April 18th, 2012


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I'll be 21 when I graduate this summer.
How long can I realistically spend travelling/working in menial jobs abroad before I need to start thinking about establishing a career?
Or have I just fallen into the trap society wants me to, and I can travel forever?

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Last night, I filed an extension for my federal taxes since my accountant (aka my wife) lost track of time (aka was too lazy to file on time). I put her name & SSN on the form and said we were married filing separately. Today, I got an email saying my extension was rejected because I didn't put an ampersand (&) somewhere in my wife's name or SSN or something.

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Does anyone know wtf that means and how do I fix it? Should I do it again without her name/SSN since we're filing separately?

International flights

For those to whom it applies, how far in advance do you like to book international flights?  Is it unwise to book it too early?

DK/DC - Got anything interesting planned for the summer?  (Besides work and typical stuff)
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There was an image posted here quite some time ago, that had famous people, but you had to guess who they were. Their faces weren't very detailed, and it had bright colors, and text over it, like lyrics or something.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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How do you deal with passive-aggressiveness? 

This seems to be running rampant among my friends and I have zero tolerance for it.  If it keeps up, I may end up the Crazy Cat Lady.

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I have to fly with a floor length bridesmaid dress tomorrow morning. I have NO Idea if I should pack it in a suit case on its own or bring it as a carry on.

What would you do? Has anyone traveled with a big dress on an airplane before? (It has a lot of ruffles at the bottom which makes it much harder)
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How long, on average, do you wear/own a piece of clothing before it is discarded/donated/turned in to rags/soaked in oil and burned?

About how many new items of clothing to you purchase per year?

I was just reading somewhere that for the US, the average number is 32.  I don't know if that includes underwear and socks and the like...

potentially very open-ended

Under what circumstances (if any) is it acceptable for someone to ask his/her SO to stop talking to one of his/her exes?

How would you react if a SO asked you to stop talking to an ex? (Though, this may not be a fair question, as I imagine it'd depend on the specific ex and your SO's rationale...)
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Do you judge books by their covers? How do you decide if you want to read a book or not? What factors are important to you? Cover, summary, reviews, word of mouth, etc.
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My NHL team just came back and dominated their series and I finally heard from a friend that has been missing for the longest time (seriously, like 4 years)!  What an awesome day!

What was the last totally awesome thing to happen in your life?

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Facebook question!

So, my mom has a Facebook stalker. (Technically, she has a stalker to has managed to include Facebook in his repertoire of creepy shit. He's several states away and never makes in-person contact, but he's been harassing her since high school.) This guy uses his Facebook page to send her a friend request every day, and the notice lands in her email, but there's never a corresponding request on Facebook that she can hit 'deny' on. She went to his page and blocked him, but that didn't keep him from sending requests to her email anyway.

We tried to go through Facebook to report him, but we couldn't find a 'stalking' option, and he's not using a false name or anything like that, so we settled on 'bullying.' Facebook's advice was to "tell a parent or authority figure" because apparently adults can't be harassed or some shit.

Now the guy is sending similar friend requests to me and most of our family members. I'm not really afraid of him, but I am really annoyed and a little creeped out.

Does anyone know how he's doing this e-mail-only thing, or how to stop it, or how to tell Facebook "Hey, there's some not-good shit going down on your website that doesn't fit into one of your convenient 'report' categories"? She said she's going to talk to a policeman friend about it, but that takes time, and I'm really sick of seeing this guy in my inbox.
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Have you ever leased a car? My 12 year old car needs about $3,000.00 worth of repairs. I do not have even $300.00 for repairs. It's still drivable nothing is dire, but it's going to fall apart eventually.

I figure leasing may be a cheaper option than buying new. I don't have an extra $400.00 a month for a new car payment and there's no point in buying a used car in this market.

What details do I not know of leasing? I know they can hit you with mileage fees and they usually try to get you to buy it when you're done leasing. I've seen commercials where they say you don't need anything down and pay like $150.00 a month but that's probably if you have perfect credit.

DK/DC How can I stop spam texts?

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I have an ongoing, completely ridiculous issue with a neighbor for about a year.  What is the most annoying thing you have had to put up with from a neighbor or someone in close proximity to your living situation?

What is your guilty pleasure TV show that you hate to admit you watch?

I'm a chronic procrastinator.  What's the last thing that you have put off for too long and when was it supposed to have been done?

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Say you went on a successful date with someone, but you couldn't schedule a second date for 2 weeks.

Would you be creeped out if someone you went on only ONE date (no matter how well it went) with, texted you every day or almost every day between the first date and the second date?