April 4th, 2012

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I recently read Never Let Me Go and found it completely heartbreaking and have cried each time I've read it since, three times more. Have you read it? And if so, have you cried?

If you haven't, the basic premise is that [Spoiler (click to open)]it takes place in the late 90s, where cloning is common for essentially harvesting organs for medical purposes. It follows the lives of three clones being raised at a sort of boarding school, then their lives after they leave boarding school. Over time, the clones experience pain and happiness and hope and love. The book asks you to question whether or not these clones have souls. Do you believe that clones would have souls?

And finally, do you believe animals have souls as well if humans have souls?

These are just things that I thought about after reading the book; I don't intend to cause any drama, and if you want a happy easy question if you don't want to answer the first ones, what was the last book you read and what were your thoughts on it?


do you think my instructor will notice if the 8 page essay i'm supposed to be turning in tomorrow morning is actually 7 pages?

it completely fills all 7 pages, and i've done all the blahbittyblah stretchy stretchy wordiness i can to it, and i'm freakin tired at this point. 

dk/dc: do you like angel food cake? why or why not? 
бобры, бобр, бобер

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The other day my Russian friends and I had an argument about the title of a popular Russian movie translated into English as follows,


Some said the translation was misleading and some opined it was OK.

Without seeing the movie, what do you think it is about?

Prostokvashino is a Russian village where the story takes place.


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I recently started a job working in group homes of people with ID/DD (Intellectual Disabilies/Devolopemental Disabilites)

Does anyone else here work in these kind of homes?
what kind of work do you do ?
if you don't work, how do you keep yourself occupied during the day?

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If you could go back in time, but
1. You can't change the present.
2. None of your actions will have any consequence in the present.
3. You can't take things out of the past.
4. Or move them with any result outside of a minor inconvenience,
5. Socks are exempt from rules 3 and 4.
6. The future still hasn't happened yet.

What would you take with you and what would you do there?
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Pee Ess Trois

I bought a new PS3 a few months ago because my old one would eat discs. I'm playing LA Noire and it accesses the disc so much and it's so loud that it's driving me crazy. Does anyone else's system do this? Is the glass shelf reflecting the sound? MAKE IT STOP.
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Ideas on music and movies...

I'm always open to new movies and music. Any suggestions for either?

Movies...Anything from Classic to Horror. Examples: Vertigo, Blue Valentine, Casablanca, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc

Music...Any genre really Examples: Patsy Cline, Black Keys, Travie McCoy, Mazzy Star, Alesana, Slayer, The Coasters, etc
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Non-Serious Question Time!! :D

Update: I ended up doing a strawberry cheesecake for my practical. It was ugly, but it tasted SO GOOD!!.

Okay, so because the rest of my team mates have other responsibilities, and I have an apartment that is perfect, I'm in charge of baby-sitting our group's sourdough starter for the evening.

To elaborate, a sourdough starter is basically a yeast culture + flour + water. It has to be fed on a schedule and must be kept in a cool place when not being fed. There's more to it, but I don't think you guys want to read all of that. Because I'm baby-sitting first, I've got the honor of naming our "child". But the only name I've got right off the top of my head is Snape. 

Cause I'm a nerd.

So, TQC, what are some funny, clever and nerdy names that I can name our starter? It can be anything, as long as it's not profane.

DK/DC/Call it Snape, woman!:

Have you watched episodes of Epic Meal Time?
Besides the obviously "for entertainment purposes" food that they make, would you make anything from that show?
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I was just playing Draw Something with a random and before they drew their picture they asked if I wanted to text them. Has this happened to you? Do people actually try to pick people up on Draw Something? What the hell.

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being a super nerd. anyone play world of warcraft? anyone fancy sending me a scroll of resurrection? (eu?) :)

dk/dc/not a nerd:

what was the last thing you accomplished?


what was the last thing you read/watched? was it good? TELL US ABOUT IT

two unrelated questions

1. Is there a way to get off 3rd party screen protectors on a DS? I've had mine on there for years and I never had a problem before, but now it's starting to affect my touch screen and my stylus won't register in certain places. I figure it's got to be the old screen protector (it's quite scratched now), but I can't get the thing off. I tried the tape method (with duct tape no less), didn't work. There's only a small area where I could try to pick at it, but I've had no success. I picked at one of the other protectors and it started coming up, so I don't think it's stuck on there. Anyway, help? I don't want to have to buy a new DS when the only problem is the protector.

2. How do you find a good hairdresser outside of just asking random people? If you know of one in the Virginia Beach area, tell me please!

@#&*@$ spam

I am somehow on an e-mailing list that has NO opt-out option. I get emails every week or few weeks offering coupons or payment options to take classes I am not at all interested in. I do NOT remember signing up for any mailing list of any sort and don't know how I got on this one (maybe from a class/conference I did because of work).

Anyway, I have replied to the admin email address several times demanding politely to be removed and both were COMPLETELY ignored. And now I get SO ANGRY every time they appear in my inbox. I HATE having my inbox clogged up with crap like this.

How do I get them to stop? There are laws against spamming email addresses without the option to unsubscribe, right? Can I threaten them somehow? What should I do?
You think they'll save you.

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Can you post the title of the last tv show or mini-series you've watched&loved that is not ongoing? And is not rlyrly popular (like Friends, 6 Feet Under, Lost...) Can you describe, in as much detail as you so wish, what it is about?

My friend introduced me to Death Note. I don't watch much anime, but this one is sooo good. It's about a teenage boy who comes across a notebook (the "Death Note") that allows him to control the deaths of people he chooses, so long as the notebook is his. So he decides to make the world a good place by ridding it of criminals. The Death Note was dropped by a shinigami (death god) who follows him, being that the one with the Death Note is the only one that can see him. He figures, because the only connection between he and the people he kills is this notebook, there's no way he can be caught. OR IS THERE? I highly recommend. =)

And, yesterday I watched the first episode of My So-Called Life and am really excited to watch more of it. So far it's about the angsty life of a teenage girl - which makes it sound melodramatic, but it captures the mindset really well.

eta: I guess that Death Note is deemed being more popular than I knew it was. Moving on.

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TQC, when someone comes to you with a problem they're having, is it your first instinct to suggest ways they can solve it? Or do you just let them rant and then if they ask for solutions, give it to them?

I'm a "fix it!" kind of person so I immediately give solutions, but sometimes I'm really bad at figuring out when people just want to complain about something without getting advice about it. Especially if the person is talking to me over IM, I pretty much have to be told, "I don't want solutions, I just want to talk about it." Otherwise I just don't get it and come out with "Well you have this option and you could do this thing or this..." and inadvertently piss them off.
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What awkward moments do you haaaaaate?

That awkward point in the conversational when I can't understand what you're saying and I don't want to ask you to repeat it for a third time, so I just say yeah or okay and you look at me like wut.

That awkward moment when you're sitting on the toilet and you're just remembering that you were going to replace the TP the last time. Longest. Waddle. Of Shame. Ever.
would you like a shaddow puppet show?

On vernacular hybridizing?

anyone here paid $30 to join www.subgenius.com? i have! weirdness? is that the answer? maybe? what are your thoughts on vernacular lingo hybridizing? shouldst we alls speakest and typest in the weirdesterest ways imaginacain? how many of thous here art nought though but only imaginary illusions of intelligence programs finagled of some weird programmer?

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Do you have any past relationships with unfinished and unresolved issues? will you summarize some?

Slightly more important: my 25th wedding anniversary is this month. I got my wife a card and a silver necklace. She's getting me.....nothing.
I should be pissed. Right?

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I was supposed to get married on Easter.  This is no longer happening. 

I need suggestions on fun things to do that day that will keep me from remembering said non-wedding.  I am sure that I will eventually have a mini-breakdown but I should be able to keep it to a minimum if I'm enjoying myself or otherwise occupied.


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SO I am subbing in a grade 2/3 class on Tuesday.
I got a basic day plan but for Language Arts it says it's up to me.
I want something FUN, that will only take one class (so about 45 minutes).
Does anyone have any suggestions? You guys are always creative.

I was going to read them the story THUNDERCAKE and then have us create the thunder storm using snapping, clapping, etc.. but I doubt that will take 45 minutes... so any suggestions building on that would be great too :)

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Help me spend my money, TQC. I can either repair my bathroom, or file for divorce. I can't afford to do both right now.

We have two bathrooms in our trailer, but the one in good shape is inside my bedroom, so if the other one goes out of service entirely I'm going to have a lot of traffic going in and out, and also there is no door on that bathroom, so I pretty much have to leave my bedroom whenever my son or adult step-son want to use my bathroom.

The bad bathroom has a cracked bathtub. Water has leaked into the subfloor, and it has rotted out. The toilet has sunk at a slight angle, and is being supported by cinder blocks from underneath the trailer. It works, but it is a bit scary to sit on. The drain piping for the sink got pulled apart by the floor going south underneath it, so that sink is out of service. We need to pull out the toilet and bathtub and sink and pull up the flooring, then replace the flooring, then reinstall the toilet and buy a new bathtub (probably a shower stall instead) and sink housing, and install them. We really need to do all of this during the warm weather.

My marriage is really and truly over, but the legal connection between us remains. I don't expect to get remarried soon, and maybe never, so there isn't any real big hurry in that sense about when to do the divorce. It's just that I'd need to spend money on filing fees and a lawyer. The State of Michigan wants to do the heavy lifting for me. Our son is living with me full time, and I'm receiving food stamps to help with food expenses, and Medicaid to help with our medical expenses.

The State of Michigan's point of view is that my ex should contribute to the cost of our kid's living expenses, and the State coerced me into signing an authorization for them to sue her for child support on my behalf. When they get her to sign the agreement they want, I'll have all the Custody, Support, and Visitation agreements wrapped up nice and neat and legal, and I'll be able to take the agreement to court and get a divorce without need of further legal representation. I just have to be patient.

BUT ... she's out of state and declining to sign the receipt for delivery of legal papers from the State of Michigan. (She tells me she doesn't know how to get to the Post Office from where she is living now.) So I might have to pay a lawyer to deal with her and get her formally served, and such. And if I do all of that, I'll be stuck with only one working bathroom for a very long time.

What's even worse ... I'm being honest about my situation in my okcupid profile. I've gotten lots of responses on the order of "Write again when you're not married anymore." My ex is getting laid by all sorts of people who don't care about her legal status, but I'm getting cockblocked.

So how should I spend my money?