April 16th, 2012


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What is this bug and how do I get rid of them?!

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They are tiny and grey/brown and they fly. They seem to enjoy my lamp, they always hover around my bedside lamp when I'm trying to read at night and land on me! Ughhh. My room is clean and I don't keep my windows open. They are ONLY in my room.

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I've used bath poufs my whole life, pretty much, but I'm wondering if there's something out there that's better for daily cleaning and exfoliating in the shower. Any suggestions? What do you use?
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I am so bored with my hair

I'm currently growing it and bored with bright red hair. Not that you can't grow your hair, that happens anyway. However I've not had it cut in a while because I want it to get long and if I got to the hair dressers I know I'll go crazy and cut it all off again. So to relieve my boredom should I dye it half black and half red? I'm talking Cruella DeVille style.

Should I dye my hair black and red. Cruella DeVille style?
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Hey, tqc! Can any of you recommend a dedicated word processor? I want something portable with a relatively large screen (more than one line of text) that's free from even the possibility of distractions. Any suggestions? Or can someone suggest a better place to ask this question?

Alternatively, what is the last type of cereal that you ate? Mine was brown rice crispies in soymilk with sweetener all over. Delicious.
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How do you feel about your current SO's level of personal grooming? I'm not talking about basic hygiene, I'm talking about primping, tweezing, painting, shaving, perming - the less essential (or maybe very essential) details of one's overall appearance.

What are some musts/must nots for detailed grooming for a potential SO? What bothers you or where do you draw the line?

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What successes do you count as defining in your life?

What failures do you count as defining in your life?

eta: I mean failure by your own account, no harm or insult meant. I know failure is subjective, so feel free to skip that question.

How long would you have to date someone monogamously to know you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them? (I've been dating someone monogamously 4 years, we've both been in agreement about marriage for about 3 years, and we've gotten through plenty of struggles and survived - I'm looking back on this glad that we've gotten this far, knowing that it won't always be easy, but they're the one (barring extreme extreme circumstances)

If any of these are IDK/IDC (of if you want to answer this as well! :D): What is your favorite memory?

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Can someone please explain this to a suffering idiot me? I am completely baffled :(

You saw a shirt for $97. You didn’t have the cash, so you borrowed $50 from your mum and $50 from your dad = $100. You bought the shirt, and had $3 change. You gave your dad $1 and your mum $1 and kept the other $1 for yourself. Now you owe your mum $49 and your dad $49. 49+49 = 98 + your $1 = 99. Where is the missing $1?

My genius brother-in-law said, "The wording is weird" but would not elaborate further. WHY DOESN'T THIS ADD UP?

dk/dc: Anybody home sick? I am. What are you doing to make yourself feel better?
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For $500, would you....?

Poll #1834082 For $500, would you....

...get a henna tattoo on your wrist of Planned Parenthood with a red X through it? It'll probably last a few weeks


...wear 6" stripper heels for a full day on a weekday? That will mean you going to work/school/whatever in them. Most of you probably have little experience wearing them


...tweet/Facebook the line "brb. having anal sex right now". You can't write a follow-up tweet/update clarifying the previous update as a joke or anything. Let people think what they will. Who does read your social programs anyway? Any family, judgmental friends or prospective love interests?


...spend the night alone in a notorious haunted house? It's in the middle of a desolate location, with no electricity, so flashlights only. You enter at 6pm and you can leave at sunrise. There may be a reason why a lot of people are terrified of this house


...attend a furry convention in a shapely fur suit, with a t-shirt that reads "Fur makes me horny". You must stay for 3 hours. Expect to get hit on repeatedly by equally horny men in fur suits


...volunteer for a Westboro Baptist Church fundraiser. You'll be working at a raffle table for 3 hours. It's not hard work at all, but someone you know might see you there


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Can a short woman (let's say 5'1") wear a maxi skirt or dress?

I'm fond of that style, but I feel like it would make me look even shorter than I am. Though I suppose that isn't necessarily a bad thing. What do you think?

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Who are you comfortable with seeing you naked, besides your SO?

The only person I don't have an issue being naked around is my SO. I don't even want my own mother to ever see me naked. This is different from the rest of my family, who would probably walk around naked if it weren't illegal.
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Does anyone here do something other than shaving/waxing to remove hair from their legs (Nair etc)? Can you recommend something for me? My wedding is in 5 days and I want to get my legs silky smooth, but it always seems like I end up missing bits.

Edit: Good point. I won't Nair this close to my wedding. I'll just suck it up and shave. Still, keep the recommendations coming, as I hate shaving.

this din't go over great in philosophy, too much fart huffing over there, this fart is great,

Lazy American Philosophy 101, Lap, dog, get it, lapdog?

I hate working! I enjoy smoking cigarettes and doing Rx drugs! The government pays me to sit there and do nothing and sometimes I go to the gym! Other times I cook cookies and brownies with excrement and semen and serve them to friends and guests! I love America! What do I say to my damned foreigner friend that has to work minimum wage jobs and his family is borderline homeless, when he complains that I am a tax leach? I should tell him to go screw himself right? I am the RIGHT one in American philosophy, and since he is a god damned boater, he is WRONG!

I know I am Right, but I want better arguments, I do not have to work, I blocked his phone number so that you can help me get a really good argument for that America Love It Or Leave It god damned foreigner!

-philosophy is full of fart huffers, do you have the wrong community? no? aren't you supposed to be in shitty_advice, asswipes?-
LOL, the sarcasm and irony are entirely over the heads of fart huffers

what should Lazy American Philosophy 101 be about?
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'Clap Your Hands' is a decent title for a poem about losing your belief in fairies,  y/n?
What's your favourite traditional, Grimm's Brother's-type  fairy tale?  What's your favourite 'new' fairy tale?

My favourite traditional fairy tale is the uncensored version of Cinderella, because everyone thinks of Cinderella as such a ~~pure and beautiful~~ tale and it's actually terrifying. My favourite re-imagined fairy tale is Neil Gaiman's version of Snow White  ('Snow, Glass, Apples'), for much the same reason.


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Have you lately heard about the condemning of "the friend zone," esp. in feminist circles? I disagree that only men claim to have been "friend zoned" and that it is therefore inherently misogynistic. What do you think? If you're a woman, would you say you have experienced being "friend zoned"?

Rome or London?

I recently got accepted to both Queen Mary London and Trinity Rome for study abroad next semester. I have heard good reviews for both.
I am an International Comparative Studies major, with a film certificate, and a minor in Chinese (I have already spent extensive time in China). Admittedly, a high class problem, but I am stressing out about this so hard.
Where do you think I should go and why? I am so conflicted.
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What's more embarrassing?

Which would be more embarrassing?

While at a party, you get food poisoning and have to poop badly. You rush into the bathroom and just let loose. You hear a snicker. Turns out, there were 2 people sitting in the bathtub the whole time, smoking a joint
While on a second date, you get picked up in his/her car. Your date makes a joke and you burst out laughing and accidentally let out an audible fart that you were holding back. And a potent one. You both have to roll down the windows

Which would be more embarrassing?

You're attending a funeral. While walking up to pay your respects, you trip, lunge forward, and accidentally knock the coffin off its base, throwing the body onto the floor. There's hundreds of shocked people in the church
You're wearing a skirt. While texting and walking, you don't notice the trash can in front of you. You bump into it and fall in, face-first, gravity pulling your skirt over your waist as you struggle to get out

Which would be more embarrassing?

You see your SO from across the room, back turned. You sneak up and kiss him/her on the neck playfully. Turns out, it's not your SO at all, but a stranger, and you just kissed him/her in front of their spouse
You're on a romantic trip with your SO. While in the hotel room, your SO's going down on you. You look up and realize that the kids from the adjacent suite can see you from their balcony. They're taking pictures

Which would be more embarrassing?

You're at a wedding. You turn suddenly with a glass of red wine and end up splashing the bride with it. It's all over her dress. It's probably ruined
You're attending an important cocktail party for work and wearing white pants. Someone spills a yellow drink all over your crotch. You towel off and realize that your groin area is entirely yellow. It's not coming off. It's a crowded party

Which would be more embarrassing?

You've been having dinner with your new SO's parents. As dinner's ending, you hear the mom calls the dad's name. It's Homer. You've been calling him Gomer the entire meal and he was too polite to correct you
You make a crude joke about a coworker, only to realize she's been standing behind you the whole time. Her face reveals how hurt she is
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work bs

What would you do if you were a part time sales associate at a retail store and you have heard multiple times about an assistant manager gossiping/talking shit on you to other sales associate?


This was somebody's FB status just now:

"just a little side note, if i see any of these tube feeding bride morons walking down the street, i am going to punch them in the face...lets see how that makes their wedding pictures look...assholes"

What IS this?

What is a "feeding tube bride"??

Related: What kind of bride were you? What kind would you like to be?

I've been a second time AND knocked up bride. I would like to be a Gold Rush Bride.

Eating alone in a restaurant

Hello TCQ,

my work decided i should give a few on the job-trainingsessions at the other side of the country tomorrow and the day after.
I'm basically ok with it. Gotta stay in a luxurious hotel at their costs. However, since I'll be going alone, this also means i have to eat dinner in the restaurant solo. 
I suffer from social anxiety and this is kind of a trigger for me. 

So, should I go to the restaurant and at eat there alone(not my expense) or should a grab a Mac-whatever at my own expense and eat it in my hotelroom?
If I do go, what can I do to make it less anxious and more fun? (SRS/Non-SRS)
Would you go and eat by yourself in a restaurant?
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I am ordering a necklace for my wedding that comes with an initial.  I'm debating what initial to use..
Poll #1834168 What initial?

What initial should be on my wedding necklace?

My first initial
My to be last initial
My maiden name initial
My fiance's first initial


How messy is your place on a scale of 1-10?

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UK-dwellers of TQC!
I am editing (not professionally) a short story written by somebody from Manchester and am wondering about a few spellings. For instance, my US-minded spell check wants to change "reveller" to "reveler" and "flamingoes" to "flamingos." I checked a few reputable dictionaries and they say that both spellings are acceptable, but I want to check with some actual Brits.

Are "reveller" and "flamingoes" the more common spellings in the UK? Would you write "candyfloss" as one word, or "candy floss" as two?
Also, is a settee a mostly British term? I had never heard of it until reading this story, but apparently a lot of places online sell them.
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If I told you it is irrefutably true that there exists a set of circumstances where all the satiric wit in the world isn't worth one pure asshole statement, what would you say?

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So I want to out this character in this story thing I'm working on. He's a high school-aged boy who's single and is pretty meticulous in not giving off any hints, is closeted to pretty much everyone, but (maybe) someone gets hold of some concrete evidence that goes ~viral~ among the campus?

This feels like the easiest thing to plot out, but for some reason I've figured out everything else in this subplot but this part. Any ideas?

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I have an interview this Friday at a young, hip, cutting-edge company.
What should I wear? The look I'm going for is fun but put together.

I was thinking maybe a button-up shirt with a fun, but not-too-loud print with dark skinny jeans. Thoughts?
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So somehow I have never had to buy a mousepad. Now I need a mousepad. I guess I could get a crappy gross one at OfficeMax, but I have to imagine there are some AWESOME MOUSEPADS OUT THERE?!?

It's just a normal optical mouse if that helps. And also I started playing Team Fortress 2 so I guess a biggish one would be nice.

Are there any cool or funny or awesome mousepads I should buy? Wow this is a very boring question. I've become very boring TQC.

edit: thank you so much TQC! I didn't expect such cool replies and so quickly!!

more edit: I think I'll get this huge coin one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/61831313/buffalo-nickel-coin-round-mousepad?ref=sr_gallery_25&ga_search_query=mousepad&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_page=11&ga_search_type=handmade

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So I'm going down to North Carolina to visit college friends in early May. Rather than trying to fit everyone I want to see in at separate times, I've decided to attempt a potluck type thing at one of my friends' houses, so they can all come, we can all hang out and eat yummy foods. One of the girls I invited (whom I'm really good friends with) just saw who else I'm planning on inviting and said, "So, uh... I don't like those people and don't really want to come." I'm trying to figure out if I should just tell her to suck it up and come anyway, or if I should agree to meet her for coffee or whatever on her own. What would you do, TQC? And would you be upset?
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What is the last thing you got really excited about?

Dk/dc: If you're in school, how's it going?

The student government association at my school voted to support adding gender identity and gender expression to the nondiscrimination clause in the school constitution. It's just a first step, but yay!
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this dude i've been crushing on since forever and i finally hooked up this weekend. however, four more weeks until summer vacation. he's going to michigan, i'm going to china and then germany for a whole semester and then taking the next semester off, not even probably coming back to nyc. this means i won't see him again for a whole year after four weeks probably.

should i still go for it?

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One of my grad school professors, for some unknown reason, keeps assigning group work that needs to be done outside of class. It's been a few weeks of this and there's no particular reason for it, which is annoying enough but...every week, I'm the one hunting down the group members to get stuff done.

I just realized it's midnight and neither of them sent me what they said they would.
What would you do in this situation? We have another month or so of classes and presumably group work.