April 6th, 2012

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Would you be mad at your best friend(me) if she wasn't able to come to your wedding that you're having five hours away?

How can I make it up to her that I can't make it? Should I take her out to a nice dinner or something for like a mini-celebration?

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So, TQC. I held two jobs last year, one of which I have the W2 for. The other I worked at for a month before the year ended (started it in December) and only made about $600 there before the year ended. I don't think the company ever mailed me my W2, and I don't have a pay stub. I'm going to get my taxes done tomorrow and don't have time between now and then to try and get a W2 from the second job. Am I totally screwed?

Selling your stuff

I'm cleaning out my closet and I have a LOT of clothes to get rid of.  I could use some extra cash, so I'd like to attempt to sell them before I donate everything to Goodwill.  Does anyone here have experience selling secondhand clothes or shoes online?  What's the best way to do it?  I'm not overly optimistic that I'll make a ton of money at it, but I do have a lot of nice things in really good condition, so I figure it's worth a shot.

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My ten-year-old son refuses to learn to ride a bike. We've been trying this for the last few summers, and we haven't made any progress. How big of a deal do you think this is? Is it worth me insisting that he learn? I mostly want him to learn because I hate the idea of him giving up over something that should be pretty simple. He tends to give up on things whenever they get slightly too difficult for him, and that bothers me. And if I do try one more time to teach him, do you have any pointers for me (or for him, for that matter)?
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I wish LJ auto-purged journals that haven't been updated logged into for 5+ years. Would you agree with that? I might submit a suggestion on it.

On that note, have you ever contacted LJ about something? What was it and how'd that work out for you?

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Have your parents ever met the parents of someone you were dating?
How long were you dating?
How did they meet?

I was watching a tv show where the 16 year old girl's parents invited her boyfriend's parents over for dinner after finding out that the kids were having sex. Then they brought it up during dinner. I found it totally odd.

My parents have never met the parents any anyone I was dating.
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Music recommendations~

I'm looking for some music recommendations. Specifically, artists who use instruments like violins/violas/etc, among others, and who also use loops. They can use them on the album or during live shows, or both, it doesn't matter. A couple examples would be Emily Wells and Owen Pallett. Know any artists like that?
Edit: Oh, i can't really listen to the tracks right now, but i will later. Thanks!

If you don't, are there any songs or artists you think EVERYONE EVERYWHERE should know about, listen to, and appreciate? Why?

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Hello TQC.

So I have made this chicken taco meat recipe in my crock-pot a couple of times and I always start out with frozen chicken. When I read the reviews online many others had done the same.

However, today, my sister told me that I was going to get sick from starting off with the chicken frozen. I told her that it hadn't happened and that a lot of others had made it the same way and were fine. She insists that we have all just gotten lucky and its very dangerous. :/

I have always had some food paranoia and now I am freaked out since it is cooking in my crock-pot as we speak.

What's your opinion TQC? have you ever started off with frozen chicken in your crock-pot? Can 400 reviewers of a recipe AND I be so wrong?

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Inspired by a few posts down:

Do you know how to ride a bike?

If yes, how old were you when you learned (without training wheels)?

Did someone teach/help you, or did you learn on your own?

I learned on my own when I was I think seven or eight. My (15-year-old) brother doesn't know how to ride a bike, and that seems so strange to me. He doesn't really do things outside at all though...

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My husband had a job interview Monday (and thinks he did very very well) and they said they'd let him know their decision today. It's 1:15 and they haven't called yet. Should he call them if he doesn't hear from them by, say, 3? Or wait it out?

Religious Studies

Im about to register for summer courses (I need to ASAP so I can get a loan extension) and I need a humanities elective. I don't want to take any modern languages or literature courses (I'm a Business Student lol) but I have to pick between those departments or go with a religious studies course. The only one available is called "Love" - Has anyone ever taken a course like this? I know it's offered in a few universities around Canada but I'm not sure where else. I'm just wanting to know what its like or any religious studies courses for that matter..

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How do I block someone from seeing my status updates on facebook but keep them as a friend?

I want to keep my dad as a friend because he'll be a dick if I don't, but I am sick of him screencapping things I post he doesn't deem appropriate(like hot pictures of Jennifer Lawrence..) and sending me emails about it.

edit: Thanks guys!

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Which would you rather do?

Get a Brazillian wax, except instead of wax, they use superglue
Slide down a Slip-N-Slide completely naked on a steep incline, except instead of the normal mat, it's sandpaper lubricated with hot sauce

Which would you rather do?

Eat a heaping spoonful of someone else's dandruff
Do enough acid to trap you in a 48 hour trip of hallucinations and possible paranoia

Which would you rather do?

Attend a nude resort in Wisconsin in the winter for one day
Spend a day in Arizona in the summer wearing a gorilla suit

Which would you rather do?

Sit next to someone on a roller coaster who had 3 chili dogs and they're not sitting very well in his stomach (he's a little nauseus)
Leap off the stage and crowdsurf at a crowded performance at a retirement home (everybody in the crowd is well over 60)

Which would you rather do?

Go on chat roulette for an entire hour while masturbating in front of the camera. Nothing subtle. Pants off while you're going for it
Go jogging around your block (just once) wearing ONLY a towel and flip-flops. You can't secure the towel by any other means except what you'd normally do when exiting the shower

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what's your FAVORITE fast-food-esque place to eat? can be anything from mcdonald's and pot belly's to panda express and sonic. whatever your favorite place is. what do you get from there? when was the last time you ate there?

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what would you like to see in your Easter basket if you were to get one this year ?

what would you put in a basket for a 10 year old and 12 year old girl ?

what is/was your favorite Easter treat that you were always excited to get every Easter ?
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Uncomfortable and Itching

Have you ever had an allergic reaction to something that resulted in hives? Is there anything I can do besides going to the hospital? I really can't afford to give them $300 right now and pay for prescriptions. I've tried topical ointments and hydro cortisone creams, but they are not working at all.

Boring question, sorry

I work for a real estate agency. I volunteered to cut the grass at one of their properties. I arrived at one of the properties with my mom's lawn mower and a maintenance guy was there. He informed me that the yard is scattered with rocks and to be careful. Unfortunately, despite my precautions, I hit a large rock anyway (it was hidden underneath some high grass) and damaged the mower. Now, whenever I go to start it, there is a lot of rattling and I suspect one of the blades has been damaged.

Would it be unreasonable to ask my boss to pay for the damages to my lawn mower? I really don't have the money to fix it myself right now.

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Can you recommend a nighttime face moisturizer?


~natural~ (I don't want a bunch of chemical crap)
fragrance/dye free
drug store preferable

Totally not related:

Are there foods you can eat that help alleviate seasonal allergies?
I'm suffering right now and my mom was saying that if you eat certain foods it helps with hay fever/pollen allergies. Is this whacko or correct?
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When I was at Hampton Court in 2010 I bought This necklace. Anne Boleyn, and Renaissance/Late Medieval History, has fascinated me for a long term and in the three years preceding my visit I was working on a research project around her, yada yada yada. To surmise, buying the necklace and actually visiting Hampton Court (I'm from Australia) was a MASSIVE deal for me. Ergo, the necklace had a great deal of emotional value even though it didn't cost much. </background>

Unfortunately, when I got back to Australia, I accidentally broke one of the hanging beads off. Around the same time, my life fell seriously apart. I also stopped my research and stopped writing. Now, nearly two years since buying the necklace, I've mostly put my life back together. However, my necklace is still broken but I want to wear it again. But...

  • Should I get my necklace repaired? On the upside, it would be bought in England but on the downside, it'd cost nearly as much to repair as to buy a new one. Also the "pearl" would probably have a glue stain.

  • Should I buy a brand new necklace? It'd be unstained and I could probably order a custom one with real pearls and metal as opposed to beads and plastic. On the downside, it wouldn't have been bought in England at Hampton Court.

What should I do? Money isn't really too much of an issue either way.

I just finished The Hunger Games series... what should I read next?
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I'm currently simmering some corned beef for dinner. I've got some (sweetheart) cabbage, carrots and celery I'm planning to also simmer in the last bit of cooking, but I'm not sure how I want to do the potatoes. Should I serve them boiled with the rest or should I mash them? If I mash them, should I make them bubble and squeak/colcannonish and put some of the cabbage in it?

edit: Looks like I'm boiling them along with the other veggies! Thank you~ :)
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tqc, all of a sudden you're Jewish (if you're not already) :O

tonight is the first night of Passover, and you have about 20 people coming over for dinner. albeit overpriced like a MOTHERFUCKER, what would you order from this menu, given $300 $500 to spend?

dc? what's for dinner tonight?
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I hate my job. I cry before I go to work and I cry when I get off work. Feel free to tell me to quit being a baby, I don't even care. I'll just be sad anyway, so why not?
At this point quitting is not an option so I can't do that.

We're having a barbeque next weekend and my husband is inviting his class of soldiers to come. Should I invite the people I work with in the hopes that maybe we'll get along better at work, or should I say screw them they can't ruin my weekend, too?

Bonus question: The house we just moved into has a pool. The previous renters let it sit forever. The pool guys are coming out and dumping TONS of chemicals in it to clean it, but they're keeping the same water as before in the pool. They say it'll be safe, but it just seems SO GROSS to me. Would you feel comfortable swimming in that water?
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Can I substitute Tapioca Flour for Bread Flour?
Or does anyone have recipes for bread using Tapioca Flour? This is just for a plain white bread.

I totally just was given a bread maker and now I need to make everything possible. It also apparently makes jams and butters.


Well apparently I shouldn't do it so ....

What's your favorite bread recipes?
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Hello TQC!

Do you have any recommendations for sci-fi books that have an unusual or imaginative take on what Earth will be like in the future?

I want to read some stuff that isn't super-typical dystopian police state or flying cars! holographic tvs! kinda stuff. I am ok with all those themes, but I am looking for a good read that sort of goes above and beyond the ordinary tropes.

I really enjoyed Snow Crash and Oryx & Crake if that helps.

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I've been put in charge of dessert for Easter Sunday dinner. What should I make? It doesn't have to be anything fancy, keeping in mind that, A) it's just my immediate family, and B) I am easily confused.
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Om nom

In one of the later episodes of The Sopranos, Uncle Junior's girlfriend reveals that he's great at eating pussy. He gets pissed and this causes him embarrassment because to old school Italians, cunnilingus = gay.

What is the thinking behind that?? That's pretty much the least gay sexual thing I can think of.

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Say you were moving across the country in a couple weeks, and then you got asked out on a date by someone from your current city of residence. 

Would you turn him/her down knowing nothing could really come of it because of the circumstances? Or would you go because, hey, you might still have fun or make a friend?