April 14th, 2012

Doctor Who What Is This

I'll send TQC a postcard from Munchkinland.

Scroll down a bit for the Saturday forecast - I'm in the middle of the Big Red Blob of Dooooooooom.
(Edited for embedding fail.)

Long story short, there is a very real risk for very severe weather in my area today/tonight. Should I bother sleeping tonight, or wait until the worst is over?

What is your tornado plan? (There's a public shelter a mile away that my Better Half wants to drive to, but I'd rather hunker down in the tub and stay inside.)

DK/DC/Don't get tornadoes in my area: What do you do in bed besides sleep and sexytimes?
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What smell (that is NOT poop/pee/puke/farts/burps/anything else typical) do you find completely revolting?

My dog just came inside from playing and she's so excited to see me again that she's trying to give me cuddles (and there's no way I can turn down that face!), but she smells SO BAD. It's not wet dog smell or a smell she picked up out there, either, it's just the way dogs smell after they've been outside for a while. Make any sense? Anyone else find that smell gross? For me, it's just gag-worthy.

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Who are some male actors (or anyone I could easily find pictures of) that have a distinctly bird-like appearance to them? Bonus points for corvid-like/magpie-like although that's probably getting a bit specific. I'm thinking skinny and with vivid eyes.
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I have this creative writing assignment where I have to take a rhyme/rhythm scheme from another work and copy it into my own poem.  I'm using the 'Miss Mary' handclap song.  (Miss Mary had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell...)  
Is it safe to assume my poetry prof (who is a guy, forty-ish years old, or possibly older) knows of this rhyme and would recognise it, or should I make a note underneath the title explaining where I'm taking the rhyming scheme from?

Where did you first hear a handclap game/skipping rope song/other weird childhood rhyme? Which one was it?


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My roommate's car has a flat tire. It's stuck on the car and neither she nor her boyfriend can get it off. It's a Saturday and most things are closed. We go to school in seriously rural Indiana, so we don't have many options. We've so far been unable to get ahold of maintenance, although we know that there's a maintenance person on call on Saturdays. Her car has to be fixed before Monday morning because she has to student teach and there's no one she can carpool with. 

What should we do?
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On a scale of one to ten (one being "Sunday Cruise", ten being "Jesus Take the Wheel"), how comfortable are you driving a car that you don't own (or you're not making payments on)?

This question brought to you by the new-ish car that the shop fixing my car is loaning to me. A part under warranty went to hell, and they haven't got the new part yet, and I'm going out of town tomorrow, so.

Don't drive/Never thought of that/Shut up and drive it like you stole it: how long do you keep leftovers?
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Do any of you use Prezi in the place of Powerpoint for presentations?

Does anyone know where I could get the sound of wind blowing so I can include it in my Prezi? Bonus points if you know how to do it.

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What do you think?

Avocados are...

the food of the gods
green slimy nasty shit
somewhere between the first two choices
I don't care anything about food in general

dk/dc/I hate doing polls: What is the best thing that has happened to you all day (so far)? It doesn't matter how insignificant or random it might seem.
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Does anyone here have experience with or knowledge of wigs?  My hair is black and can't be dyed without going through a whole expensive and permanent ordeal, and I'd rather just get a wig or two that I could wear when I feel like mixing it up.  I really want a bright purple one, and I also like Katy Perry's blue hair.  

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DK/DC/IDGAF about your stupid hair:  What is something you find cute that most people do not?
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Computery questions

For those of you with Macs:

Were you affected by the recent Flashback or SabPub trojans? If attacks like these become common and Mac users have to start worrying about viruses just like Windows users, would it affect your decision to buy another Mac?

Also, for the computer geeks:

InfoWorld has an article about how women, older men, men who don't binge drink — basically, everyone except twentynothing douchebags — are excluded from the programming industry. Are you (or have you been) a professional programmer or computer science student? Have you ever felt excluded? If a university offered a software engineering program that was initially only open to women, and would later become co-ed but limited to 50% men, would you be interested?
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When did you learn to read, TQC?

Every one of the kids in my family (5 kids) could read by 3, 3 and a half, and most started reading single words at 2 and books at 3, and my brother thinks that's weird.

May I hold your hand?

You're on a first date with a guy you don't know very well yet. You're chatting, getting acquainted, talking about life experiences and such. You're sitting on separate chairs. You've been hanging out for an hour or so.

He asks you "May I hold your hand?"

Is that just weird? Or sweetly courteous? Way too forward? Way too shy?

What the hell are the steps to get from strangers-first-date to actual intimacy of some sort?

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Iron & Wine is playing a show at my school tonight and I'm going (Yay!). Problem: It's raining and I don't have a rain jacket. How should I stay dry while standing in line? I would bring my umbrella but mine is a full-size golf umbrella so it's going to be hellas inconvenient in the crowd.

Will you tell me something wonderful about your day?
I started my new job today and training was just wonderful! I'm so excited to have a pleasant, non-conservative work environment. :D

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Dear TQC,

My neighbors and I share a ~private driveway~. There are about five of us on this short stretch of road. The thing is, it has openings on both ends and it cuts through the middle of an otherwise large neighborhood, so dozens of other neighbors use it every single day.

It's sort of frustrating, because there is another road, very close and exactly parallel that is just as convenient and is a main road but for some reason they use ours a lot.

It causes wear and tear and is a risk for our toddlers, and they occasionally do stuff like knock the rear view mirrors off our cars by accident.

The thing is, we wouldn't even mind (things happen) except the town refuses to assist us with this stretch of road at all. Potholes and fallen trees are completely our responsibility, and they claim they can't enforce speed violations because it is technically private.

They did say we could do pretty much whatever we wanted to in order to prevent others using it, though. So what should we do, TQC?
Erect gates with mean looking stone lions? Put up retractable spikes? Have our kids chase the cars with eggs and water balloons?

This is pretty much non-serious, as we get along with the other neighbors for the most part, and we all have bigger problems in life, but the maintenance does get annoying and expensive. Ideas for goofy solutions would take the edge off, though!

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Does your city have a song? Do you hate it? What's your favorite, or least favorite, city song? We heard the most overwrought version of "Guadalajara" today, which I think is the greatest city song ever.

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TCQ, tell me what you think.

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I can't quite put my finger on what made me so mad about what she said. Anyone care to analyze this? What would you have done in my situation? I just felt so insulted by that. It was so uncalled for.

ETA: While we're at it, do you think file-sharing is morally wrong?

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I signed up for skype last year so I could talk to a friend overseas and I hardly ever use it. I've started again, but every time I log in, I get all these calls and messages from guys I don't know. How do I prevent this? I still want people to be able to find me! Just not strangers with names like 'giantdickxxxxx' and 'asexyman.'

My current method is to type 'I have to poop' and close the window. Usually works, but it's getting tiresome.

edit: This is what my settings look like: 

And just to prove my point, I was getting a call from a strange man as I took this screen cap.
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What's the best way of removing odor from wood floors?

One of my cats use to pee in this one room. Finally she's learned how awesome the litter box is (thanks to TQC actually I got that cat attract litter someone suggested), but that floor still smells. I've tried a wood cleaner, leaving baking powder for a few hours to a week, and scrubbing with soap and water. I plan on replacing it when I move out since I'm renting, but I don't want to pay for that right now but want the room usable. At the moment I'm also covering the floor with puzzle pieces but I'm not opposed to doing something else so long as it's cheap. Ultimately I just want that room as storage.

help meeeeeeeeeee

I have flown about 100,000 miles in my life, but I am still sooooo afraid.  The dr. has given me anxiety meds but they don't help when the turbulence is really bad.  

What scares me the most is turbulence.  If the flight is smooth, I am fine.
I'm travelling a lot this summer and I am already freaking out.
Any advice?


cake vs. pie

I just got back from a function where I had to bring a dessert. All the spaces on the sign-up sheet for pie were taken so I had to bring cake (these were the two options, no fruit, no cookies, etc.). I don't like baking cake but I made one anyway and did a fantastic cooked/whipped chocolate frosting. Even so, I didn't want to eat it myself, because I don't like cake all that much. When I went by the dessert table, I could see all the pie was gone but about half the cake remained.

Would you rather have pie or cake?

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Guys, I have pet apple snails and yesterday they started looking pretty bad out of nowhere. Despite my efforts to keep them alive and consulting some aquarium people, they're not getting better and on their way out. I am devastated and don't want them to suffer. Does anyone know how I can humanely euthanize them that is NOT the freezer method?

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Do you ever just go into the kitchen and throw a few random items together for a meal? What was your most recent successful (or delicious) kitchen concoction? What was your most recent (or biggest) kitchen failure?

Tonight I didn't have any rice to make fried rice so I threw together some cream of mushroom soup, chopped onions, and cream cheese and put that on top of spaghetti. I loved it, but I think it would make a lot of people gag. I once tried to make a vegan chocolate cake and it tasted like ass and eggs.