April 3rd, 2012

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I'm single.  I would like to date someone but I'm not actively looking.

Last night I went to a bar to meet a friend for a drink and this guy (friend of my friend) comes up and introduces himself, starts talking, flirting, etc and eventually asks me if I'd like to go out sometime.  He was nice, but totally not my type.

Do you ever give the nice guy/girl a chance? Would you go out with someone knowing there's a good chance there wouldn't be a romantic connection?

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My dog was given painkillers for a broken nail.
He seemed way more energetic and less uncomfortable on them and since he's run out, he's sort of back to being an old man.
Would it be unheard of to ask the vet to prescribe the pain pills for my dog all the time?

I plan to ask but I don't want to seem like I'm any more crazy than I am.

When do you plan to go to sleep tonight?
When will you wake up?

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What was the last thing you did to make someone else happier, even though it was a burden for you or made you miserable?

What was the last thing you did that made someone else disappointed or sad, but which resulted in more happiness or less stress for you?


What are is your favorite type of nut for snacking?

Pine nut
Brazil nut
I hate and/or am allergic to nuts
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I submitted a cover letter and resume to a job. Then I realized in the last sentence in my cover letter I missed a word and it's pretty obvious. Am I totally out of luck for getting noticed for this job now? Is it worthwhile to send a corrected cover letter in?

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How often do you go along with what your friends want to do even though you don't really want to do it? Like going to see a movie you're not interested in instead of a movie you are interested in.

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Hey TQC. I was told yesterday I had the day off work today. So I made plans with an old friend to have coffee and catch up. This morning, I woke up to a call on my phone from my manager asking if I could come in and work for a couple of hours today. The coffee plans have already been changed around once and I really don't feel like trekking it half an hour to work if I'm only going to be there for three hours. Would you go in?

DK/DC: What's your favorite thing to get from Starbucks?
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I applied to a bunch of jobs last week, one of them being a fun little boutique that sells purses, scarves, and that sort of thing. This morning the owner called me to find out what my schedule is for the rest of the semester. He said he needed to talk to the other owner and he'd get back to me soon. TQC WILL I GET THE JOB?

I have fresh green beans in my fridge. I want to serve them with pork chops and a rice side... how should I cook them? (I am so used to canned or frozen green beans that I don't know what to dooooo!)

Have any of you ever been hit with really bad senioritis? How did you get through?! I have 4 weeks left of undergrad and I am struggling to make myself care about shit at all.
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What factors do you need to have in your life in order for you to feel generally content/happy?

I've been feeling bummed out lately and I can't quite place what's missing in my life.
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earlier today my phone notified me that "I COULD NOW DOWNLOAD INSTAGRAM" so i was all "well if you say so, phone"

so uhm, what do i do with it now?
do you have instagram? will you share with me a photo or something?

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Have you served in the military?

Yes, I am currently serving in the US military
Yes, I've served in the US military in the past
Yes, I chose to enlist in another country's military
Yes, I was conscripted into another country's military
Yes, I've served in the military of two or more countries!
No, but I plan on joining soon
No. I tried to enlist but was rejected
No, but I've seriously considered it
No, and I have never ever wanted to
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The smell of coffee

I am just beginning to explore the world of gourmet coffees, and I'm wondering if you all have any recommendations on good coffees? I'm trying to avoid Starbucks stuff (I love the social aspect of going to Starbucks, so it's not a boycott thing).

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Being paranoid here: I have some bread where the expiration date is March 25th. The loaf has only been opened once, if at all, and sealed right back with the twist tie. I don't see any visible mold and the bread still feels fresh (not hard/weird like stale bread does). Is it safe to eat it? I'm assuming yes, but I'd like to double check.  

Do you pay attention to expiration dates?
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What's the strangest thing you regularly eat? [Lately]Lately I've been fixated on tortilla chips with vanilla yogurt, and no I'm not pregnant or PMSing or otherwise hormonally compromised. It's just salty & sweet & creamy and very nice.

Am I going to die?

I just got a call from my doctors office saying he wants to do a follow-up on my recent blood tests. Am I going to die?

The receptionist said if it was serious he would have called directly, but there is something he wants to talk to me about. Thing is my appointment isn't until the 30th so now I get to wait.

I'm thinking either my sugar is too high/low or my cholesterol is. I mean it was routine physical blood tests. I'm a very paranoid person too so it doesn't help.

TQC tell me I am going to live!

Planning of roomie's birthday continues...

Can anyone point me to a particularly amazing death-by-chocolate cake recipe? Something so thick and rich you can barely eat a whole slice? My only other requirement is that it be entirely from scratch. I'm morally opposed to food from a box, particularly for special events.

Amazing chocolate cheesecake recipes also accepted. :) Thanks!

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So you are the Boss and the following three are your employees. For logistical reasons you can only fire one of them. Who do you choose to get rid of?

Employee A drinks on the job. He's never been DRUNK or inappropriate but you know for a fact that he drinks pretty regularly.
Employee B steals. Its never really much, $10 here and there, basically.
Employee C has been caught looking at porn/masturbating on the job more than once and sometimes makes inappropraite jokes and comments
The Dude Abides

McHooker ?

I read a news story where some cops in Florida arrested a prostitute who was soliciting herself for a couple of cheeseburgers, plus tips. They don't mention in the article whether or not she got to eat the cheeseburgers before being arrested. Do you think the cops let her eat before throwing her in the pokey?
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My boyfriend won't let me take care of him when he's sick because of his manly pride and just tells me he's fine and not to worry, even though I know he has a bad stomach bug and is in pain.

What's the best response to this TQC? Leave him alone and not poke the sleeping sick bear or go over there and take care of him because that is what girlfriends do?

Also, he really never gets sick so I don't have past experience to pull from.

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We (my husband, 6 month old son and myself) are going to Florida to visit family in May, my Aunt who we will be staying with just told us she has two Disney passes and will let us use them while she watches our son if we would like.

I have not been to Disney since I was 10 and I really dont remember much...what is there to do for a 29 year old man and a 24 year old woman? My husband is quite large and probably would not fit on rides.

Anyone know if they have breastfeeding stations? I wont have my son but I will have to pump while there.

Or should we just not go and go to the beach instead...we will still go to the beach even if we go to Disney.

What else should we do? We will be going to Cocoa and Daytona.


Have you ever visited a chiropractor?  

What's the appointment like?  Would you recommend it?

DK/DC/Chiropractic virgin:  Assuming you could afford anything you wanted, what size house would you live in?

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What is your favorite Thai dish? 

Me and my dad are going soon to one his friend owns.  I've been once and had something with a lot of veggies and chicken in it gai nai-suan. It was very good, plus we got like 20% off cause my dad was open carrying.

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I am thinking of studying abroad next spring and wanted to know anyone's experience? Any words of advice? Or for those who don't live in the US, any suggestions about what to expect or prepare for if I was to study in your country?
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On a scale of 1 to FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU, how upset am I allowed to be because I missed the friending post earier?

Have you made any tough decisions lately? I feel like I just ruined my life.*

*Not really, but it sucks.
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What's the average hourly pay for a job in Buffalo/Niagara Falls NY? Transferring to a branch of *large retail pet store* next month. I currently make a little above minimum wage in Indiana and am curious as to how much of a pay increase I can expect/pray for (manager I work for isn't entirely sure).