April 11th, 2012


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I like 100% cotton boxer briefs. But after a few washings thye stretch and lose thier support.
What other underwear options are there that will give my boys support and won't cost $20 a pair???

Web Comics

What're your favorite web comics?

Two of mine:



Lol, I'm catching up on xkcd and discovered this: Cadbury Eggs. My husband has been spouting off that the sugar in two Cadbury eggs = sugar in a soda for a few weeks now (and our convo went pretty much like the last panel)-- now I know where he got it! Pfft. Also, from the mouseover text I now know I'm not insane and that Cadbury eggs did in fact used to have a more liquidy center (something I'd been meaning to ask about here and no longer need to bug you all about).

Blargh... trying to fix the html! Fixed!

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For the renters: Have you ever had a landlord withhold some/all of your security deposit? If so, why?

For the landlords: What are some of the reasons why you've withheld some/all of a security deposit?

Dk/Dc What's the weather like in your area?

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What do you think would be the worst part about being an astronaut?

being far from your family
pooping in zero gravity
peeing in zero gravity
bathing in zero gravity (baby wipes and powdered shampoo)
masturbating in zero gravity
motion sickness from zero gravity
g-forces from take off/reentry
loss/redistribution of bone mass
sleeping in zero gravity
eating an astronaut diet
wearing unflattering space suits and helmets
scheduling everything from sleep to BMs
risk of death
other that I have not named in this poll (inform me of this defect)

Also, if you've attempted to speak to someone in a language you were not very fluent in, was the person you spoke to pleased that you made an attempt or did they demand you stop mangling their language? Or something else?

Horror computer RPG

Could I get some recommendations for a good horror RPG for the computer? Something that isn't centered around being an FPS or "adventure" game where ever "puzzle" has only one way to solve it. Besides Vampire:Bloodlines which i've played to death. :)
just a bill
  • lyndz

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I got asked to babysit tomorrow evening but there are also plans for a happy hour with some friends (I'll see them all next week anyway, but I always feel lame staying in on Friday nights).

Do you think it's worth it to stay in for $60?

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Okay, I need some help from pastry chefs and chocolate people alike.

I'm inventing a recipe that will feature a orb shaped mold of white chocolate. I would like to combine the white chocolate with Frangelico liqueur, but I'm not entirely sure of the right time or way to add alcohol into chocolate, considering the water content?

Any advice? Would it be better to cook it in cream first, then use the cream to melt the white chocolate?

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1 - do you believe in any conspiracies? if so, which and why?

2 - what was the last book that utterly impressed you?

3 - what are your least favorite 'classic' movies that you've seen?

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So, those of you who have one, does the Do Not Call registry actually work for you?

We still get multiple calls daily from companies who disregard it, from local companies using their cell phones and just going through the phone book, and from recordings that we can't even tell to stop. Does reporting these even do any good?

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I've just been given a £10 book voucher! (It'll get about a book and a half in the UK)
What should I get with it?

I'm just finishing a degree in english lit, so no heavy classics, though I do like a bit of high brow stuff.
I'm really interested in the Netherlands at the moment, particularly Amsterdam, so anything set there would be awesome. Other than that I love fairies, (Holly Black style stuff, anything with origins in folklore) Robin Hood style stories, 'Belle De Jour' style 'sexscapapdes', philosophical meaning-of-life stuff, and Kerouac's On the Road is my all time favourite, but I am totally open to suggestion, having been stuck in a mire of academia.

ETA: All the better if its new, and I therefore can't get it on amazon for 1p.

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Quite some time ago I bought about one hundred colored pencils. They have no labels and the barrels are unpainted or are a non-related color. I plan to sharpen them to find out the colors. But of course a lot are too dark to just see the color right away.

How would you go about labeling them?

ETA: My ancient Panasonic pencil sharpener is slowly dying. Any reccs for a decent electric pencil sharpener?


I feel like I need a physical change in my life. I wear a uniform every single day for work, and have to always wear my hair up. Lately I feel like I have no sort of sex appeal at all, and my self confidence is shot. Any ideas on cute things I can do to make me feel a little more confident? Pictures would be fantastic :) Thanks in advance!

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Poll #1832997 Death penalty

I am...

Anti death penalty in ALL cases
Anti death penalty except for war crimes/mass murder
Ok with the death penalty as it's used now with stricter DNA requirements
Ok with the death penalty as it is now with no change
Supportive of an attempt to expand the death penalty (to include rape, arson, et al)

TQC, what do you think about capital punishment?

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Have you ever made a visual journal or art journal?
What about project 365?

I've been wanting to making something along those lines...but I feel like I should start on a more significant date. Do I wait for the next year/my birthday or just start?

how are you tonight?
what's shakin'?

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Has anyone ever described your laugh?  What did they say?  (Inspired by taking a recent video of my very drunk boyfriend and hearing my own laugh in the background.)

When you watch sports on TV, do you talk shit to the players?  Not, "that guy sucks"-type, but actually TO the players.
Ned [Pushing Daisies]

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I really want to bash my roommate over the head right now. Will you lovely people post funny/cute/interesting things that can distract me? In the form of pictures, gifs, videos, etc.

I just found out that a professor I really like is going to be a father for the first time. How inappropriate would it be to knit a baby hat for his unborn child? Don't really know him that well, and we aren't close, but I just got on a knitting kick and thought it would be a nice little gift.


What age do you think a child should stop sleeping with their opposite-sex parent? Both parents? Same-sex parent?

A: I say 13 for all of it.
[I was 12 when I stopped sleeping with my parents, on my own choice, but my brother's 13 and he still sleeps with my mother.]