April 2nd, 2012

Hey you guys! I died!

Hey you guys! I died!

So I had this button that I found at some show/craft event years ago. Some kids had a button maker so they cut random things from magazines and what have you and made them into buttons. I loved this button, it said "Hey you guys! I died!" I lost the button semi-recently. It looked something like this:

Of course the button didn't have that text split nor the gray stuff, just the pink cartoon speech bubble and the text. I found this image by googling, apparently it's from some issue of VICE mag about rats or something like that. Now where can I get a button like this again? Anyone have a button maker? Who would make me one? Pretty please? I could send you chocolate and tea in return or something. Thanks!

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Can you finish this sentence for me?

I have a thing about __________________________ (fill in the blank please).

My answer: I have a thing about clocks. For some reason I love clocks.

I also have a thing about old farmhouses, especially in Indiana.

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Good day!

Will you tell me;

-one thing you dislike about your job or a job you recently had?

-one thing you love about your job or a job you recently had?

-AND while we are at it; is there some type of stereotype with your job? If not, can you post your job so we can make one up, please?
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e/n bullshit

If you had unfriended a "frenemy" (in my case, someone i was friends with who overreacted to something I said - a lot of people agreed she overreacted - and we supposedly "made up" but she still always acted differently toward me after that, like she hadn't forgiven me) on facebook after she moved out of the country, but then a few weeks later a friend request from her showed up, would you add her back?

DK/DC: I'm going to get All You Can Eat sushi for lunch today since it's spring break and I'm not working. Wanna go with me? (ETAI'm serious about this if you live anywhere near DC)
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There's really alot of back story, but in an effort to be concise, hopefully it won't be necessary.


My boss has requested that we change my schedule for me to clock in at 9am or even earlier, my scheduled time is 915.


Just last week I requested to be able to clock out 15-30 early so I can get home in time before my husband leaves for work, because it's a bit silly for him to drive 3 towns over to drop our son at someones house if I'm missing him by a mere half hour, and she just couldn't work with me.


Should I even bother negotiating leaving early again? How would you approach this?

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CNN has chosen to include the following image in a story about Augusta Golf Club having problems with admitting women (again).
They've always refused women before, but have always accepted the CEO of IBM...who's now a woman. So everyone's waiting to see if they'll let her in.
Story: http://edition.cnn.com/2012/04/02/opinion/burk-augusta-ibm/index.html?hpt=hp_c3

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What do you think of their choice to use that image?
Were you familiar with that image before?
What do you think of Augusta Golf Course's practices?
Do you think they will let IBM's CEO play there?
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1)If you've ever read the Bible, what is your favorite verse or story?
2)If you've ever traveled anywhere in Europe, where did you go? Did you tip while there? If so, who did you tip and how much did you typically leave? Have you ever had someone get insulted because you left a tip?
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God (or evolution) is punishing you, and you have to choose between a life of not being able to read or a life of not being able to establish relationships (friends, significant others).

Why did you choose what you chose?



I just saw a cute little dog get run over by a car. I'm trying to convince myself that it only broke a leg and it's gonna be fine, but I'm still upset.

Aside from cuddling my doggies and researching pet gates all day, what can I do to feel better?
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What's your take on the tone argument?

If someone was arguing a point with you in real life being as condescending and insulting as possible, would you listen because you don't want to derail or silence someone who is emotionally invested in a debate topic. Or would you just be like GURL BYE because you don't think the tone allows you to have an engaging serious discourse?
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I'm trying to rebuild my credit about four years after my ex-husband ruined it, so I'd like to open a credit card to start showing good payments and all that stuff. What card am I likely to qualify for? (I understand it's going to be crazily high-interest and that's okay.)

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What pet names do you call you SO?
What pet names does you SO call you?
What pet names make you ill when you hear/see?

DK/DC/Don't have a SO: Do you have a doppelganger?

Bonus: Planned Parenthood just opened a new office one city over from me. This branch is not offering abortions, just reproductive health care for lower income ladies. They have people protesting abortions and PP outside. How dumb are these protesters?
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Do people tell you that you're too serious?
If so, where are you when they say this? (school, job, etc.)
What are you currently stressing about?


Do you make cheesecake? If so, do you do anything special with the crust?
Chocolate Cake + Raspberry Cheesecake + Chocolate Espresso Mousse = Winner, yes?

Most of my classmates say that I'm far too serious.
I'm stressing about getting this internship and being able to afford to get my degree. :(



? I haven't had sex in two years! I'm stuck in America! I had sex with American Women! Will I go to Hell or just Purgatory? For the bestiality -beastiality- with the American women?

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What tattoo should I get?

A Socrates quote
A Socrates quote as a tramp stamp (to lessen the pretentiousness)
Mothra fighting a shark
Tattoos are the mark of satan, don't get one you trollop

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Long story short, I need to make a pair of edible flip flops by Friday.
They don't have to be functional but that would be fucking sweet.

How does TQC recommend I go about this?

I considered cake shaped flips and then use candy for the straps, but I am not sold on it.

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syphilisdating.com or .org was a real website, i failed to join
was that bad manners? super syphilis! SS used to mean super syphilis, these wussies with their ~guns~ in the new SS? I don't know about all that hoopla!

the shit that comes out of my lungs is the same color as the spunk that my schlong barfs up
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do you suppose gold hemorrhoids are much prettier than real ones?

of course, they are. they're gold!
of course, they're not. they're hemorrhoids!
prettier yes, but just ever so slightly. not MUCH prettier
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Would you take a pay cut, a cut in your flexibility in hours, a status cut, and go from 24 vacation days to 12 for a job you were more comfortable doing and passionate about?

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Have you had awful roomates?
What did they do to tick you off?
How did you deal with it?

[here's my story]

Basically, my dad's friend is living with my parents right now. It's not a huge problem for me because I;m only here to visit my parents but it'll be a bigger problem in the summer when I'm here for longer. He has a separate room of the house for himself YET he sits out in the living room which would be fine if he were just chilling but NOOO, he prays 24/7 so we can't do anything! We're not super religious so it's so awkward. Like my parents and I can't watch tv because he's praying or play music out there. 

He also eats our food expecting my mum to cook for him. Worse, my mum comes back home really late from work and she starts cooking after that so he'll stand in the kitchen and make her hurry up because HE wants to sleep early. My mum was telling me how some days she doesn't even eat a proper dinner because there's so much to do around the house with one extra person like the cooking, cleaning the house then taking the dog for a walk, etc.

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Imagine your place of work has a shared fridge. Then suppose you buy a pint of milk before your shift starts, write your name on it, then place it in the fridge unopened. Then 2 hours later when you go to make a drink with it, you find that the milk has been opened and some has been taken.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how annoyed would you feel?

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I got my graduation dress and I love it and it's wonderful. I'm good with clothes and outfits and shoes, but I hardly ever wear jewelry (because I lose it...) and I don't know what to put with it. And I don't know how to do my hair. Will someone help me out, pretty please?

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I have google chrome.  I've noticed that within the last day or so whenever I see text certain words within the text are hyperlinks and when I hover the mouse over them it shows an ad.  Why is this?