April 8th, 2012

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So TQC...

My left eye stings a lot this morning. It felt a bit funny last night but nothing major, I just thought it was my contact being dry so I took them out. This morning, yeah, it stings, there was a bit of white stuff in the corner when I woke up, and it wont stop tearing. And it is red. No part of it looks swollen though, not upper or lower eyelid, and only the actual eyeball is red.

In addition to discomfort, this is annoying because it means I can put contacts back in and I do not have glasses so...blurry vision fun times, ha.

So want to play amateur diagnosis game with me? What do you think is probably wrong with my eye? Is it something I can deal with myself? (Wouldn't be able to see someone until tues/weds anyway so hopefully it is...) What you suggest might ease the eyeball discomfort some? :0

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Have you ever rented a bouncy-house? How much did it cost? Was it worth it?

I am thinking, for my 25th birthday, I will have a bouncy house. But I want to know what I'm looking at price-wise without calling for a quote.

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Which of these common dreams have you never had? Which do you have the most often?

(I have never had "that dream" where I'm going about my business and suddenly realize I'm naked. I do have a lot of chase dreams and I am usually being chased by some type of authority figure(s) rather than animals or monsters or anything. I had them more when I was younger, though.)

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What's a great movie to watch that has an attitude similar to that of Deathproof? I want to watch something where sassy ladies kick some ass. Not really in the mood for gore, so just anything with awesome, likable lady characters going about their business.

Please & thanks.

pick a health issue!

Would you rather have...?

High fever

How about....?

Uncontrollable vomiting
Explosive Diarrhea


Heart attack


Type I Diabetes
Serious Asthma


Deadly nut, egg & dairy allergies
Calvin homework

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So, next week I'll be staying out of town for three days for job training and a licensing test.

I'm planning on staying at a hotel with a kitchenette in it. No oven, but it does have a stove, microwave, and toaster. And a full-sized fridge. There's a 'complimentary continental' breakfast consisting of fruit and pastries every morning.

I don't plan on doing much those three days except studying my butt off. (This could change - I have friends that live in this city - but I'll only meet them for a meal. No out whooping it up when getting this license means a big pay raise.)

What should I bring to eat/drink?

DK/DC/jeez, just live off takeout for three days: What are/were your best studying methods?

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KIDS were messing around on my laptop and now the magnifying glass at the bottom right of the screen is gone. I can't find a way to make my screen bigger. I am using Windows 7. Any help will be appreciated.

Got it. Thanks. :)

What did you eat for lunch today?

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Ugh, I took my ring off earlier and now I can't find it. Where did I set it? never mind it was on top of the clock

Do you misplace things frequently or do you generally do a good job of keeping track of things? Is there anything you're currently missing right now?
got books? [books busy]

funny book scenes

what's a funny scene you've read in a book lately? tell me what book it is and what happened in the scene.

for non-readers, describe a funny scene you witnessed in real life.

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Lampshade designs!

I'm building a lamp, and I made a ceramic lampshade. I want to carve lovely, intricate designs into it for the light to shine out of, but I don't know what to caaaaarve. The shade is sort of egg-shaped, and it's made out of ~porcelain~. Any ideas? Themes, designs, favorite animals? Anything helps, I have NO IDEA what to put on this thing.

The only things off the table are Celtic knots and writing of any kind, because I don't have the time/skill to do it justice.
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What To Watch

Poll #1832289 TV Shows

What tv show do you like best?

Doctor Who
Once Upon A Time
Modern Family
Downton Abbey
....Cabin Pressure (that's NOT a TV show but...)
Who cares.
Lily on Vase

name that movie...

Sometime in the past 10 years there was a movie about an older black guy who accidentally kidnapped(?) a troubled young white girl. I think. IIRC, he lived in a rural cabin in the woods, and it was a pretty cute and funny movie.

Any idea what the name was?? I thought maybe Morgan Freeman was the guy but none of his movies on imdb ring a bell.

Edit: thank you! It's Black Snake Moan!

So what's your favorite romantic comedy?


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I don't mean this question be a form of trolling but basically a way to collect different view points so I can better understand.  I feel even putting this disclaimer up is setting me up to be chewed out but play along and maybe we can all learn something new. 

I was watching TV with one of my siblings and we saw a commercial for one of those reality shows.  In the commercial there was a black man who was telling his mom how he wants a tattoo and the mother was like, "OH HELL NO!"  I made a comment while watching the commercial that I think only certain skin tones look good tattooed and my personal opinion is that the inks rarely look as good on darker complexions. My sister said my remark was racist.  Which I replied with that it was just my artistic opinion that the art work never really shows up as well as it does on lighter complexions.  We didn't discuss the subject any further but I started wondering if my opinion could really be translated as racist and overall it sort of annoys me how ignorance is automatically glossed over as racist and I truly think that does not teach anyone anything. 

So my questions are, do you think what I said was racist or possibly just poor taste and maybe something I should keep to myself? 

Do you agree or disagree with my remark about tattoos looking better on certain skin types?  Pictures are a plus if you think tattoos can be beautifully executed on darker skin tones. 

What are your view points about people who verbal hit and run of slapping someone as racist without any explanation of why what they said is wrong? 

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Has anyone had good luck using the disability services provided from their college? I'm looking into it for my bad anxiety/depression/OCD but I'm worried it's too late in the semester. I was just able to see someone about it a few weeks ago and was just put on medication a few days ago. I've missed just one assignment in my math class, but I have zero motivation to do anything anymore and I'm extremely anxious about deadlines and final exams. 

Should I try emailing my professors first? I really don't want to fail any of my classes but I'm so worried they won't give me any kind of help since it's so late in the semester. Or they just won't care.

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Will you help me come up with a slogan/catchphrase/saying for my business cards?

I ran out and am reprinting cards for my photography business "Dragonfly Photography"

So far I have :

"Because moments matter"

"Turning moments into memories"

"Capturing moments, making memories"

They all seem too cheesy/generic but Im not sure its possible to get away from that.

DKDC: Will you show me the last photo you took?

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Who would you rather work with/hire?

A. Was dishonorably discharged from the military
B. Was defrocked by the Catholic church
C. Was debarred by the Bar Association
D. Convicted felon; white collar crime

Which of those would you be most willing to date?

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tl;dr etc

alright tqc, I am in a sticky situation. Right now I work in a call center, as inbound sales. basically, I fix your basic billing issues then pressure you to buy shit you can't afford or don't need. I am not good at this, and in the past couple weeks there has been a lot of pressure to make sales or get fired.

The whole situation has really been getting to me, to the point where it's actually making my anxiety really bad. I've started having attacks before bed during the week and at work now, which is fucking over my job performance even worse and making me more anxious. I can't take any time off to go to a doctor about it and get back on medication because missing days means a write up and I already have to take at least a day and a half off to go to court in a different city. To make things worse, my coworkers are mostly under 20 and all act like it. There was a dresscode issue recently (i.e. they actually started enforcing it) where I felt targeted because I was the the first one to be called out on it, and now everyone assumes its my fault it's being enforced, especially since it's getting especially hot here (hello Arizona). I don't particularly care what a bunch of 19-year-olds think, but it does make the atmosphere tense.

If I quit now, I am allowed to reapply in 90 days and hope for a different, non sales-based project, but if I'm fired they won't rehire me. I'm probably going to get fired, because I can't really make the sales they require. Either way I'm fairly certain I'm going to lose my job.

tl;dr hate my job so much it makes me anxious. two options are
a) quit and hope for rehire in three months, keep job hunting and hope something comes through or
b) try and stick it out but probably get fired due to anxiety of job but taking time off to go to the doctor would get me written up and most likely they would care anyway because this is a right-to-work state.
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Fishing help!

My boyfriend and I attempted to go fishing this evening, but his fishing reel-- a Shakespeare Tiger pole-- wouldn't cast out line. It will reel in just fine, but under no circumstances can he get it to let line be pulled out. Any tips? My preliminary google searches returned little useful information whatsoever.

Nvm, we got it!

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Are you where you thought you'd be 5 years ago?

What crazy life plans did you make?

Did you follow through on any of them?

I'm beginning to make plans to move from the UK to the Netherlands at some point in the next 2 years. Do you have any advice? srs/non-srs.

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so for class i've got to do this ridiculous project requiring me to write fifteen sonnets each leading into the next one about a historical figure....i've also got to allude to other works of literature and use lots of other fun poetic devices.
SO my issue. who should i write it about?! i dont want to do someone lame or overdone.

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Poll #1832325 Game of Thrones


Night's Watch

House Words

Winter is Coming
Hear me Roar
Ours is the Fury
We Do Not Sow
As High as Honor
Family, Duty, Honor
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Growing Strong

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Has anyone ever seen a nutritionist or otherwise enrolled in a program geared towards eating properly? Can you recommend a program?

I'd like to be healthier and lose more weight. I'm pretty sure it's my diet that's slowing my progress down. If I lose half a pound in a month, not a week, it's been an excellent month. I've already changed my diet drastically in the past couple years, but still need to improve it but can't without constant cravings and feeling deprived. I haven't had much success on my own for nearly a year.

I don't want a program like weight watcher's which focuses solely on weight and has you eating pre made foods. I want a healthy program that's maintainable for life.

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So, earrings from Claire's will probably turn my ears green/irritate them, right? Even the "sensitive solutions" kind. 

Yes, I still shop at Claire's. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME.

If you could choose what you'd dream about tonight, what would it be?


You'd be pretty fucking pissed if someone waited after you'd had sex for two weeks before they told you they had an easily transmittable STD, right? Even if it wasn't a lethal, unable-to-live-with-this one?
Blank Stare.

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I'm waiting to hear about a few highly competitive programs I applied to; I have about three more weeks before yay/nay. In the mean time, I've started losing clumps of hair (golf ball sized), which I'm attributing to stress. My hair is down to my thighs/bottom of my butt and is normally stronger than steel and I've never had any serious thinning before. WTF can I do to stop the abnormal loss? Stressing less is not really feasible.

Have you ever worried yourself sick?

What's the worst rejection you've ever faced? How/did it change your life?