April 5th, 2012


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For any of you who watch Biggest Loser... who was eliminated this week? I just tried to watch it on demand, and it's showing only the first hour. I also looked it up on Wikipedia and couldn't find anything.


Would you rather know the exact time you will die or how you will die?

I had to write a paper in college on this subject for a Death & Dying class I took, and I ended up deciding I'd want to know when I will die when given the choice.

I figured if I found out I was to die in something common like a car accident or from illness, then every time I'd be in a car or get sick my world would feel like it was ending, and if I lived until I was 90 years old that would be a whole lot of my life spent worrying about, "Is this the end?"

Whereas if I knew WHEN I could plan my life accordingly, although knowing when might suck as the time approaches, particularly if you didn't have much left.
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What is a small (or even the smallest) breed of dog that your stereotypical "manly" man can own without having to forfeit his man card?

I'm pretty sure a Yorkiepoo is out of the question, but what about other small breeds?  

Edit:  I need something small and cute, but still believable, for a story I'm working on.  My husband has a Min Pin so I could always use that, but I wanted a few other ideas too.

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You have an errand you need to run at 1600 Longway Road. Afterwards, you need to go to 6100 Longway Road to run a different errand. You have to walk. How much time would you budget to get from the first address to the second, if the street numbers are all you have to go by?

ETA: Assume you have no access to google maps and really have to guess :0
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Okay guys, excuse me for the ignorance/lack of knowledge, but i'm looking for a word/phrase here. I'm trying to say that i want to get a "combined degree" in two subjects, but i don't think "combined degree" is the phrase. Is there a better sounding substitute that isn't "I want to double major in..."?

EDIT: Thanks guys, i've sent the email.

Also, does anyone here have any experience applying for/being accepted to universities that AREN'T in the US? Ideally Germany, but wherever could work too. I had emailed these people at the international student office to ask about prerequisites and courses, and one replied saying that i can expect to find all the relevant information regarding application on the website at the end of May. From what i know so far about the admissions process at German universities, this doesn't really sound unusually last minute (the program starts in October, i have to apply by July 15, probably can't apply before June 1st), but it definitely seems last minute compared to US universities. People who may have had short timelines when applying to university (or any super important program with a bunch of requirements), did you feel like you had enough/ample time to get all the necessary things done, or was it very one-after-the-other, multiple-things-at-once?
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1. What do you personally think is the biggest problem facing our society today? There are obviously so many things that could be made better in the world, but what do you care about the most and why? 

2. For those of you who have gone to grad school, why did you go and where and was it worth it? What are your overall thoughts on graduate school? For anyone out there that was thinking about it but didn't go or just got a bachelor's degree and was content with that, what were your main reasons for not going to grad school? (Money obv is a huge drawback but maybe other reasons besides or in addition to that) 

3. Do you believe everyone is a little bit queer?
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1. If you find that the two top pieces of bread are moldy but the rest of the loaf looks fine, do you throw out the whole loaf anyways or just the moldy pieces?

2. Would you find it off-putting if, when contacting a faculty member through email, they don't capitalize their sentences, don't address the top and don't sign the bottom?

3. What was the last youtube video you watched? Cookies for those who post the actual video.
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How often do you shop online?

What kind of things do you buy online? (clothes, dvds, etc)

How often do you browse online stores? Do you browse more than you actually buy? Do you browse for fun just to pass time?

What influences you to buy things online? (lower price? selection/sizes? convenience?)

Do you use Pinterest? What do you use it for?

Do you use any social shopping sites? (shopstyle, kaboodle) What do you like/dislike about those kind of sites?

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TQC, I am sitting in a fast food restaurant. When I went to sit down, some older woman told me she was my server. She apparently buses tables and such. She just semi-chased a guy to the trash can for throwing away his own garbage. Have you ever seen this? Do I tip her? Do you think I am allowed to refill my own drink? This is just weird.

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When you hear a new song that you like (new to you, not necessarily recent), does it get firmly stuck in your head and drive you insane?

Do you have to play it over and over for a few days until it gets out of your head?

Just wondering how normal this is.
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I was exiting the train station and there were a bunch of people from the red cross with flyers and clipboards by my exit. I walked past them and one of them yelled at me; "hey young woman in the red dress with birds and badges on her bag!"

This is creepy, yes?
Would this method of yelling after people and describing them actually work?

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What color are your the sheets on your bed right now?
What color is the towel you dry off with after bathing?
What color are the shoes you are currently wearing or the last pair that you wore if you aren't wearing any right now?
What color is the case on your phone, if you have one?

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I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has noticed this, but it seems to me that most of the users on livejournal are women, and that most of the communities are dominated by women. Why do you think this is so?
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Do you think the ice-cream-in-a-ziploc experiment would work with yogurt, too? Or does it need to be milk/liquid? How about juice? I have all the fixings for traditional milk bag-ice cream but I wanted to try some other things with the kids today. Thanks you lovely people.

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I fully realize that this is a stupid question, but I need help.

How do people go about making friends?

I don't have very many, and the ones that I do have I know from high school or through my girlfriend. There is someone that I follow on Tumblr that I would like to be friends with, so I got her kik name, but I don't know how to start up a conversation.

So how do I go about starting a conversation with someone that I don't know very well?
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What would your last meal be (it can cost any amount of money)?

What's your favorite cookie (or one of your favorite cookies)?

If you are a coffee or tea drinker, what do you like to eat with your coffee or tea?

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Do you know someone who has gone to the middle east as a part of their duty to their chosen military branch? 

I just found out my sister might have to and I just don't know what to think.  I'm worried for her.  

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Ages ago I asked TQC this

Thanks to your answers, I have just been offered a job. Huzzah!! This is the answer to all the problems I have been having lately. I couldn't be happier.

So TQC, whats the best thing that has happened to you lately?

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1. If you went on a very successful first date with someone (who made it clear that they wanted to see you again) but weren't able to plan date #2 because you were going to be out of town traveling for 3 weeks, do you think he/she will forget about you in that time?

2. Do you see eye to eye with your family? My immediate family is strongly Christian, and I've never been fully convinced by religion. I feel like they're always judging me. My dad even went so far as to say that whoever I marry needs to be Christian. (?!?!) How does one find an in between in cases like this? They're family so it's not like I can just abandon them.

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where do you buy tights? i want cute tights for work.

i used to wear black footless tights that had a soft band around the waist, they weren't really elastic. i know one brand was minden and i think the other was capezio, but i'm having a hard time finding them online. help? i'm looking specifically for the soft waist banded ones that won't give me muffin top. footed are preferable.
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I'm creating a cross stitch for my brother and his wife for their anniversary based on this. I can't pick which lyric I like best and there's only room for one of them. Will you help me?

Which lyric is better?

I'm the darkness, you're the stars. Our love is brighter than the sun.
For eternity, for me there can be, Only you, my chosen one...

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what is a good way to deal with loud, rude neighbors?
my building manager lives above me and stomps around her house all day turns her music and/or tv up so loud I can hear it through her floor and she refuses to turn it down or be quieter.
Her brother is the landlord and could give a shit about what happens as long as he gets his rent.
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For those that have seen The Hunger Games, what did you think of it? What score would you give it out of 10?

For those that have read the book AND seen the movie, did you think it was a good adaptation of it? What did they do well? What didn't they do well?

Do you think The Hunger Games would have been better suited to being a long TV series to draw it out a bit more (like to The Walking Dead)?
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30 Days

For those who are familiar with it, what do you think of the reality series "30 Days" (Description from wiki behind the cut for those not familiar.)

Is immersing ones self in someone else's experiences or culture in order to gain better understanding of that experience or culture a misguided attempt, offensive or *ist (or something else, of course)?

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I want to buy a slow cooker (crockpot?). Any suggestions? Any products/brands to stay away from? Money isn't a huge factor to me as long as its something that works and will last me quite awhile. Generally feeding two people, but as many as 6 or 8 some days.

DC/DK What is your favourite 90s song?

dating and life passions

so, im new in the dating scene after a long relationship. on dating websites, people seem to stress that they want a partner to have something they are really passionate about. while i think that having a big passion makes someone interesting and proves that they are working towards something greater than themselves, i don't really know if i have one big life passion. i have smaller passions relating to my job in health care, travel and cultural sensitivity and curiosity, but i can't honestly say that i have something that i could name is my one big passion. i really just want to find a partner to do interesting things with, go interesting places, build a good group of friends and have a family.

do you think my lack of life passion will turn guys off?
do you think these people are just being snobby? (i am in boston, a very academic, progressive, snobby place)
or should i spend some time thinking about my true passion before starting to date?


im talking to an ex on facebook and am now feeling really nostalgic for both my serious relationships before my current one, and thinking of how we have all changed since then and moved on and everything. im missing what it felt like and the smells outside and their hair and all those silly things. do you do this occasionally? what have you been feeling nostalgic for lately if at all?

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What are some books you'd recommend that are high literary quality but are also fast-paced? 

Sometimes I feel like the two qualities are all too often mutually exclusive.

What's your favorite kind of meat? (That isn't penis.)

I love corned beef. And spicy Italian sausage.
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Where were you 5 years ago?
1 year ago?
Where are you now?
How has your life changed in these past few years? Are you content with what you've accomplished so far? What would you change?
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What do you all think of this article?

'There are downsides to looking this pretty: "Why women hate me for being beautiful""


Is she serious or do you think she is messing with us? Does she make a good point? Thoughts? Opinions?

Women of TQC: Do you hate women who are better looking than you are? How do you control the jealousy? How??