April 15th, 2012

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Moisturisers and Dry Skin...

Does anyone here use Proactive on their skin? If so, what moisturiser do you use? If you don't use Proactive, can you recommend a moisturiser for dry/combination skin?

I've been using proactive for about and year- and I love it- but lately my skin is really dry and my makeup flakes off five minutes after putting it on. I've been using Dove Protective Moisturising Lotion but I'm thinking it's time for a change.
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Dot MOVIE Files?

I don't know if it's possible to google this because it will bring up websites about .mov files which I am able to open easily.

What I'm trying to do is open a .MOVIE file. I made a movie file on the Apple G4 and now I can't open it. What plugin do you need to open a .MOVIE file in Windows 7?

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A fairy pops out in front of you and casts a spell. Suddenly you are incredibly conventionally beautiful/handsome. Incredibly. You turn heads wherever you go. People whistle at you in the street. You make some acquaintances momentarily speechless. Would you consider this spell more of ...?

a blessing
a curse
just a bill
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What's something recent that's pissed you off?

Yesterday I got bitched at by the roommate to "not use up all the water" when I shower because "it costs money". I was in there for maybe...20 minutes. Is that really an excessively long shower? I just thought it was maybe a little bit longer than normal.

ETA second question: I've decided I'm going back to grad school after being out of school since 2009. Most of my professors I've worked under, no longer work at the university, and I'm either having trouble trying to get back in touch with them, or I doubt they'd remember much about my work by now. In this time, I've had two main employers. One has a policy against giving references under their name and for the other job I don't really have a boss (I'm a substitute teacher for a school district and I work in every one of the 14 schools, so there's not really anybody I work closely with either). The mother of the baby I nannied for has offered to write one reference letter, but does anybody have any advice for the other?

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I'm moving out of my apartment. I moved a majority of my stuff out and to my new living area about 3 weeks ago. In that time I didn't come back to apartment I was moving out of (because I'm moving between states). I came here on Friday and my apartment smelled horrible. I opened the freezer... someone turned it off and there was still food in it.

How do I get the smell of 3 week rotting food out of my freezer?!

I have:
thrown everything that was in it away
cleaned it with Pinesol
cleaned it with 409
left a box of baking soda in it

What else can I do?! I don't think the apartment complex is going to appreciate if I give them my keys back and it smells like there was a dead body stored in my freezer

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how is your hockey team doing in the playoffs?

the blackhawks were down 3-2 last night, scored with 5.5 seconds left, went into overtime, and won the game :D

series score: 1-1

d/c? what was the most exciting thing that happened this weekend? any plans for the rest of today?

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I just got an email about my Federal Pell Grant saying that I'd just about reached my limit on the number of times I can get financial aid. It said that a new law had been implemented recently that capped financial aid on 12 semesters of school and then you were no longer eligible.

There weren't any links and the address was one of those fishy not quite .gov ones. But there are a couple of references to it online. (Though not on the actual Financial Aid website.)

So...is this true, or is it just another one of those things that you get in your email box that doesn't make sense?

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If you're a general fan of cartoons, are there any that you just can't stand?

I hate the Jetsons and that Gumball show. Ugh, the latter is just awful.

DK/DC/I don't watch cartoons you child: Are you very short? I'm short.

Does anybody else do this?

I grew up in the Tropics in the days before we could afford air conditioning, so we always left the front door open, and the back where possible, until it was time for bed.

So now that I'm in good old North Carolina, USA, I still do the same when the weather's good - today's 76F with nice sun and a lovely breeze and no pollen dust...
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Do you have any concerts/gigs/shows coming up that you're looking forward to?

I'm seeing Sugarland on May 25th and I am beyond stoked! Judging from my friends concert photos and reviews, it's going to be an awesome show! (just hate that its at a casino and there's a camera policy. Still taking mine)
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Did you have any intense childhood interests? How long did they last?

It seems like ever year of elementary school I was REALLY INTO something new, like the rainforest, airplanes or the Titanic. Then I'd sort of get over it and find something else to be obsessed with like space travel, espionage or the Holocaust. Then I hit puberty and became dumb.
Blank Stare.
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I need a new car and have no idea what to look at! I would LOVE a Mini Cooper, but alas, it is not to be. Will you give me some reasonable suggestions, Oh Wise TQC?

Budget To Buy: $10k
To Lease: $175/month (60/months)
  • 2008 or newer
  • Small or compact
  • Can survive New England
  • Decent gas mpg
  • Reliable & can last 5+ years with minimal repairs (just reg maintenance)

    What's the best "car decision" you've made? The worst?
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    You meet up with a friend, someone you feel comfortable giving a friendly hug, during your hug you feel a large solid mass of what you believe to be a pistol.

    How do you react?
    Do you judge?
    do you feel safer?

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    Do you like wine? Are you snobby about it? What's your favorite kind?

    I really like cabernet sauvignon. I am snobby enough to not want it if it's out of a box and that's about it, haha.

    ETA: TQC! You're so much less snobby about wine than I expected! yay!
    Take a Look

    mein handy

    TQC, I'm in the market for a new phone. I think I might finally upgrade to a smart phone.

    So any recs for a decently priced, Verizon-compatible smart phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard?

    What kind of cell phone do you have?
    got books? [books busy]
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    yes, Titanic DID exist

    with the 100th anniversary of the sinking having been yesterday/this morning and the movie being rereleased in 3D, i'm hearing people both online and off saying they are encountering a lot of today's teenagers who have been assuming that Titanic was just another Hollywood invention (the whole plot, not just the Jack/Rose B-plot).

    and when told that, yes, there was a REAL Titanic and it REALLY sank and 1500+ people really DID die, then they're shocked and amazed that it Actually Happened(tm). :facepalm:

    have any of you encountered such individuals? was it garden-variety "but i thought that was just a movie!" or do they go further, i.e. assuming Jack and Rose were real people?

    bonus: encountered any other stupid Titanic-related comments/questions from people who should know better--aka are at least 25+?

    my answer:
    not personally in either case, but plenty of anecdotes from others inspired me to make this post
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    I'm attempting to watch videos from the Freelance Astronauts website - specifically once that are hosted on Viddler. Now, sometimes I can watch them and sometimes I can't. I don't seem to have a rhyme or reason as to why they won't load - just sometimes they play and other times, they just don't do anything. I tried to look up any reason why on Viddler's support page, but apparently submitting a question is only possible if you're a member and really, that's pissing me off.

    Has anyone else had issues with Viddler/knows how to fix this?

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    What is one thing you miss about dating your ex?

    My ex was East Indian and his mom made the most amazing Indian food; and his grandma used to make me samosas all the time. I guess he didn't really like them so whenever I'd go over she'd make tons for me.
    I went for Indian food this weekend and it was such a letdown because of it hahaa. Not worth staying in the relationship or anything, but maaaan, I miss the food :(.
    I miss his grandma in general, she's hilarious and always told me the coolest stories... while feeding me.
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    I have taken up walking/hiking again (and haven't, this time, worn my feet to blood). However, on my left foot, about a thumb's width behind the ball of my foot toward the arch, I keep developing a blister.

    I cope by wearing my office shoes and not my hiking boots during the week. But the skin isn't hardening up as it has in the past and it's keeping me from increasing my hiking. I've never had problems with these shoes until the past month or so and getting brand new hiking boots is unlikely.

    Any advice?