March 31st, 2012

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I'm having outpatient surgery on Thursday and they told me not to bring any valuables. I absolutely have to have my keys, and I'm worried that without my phone I won't be able to get a hold of whoever ends up taking me home (I'm also a worrier and have to have some way to contact a backup person). Should I bring these things? How should I work around this? What should I pack them in?

Last really important thing you lost?
How much do you panic and need reassurance on a scale from 1 (no fucks given) to 10 (agoraphobia)?

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Can anyone recommend a good, trippy, life-the-universe-and-everything type show that's available on DVD? Something along the lines of Planet Earth, Into the Universe, etc. Preferably with great imagery and not-too-out-there science. This is a gift for my roommate and he's not terribly picky (he's into things like Ancient Aliens) but I'd like to be able to watch it with him without rolling my eyes.


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What's the funniest thing you've seen today?

My husband is teaching our toddler to kick a Sherrin/ball used in Australian Rules football. An almost-two-year-old flails around quite a lot when he's trying to do a drop punt!
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Does anyone know whether 100s & 1000s (the small coloured sugary balls used for decorating cakes etc) have any wheat in them?

I'm baking gluten-free cupcakes for a 3yr old and I have some 100s & 1000s to make them pretty, but I don't have the packet they came in so cant check if they are fine, and my googlefu is failing.
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What are some songs/bands/movies/books/TV shows etc which you only got into after everyone else seemed to? Bonus points for things you had actually heard/seen but didn't get what everyone else liked until you watched/listened/read again.

Somebody That I Used to Know was on the radio for weeks before I suddenly went "OMG THIS IS EXCELLENT!" even though I'd heard it at least 10 times before. Also I only started watching Supernatural between S5 and S6. I'd seen bits before but never been interested.
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I counsel every summer and I want to bring candy for my girls this year. What candy should I get? Or should I not get candy and go for something else?

Things to consider-
We stay in a college dorm for seven days. We have no kitchen and only a microwave and a mini-fridge. There's no air and it is hot in Southern Indiana in June, so it needs to be something that won't melt or that needs refrigeration. Excluding counselors, almost everyone there will be a 17 year old girl. I'll have about thirty of them. 

summer jobs

My son is doing just well enough in school that he won't have to go to summer school. He is going to music camp for one week, but otherwise has no plans for the summer. Apparently he thinks he's going to stay home and loaf and eat all the food in the fridge every day. I don't support this notion at all.

He is 15, and does not have siblings. I babysat a lot during the summer I was 15, but not full time. I kept house and cooked for my family, practiced music and studied for the SAT as well. And I read a lot. I sure didn't sleep and watch TV all day.

Did you have a summer job when you were 15? What was it and how did you obtain it?

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I suck at home decorating way worse than I thought I did. Can anyone recommend some blogs, magazines, anything that has to do with decorating the rooms in your home? Preferably with a "for n00bs" feel? I am such a noob that a google search makes me feel confused/overwhelmed.
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People who cook hamburgers:

Do you season it before you cook it? What do you use?
Edit: I'm talking frozen pre-formed hamburgers.

People who eat hamburgers:

What do you prefer on it?
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When you list how many years of experience on a resume, do you include the time you've done it as a hobby, the time during school, or only the amount of time while working?

I hope that wasn't confusing. Specifically, I'm updating a resume for programming jobs. A bunch of places are asking for how many years of experience I have with certain languages.


Has anyone here grown their hair long? How long did it take? I just chopped mine off to my ears (ala Amelie) and now, of course, I want long princess hair. Like this.

Two years? Three?

DK/DC: what's your favorite kind of dancing? Swing? Salsa? Hoedowns? Ceilidhs? Tap? Are you a ballerina?

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Teachers of TQC:

What do you do when a unit you planned was a complete flop?

I've worked out what some of the issues were but I am so disappointed! The lesson I taped for my evaluation was awful- the kids behaved horribly. So we're going to watch the tape and assess expectations. But on top of that, there was plagiarism on a few projects AND 80% of the projects are failing- despite the week of work time, the rubric given to them at the start of the project AND the time they had to ask questions, peer evaluate, etc. I don't understand why it failed so miserably :(
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How well do you take criticism?
Do you think you dish it more than you'd be willing/capable of taking it?
What about your delivery? Is it in accordance with what you'd be willing to accept from others or more harsh?
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Have any of you ever tried some sort of Diazepam before a flight? Did it work the way you hoped? Were there any side-effects? How long did it last?

I really hate flying, I'm not scared the plane will fall down, but I'm afraid I'll get a panic attack (I have/have had a lot of anxiety in my life).

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If you were unemployed, had been looking for work unsuccessfully for like, over a year, and all that that entails...

If most of the people you knew who were in your age group - friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc. - were also unemployed or very underemployed, would that make you feel better or worse about your own situation?

How so/why?

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What's in your purse (if you carry one)?


Pink day planner
Pocket mirror
2 lip liners
Zippo lighter
Two pencils
3 rings
A little wooden cross 
1 tube of lipstick
One random earring
Three free-floating receipts
Bottle of ibueprofen
Cell phone
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I am roasting my first turkey by myself this week! We are trying to cook all the meat in our freezer and the whole frozen turkey in there needs to be cooked.

Mom has always cooked Thanksgiving when it was at our house, and I have never done it. So I'm roasting a turkey.

So here's my dilemma: I want to make one starchy side dish to have with my turkey and most likely steamed green beans. Since the turkey and the green beans will be relatively "safe" in flavor (there is a lot of thyme in the turkey, both on it and inside it, along with lemon garlic and onion inside the turkey), I want to make an interesting starch.

What do you think I should do? I don't want to do any traditional Thanksgiving type dishes, or if I do, it has to be an interesting take on the dish. Do you have any suggestions?

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computery folks!

what is a good website with competitive prices where I can buy a desktop computer?

not an Apple. I'm trying to put together a computer + big monitor + keyboard + mouse for under $1500.

I've never bought a non-Apple desktop before. I am intimidated.