April 7th, 2012


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I plan to surprise my friend with a homemade blueberry cheese tart. This shit needs to be refrigerated though. He's spending the day tomorrow at his mom's house. Do I deliver the dessert to her house (she's only a few miles away) or ask him to stop by before he goes home?

If I tell him to stop by, what's the excuse to get him here?

Anything else you'd like to talk about?

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i just got back from Passover dinner, and i cannot move at all. i am in a severe food coma and i will pass out momentarily.

when was the last time you were in a food coma that rendered you incapable of doing much of anything? what'd you eat?

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How often do you drink alcohol?

If you drank alcohol more when you were younger, how often did you drink then?

If you don't drink, what was the last thing you did besides be on the computer?
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Let's say you go on a friending spree like I recently did. Which journals are you more drawn to and which do you tend to shy away from? What would absolutely make you decline adding someone back? I'll probably put mine in comments.

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If you're vegetarian/vegan, are there any good websites you use to find recipes?

Will you post three of your favorite shows/movies in one certain genre and based off those movies, let us select one for you to watch? Mine that I've been (re)watching currently are X-Files, Supernatural, and Buffy.

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If a first date lasted for almost 6 hours, does that mean it went well? My date indicated interest by suggesting checking out another spot after nearly two hours at one place and by saying that he found me to be way more attractive than in my pictures (online dating site). There was no kiss or anything at the end (I'm not one for kissing on first dates anyway).

He asked me about meeting up a second time the next day via text, but two days after the first date, I left for a 2.5 week trip. I told him I was leaving, and he said "we'll hang out when you get back." Also, I had already given him a disclaimer before meeting up with him that I'll be gone for almost a month soon, and he was OK with it.

It's been 4 days with no contact.
I definitely am interested and would like to see him again, but I feel like I'm at an awkward point right now. Do I contact him occasionally while I'm gone or not at all? I'm not sure if only one date is enough for me to shoot him messages once in awhile (because will it seem clingy)? On the other hand, if I don't get in touch at all, will it tell him that I've lost interest in him?

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I have SEVERE seasonal allergies. The worst they have ever been.
I have used 10 boxes of tissues in the last week. 10 LARGE boxes.

I sneeze all day every day. Sometimes one offs, but mostly 3-4+ at a time.

My husband still says "God Bless You" when I sneeze.

I tell him he doesn't have to.
I have gently asked him not to.

But he still does it.

Would you be annoyed at this behavior?

I'm trying not to be because I know he isn't trying to be annoying, it's just an automatic response.

I always feel the need to say "thank you". But that gets me even more irritated. I don't want to be saying "thank you" after having my 21st sneezing fit of the day.

Would you stop saying "thank you"?

Are you suffering from allergies?
How do you cope?

PS: I read about that local honey thing and there seems to be ZERO conclusive research that it works. :/

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TQC, I have just made strawberry jam for the first time (and it was super easy!). I want to try and put orange juice in next time to cut the "omgsweet" flavor. Lime or mint might be delicious too. What else would you put in a strawberry jam to make it tasty?

Tell me about the last time you did something really well on the first try, or did something you didn't think you could do?

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If you had your own (internet) radio station, what would you name it? What kind of music would you play?

If you listen to the radio (internet, FM, AM, whatever), what station do you usually listen to?
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I am in no mood nor do I have any desire to see Titanic later tonight with my friend who has been BEGGING me to go see it with her.

How can I tell her in a nice way that I don't want to see it at all?
Am I being mean for not wanting to go?
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If you were invited to a potluck brunch, what would you bring?

How many times per month do you have company over?

What should I add to my Netflix queue? I don't like extreme violence, really crude humor, or super-long series.

horse allergies

What's the best non-drowsy over the counter allergy medicine for someone who is allergic to horses? Or are those meds geared more towards pollen allergies?

My SO bought us a half-day guided trail ride and I'd really like to go! I haven't gone horseback riding in 5+ years. The last time I did though, I definitely had sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, coughing, etc. aka no fun/kinda felt like I was dying a little. Would over the counter meds do the trick or should I just not go?

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Suggest a red and/or white wine you think would go well with Easter dinner?

(Rosemary roasted turkey. Garlic mashed potatoes. Walnut & cranberry stuffing. Grilled carrots & brussel sprouts. Tossed salad. Holopchi )

optional - favorite holiday dessert!

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You HAVE to have a third anatomical part. What will it be? For some reason, there's a shortage of kidneys, so you can't pick that easy option

Third eye
Third ear
Third lung (your torso will be that must larger)
Third nostril
Third boob (yes...entire boob)
Third arm
Third leg
Third hand (it sticks out...you can pick where)
Third foot (same as above)
Third testicle
Third asscheek (it doubles up over your left asscheek)
Bite me, bitch...

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How do you get Word to create a running page count where the second page is marked as page one? -.-

So I feel better, when was the last time you had a duuuuuuuuuuuh moment? I think mine is fairly obvious.
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How do you make difficult decisions? 

I'm trying to make a final decision on grad schools and I'm totally at a loss at how to figure this out. They're both equal in terms of cost and quality and everything else seems pretty menial. =/

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Can a family member give a coma patient a sponge bath or help with the physical therapy?
If a person is in a coma in the hospital and a family member wanted to help take care of the patient, can that person help the nurses give the patient a sponge bath or help with the physical therapy and massages? or are only the nurses allow to do that?