid a lot for the dye and would really like to make it work! Does anybody have any experience or is willing to share any tips/tricks?
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Why do poor people want rich people to pay more taxes when they are not even the people who use most of the services the taxes contribute to?  Shouldn't the higher taxes be weighed more on the middle class versus the 2% of the rich who are not using these services?