April 9th, 2012

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Is there a website out there where you can try different glasses styles on a picture of your face? What's the address?

DK/DC/Already answered:

Are you going to see Titanic? I'm seeing it today. Are you excited?
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Okay, so basically I'm wanting to put all my data in one graph but I don't know how/whether that's possible.

- There are 5 categories and a single participant.
- I want to show the participant's score out of 72 on each category
- I also want to show the mean score
- And the Standard Deviation

Visually I've imagined having a bar showing the SD range and small sections within that bar showing the man and participant's score, but I can't figure out how to essentially have a bar that doesn't begin at zero.

Any ideas?
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What are some good bring-to-work-lunch-able (i.e. they will be sitting for 5 hours before they get eaten) foods so my boyfriend doesn't have to eat fast food all the time? I don't know whether or not he has access to a microwave.

Really? REALLY??

Have you ever deactivated your Facebook account? If so, would you be able to help me out?

I followed the instructions to deactivate it, saw this BS, clicked confirm at the bottom, and...it redirected me back to my timeline. It looks exactly the same as it did before I deactivated it. I was even able to go back and "deactivate" it a second time, with the same result.

Am I doing something wrong? I expect it to give me some kind of confirmation--log me out, give me a pop up message, send me an email, something other than redirect me to a page that looks identical to a normal FB page.

Maybe it's my browser? I'm using Chrome and I never have any problems with it on this computer.

FYI I just want to deactivate it, not delete it.

EDIT: Thanks so much guys...I'll try again later tonight, after I'm done working.

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You're on a first date. Which of these statements made by your date would be enough to torpedo any chances of there being a second date? Anything you don't check, it's assumed that you can see past the statement and still have no problem with them overall

"Transformers 3 was the best movie ever made! It had everything! I must have seen it 100 times in theaters"
"I'm considered to be a sexual offender. By law, I have to announce myself to new neighbors. I learned my lesson about sexing minors, believe me. That was 5 years ago. I was young and foolish"
"Have you ever tried....swinging? You know, sharing partners. It's a lot of fun, lemme tellya"
"Yep. Three kids, each with 3 different mothers. Ages? Oh, they're about 6 months apart in age"
"I collect guns. I've got about 49 of em, all prepped and ready to go if I need them. No one ever fucks with me"
"Like my neck tattoo? Insane Clown Posse for life! That shit's insane"
"Do you smoke? Smoke weed, I mean. I think you can really get to know somebody by getting high with them, and I brought a baggie with me"
"Pitbulls are greatly misunderstood. They're not as violent as people think. I've got about 6 of them in my house. It may take a bit before they get to know you, but once they do, they're sweet"
"I've been unemployed for 3 years. The State gives me money and food stamps, so I get by. What's the point of working?"
"My last relationship was physically degrading, so I've taken a vow of chastity. No sex until marriage. But I be emotionally available for you anytime"
"Tipping is such a liberal handout tradition; giving money to people who don't deserve it. Europe really has the right idea, for they don't tip, I hear. The waiters already get an hourly wage"
"I don't have a problem with gay people, but I have to say that what they do utterly disgusts me and I will never want them to marry"
"Oh, I'm very pro-gay marriage. Hell, my last 3 relationships have all been same-sex, so it'd be hypocritical of me to vote otherwise. Haha"
"Say...this may sound like an odd question, but do you have herpes? No? Oh...just making conversation"
"My car is my baby. I rebuilt her from scratch. Half my paychecks go into maintaining that magnificent honey"
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Do you read for pleasure?


Do you like broccoli?


What size is your group of friends?

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Would you be offended if someone(a girl) said to you, "OMG, you remind me of Britney Spears!"?

Would your feelings about that statement change if the person who said that to you is now dating the last person you were involved with?

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When is the last time you were really unsure of the best move in a difficult situation?
What was the situation? Did you regret your choice? 

I'm usure of everything right now. If you read tcq_updates and see my post, maybe you could give me your opinion...because I feel like I'm screwing up all over the place! 


What was your last dream about? Mine was about meeting with the funeral director I mentioned before. I met him this morning and it wasn't at all like my dream.
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i just transferred to this new university and i didnt submit a hard copy of an assignment (but i did submit electronically). a week ago they emailed me saying they didnt receive it and that it was already 1 day late. i just checked my email. am i completely fucked, knowing that they take off a certain percentage off my assignment with each day i'm late? what do i do?? who do you think i should e-mail and what should i say?

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I read a local city blog that includes police blotter type posts. I see a lot of flasher/exposure/public masturbating incidents take place throughout my city. 100% of the time they are men doing these things.

WHY do men do this?
Why don't women do this?

Have you ever had the urge to expose your naked bits to complete strangers on the street? Why or why not?

Explain your answers.
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I have to wear my hair back for work. I usually wear a bun or a ponytail or sometimes a side braid but that's super boring. Can you guys give me hair inspiration? My hair is like, just below boob length. I can french braid and stuff.
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Do you play any musical instruments?
I can't even play the recorder, it's ridiculous. An ex-boyfriend left his banjo at my house like three months ago, so last night I decided I would learn to play it. I've been watching youtube videos and it's going okay. What should my stage name be if I become famous?

Do you have a Tumblr? Can you recommend some awesome tumblelogs to follow? I realised most of the people I follow have become inactive.
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So I was just looking around the websites of various apartment complexes in the area making a list of places to go look at, and I found one that looked really nice.

Until I saw their "pet policy." They allow up to two cats, with a $500 security deposit for each. Kind of obnoxious, but okay, I could deal with that. (We'll have one cat with us.) All cats must be spayed/neutered - good plan, okay. But it also says all cats must be declawed.

1. What in the hell is wrong with people, TQC?
2. Are we pretty much screwed? There's no way in hell we're declawing the cat, of course. What do you think the odds are that they would make an exception or something?

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does anyone like receiving random (heartfelt, honest, ridiculous, stupid, loving, outlandish, etc) LJ messages? 
does anyone want one?
(MAJOR procrastination occurring here tonight-and it'll continue for a little while longer.....just post here with any topic and i'll send you a message!)
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I had my phone stolen while I was at the baby doctor.
My friend's credit union (where she works) was robbed today.

What is wrong with people?

Will you tell me stories about the good people do so I gain back some faith in humanity? Or just any story to make me feel better?

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There is a war or similar very serious calamity going on. Every household must contribute to the effort to stop it. You must choose for your household, and are not given the chance to consult anyone else about it. What do you choose?

Your [eldest, if applicable] child goes. There is a 50% chance they will die.
Your SO goes. There is a 65% chance that they will die.
You go. There is a 75% chance that you will die.